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Seated 10C 1839 Seated 10C 1839
No Drapery
TOP #10
Choice $6500 Pie Shaped Shattered Obverse, Vertical Crack Die State, Crusty Gray-Gold Patina, Fully Struck, Accurately Graded, Gerry Fortin Reference Collection. The F-105b middle die state for the marquee 1839 Pie Shattered Obverse Die variety in F-105c terminal die state. During the F-105b middle die state, the obverse die exhibits a die crack starting at the rim and moving upward in between the 18 digits in the date and then through the right shield, Liberty's midsection, and ending at her shoulder clasp. Stars 8 is boldly repunched and Star 10 to a lesser extent. Significant radial die lines behind Liberty's lower gown are present. The 1839 Pie Shattered Obverse is only known in three distinctly different die states; early with no die crack followed by the middle die state with the vertical crack and of course, the terminal pie shaped die cracks. Originally purchased from Brian Greer during July 2000 as a raw AU and still believe this one is crusty AU. Gray-gold patina covers both sides. Conservative grading and housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 holder with edge view insert along with CAC approval. The F-105b plate coin in The Definite Resource for Liberty Seated Dime Variety Collectors reference guide. Probably the finest F-105b example known. From the Gerry Fortin Reference Collection.