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Seated 10C 1851 Seated 10C 1851
Original SOLD
Repunched Date, First Reverse Die Pairing, Old Album Toning, Copper Harbor Collection. An 1851 repunched date variety example with repunching visible under the 51 digits. This repunched obverse die is paired with two reverse dies. The first die pairing, when the repunching is heavy and quite visible, is with a rust reverse die. The second die pairing occurs when the obverse die is well worn with minor traces of date repunching. This example is accurately attributed at the F-105a die state and still qualitfies for inclusion in a Top 100 Die Variety set. Original surfaces are covered with old album mottled rose, blues and gray. Strike is well executed with round stars and complete head and hair curls. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert. December 1969