Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 50C 1861O Seated 50C 1861-O
AU53 raw
Cleaned $3500 CSA Obverse Strike, Full Die Crack From Nose to Rim, Complete Strike, Old Clean, Cumberland County Collection. The 1861-O CSA Obverse strike is a coin that has been desired by specialized collectors since first cataloged by Beistle in 1929. It is found with same die crack at nose as the four CSA-muled halves. The landmark article by Randall Wiley in The Gobrecht Journal #94 discusses the various die states and marriages in great detail. From die state analysis, Wiley further identifies other Confederate strikes (W13-W15), also highly collectible, but not as dramatic. The Cumberland County Dansco contain a high grade CSA Obverse W-11 specimen that presents itself well and showcases a strong die crack from Liberty's nose to the rim. Strike is deeply impressed and pleasing. Unfortunately, this piece has been cleaned with polished surfaces and hairlined fields. The result is considerable reflective luster without cartwheel action. This rare die variety is difficult to price given the high grade and surface conditions. GFRC has taken the best shot at a fair number. Offers are welcomed.