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Seated 25C 1875S Seated 25C 1875-S

Choice $1150 New March 11! Underrated Date, Choice Original, CAC Approval, Woodbridge Collection. The 1875-S Liberty Seated quarter date is another odd fellow that lacks appreciation. Mintage is 680,000 but few are ever seen in circulated grades. Most survivors will be found in Mint State as is the case for this lovely PCGS MS63 CAC offering. Total CAC approved population in all grades is a meager 18 pieces. Why? This date was poorly struck when the San Francisco mint was forced to ramp Liberty Seated dime, quarter and half dollar production in parallel. Liberty Seated dimes are notorious for weak strikes from eroded dies. The quarters are not much better along with having circulated extensively. This lovely example offers brilliant frosty luster and creamy gold toning. The upper obverse is weakly struck with roller lines as made. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. An important duplicate from the Woodbridge Collection.