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Seated 50C 1856S Seated 50C 1856-S
Market Acceptable SOLD
New December 29! Scare Early San Francisco Strike, Light Gold Surfaces, Old Cleaned, Palos Verdes Collection. Are there any choice original 1856-S Liberty Seated half dollar survivors? It seems like most 1856-S halves that cross my desk have one issue or another. This is a scarce San Francisco date with low mintage of 211,000. Most went into Western frontier commerce where they were used and abused. I'm going with a Market Acceptable Rating for this lightly cleaned specimen. Surfaces have a "sand blasted" texture with golden-silver coloring overall and deep gold at the peripheries. Fields are free of any major abrasions with only a few scattered ticks. Strike is fully executed. Overall eye appeal is reasonable. The WB-4 late die state horizontal lines through and below the olive branch are easily seen with 10x loupe. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) holder. December 1969