Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Gold G$10 1852 Gold G$10 1852

Choice $6400 Rare Mint State Specimen, Orange-Gold Coloring, Frosted Luster, Osprey Collection. The Osprey Collection has done another marvelous job of locating a rare Mint State 1852 $10 gold piece. Regardless of the 263,106 pieces minted, this date is scarce in all circulated grades. Mint State populations are anemic with MS61/62 specimens being the only options for high end collectors. If adding in CAC approval, the selection option are very limited. GFRC is pleased to be offering a choice example with natural orange-gold patina and minimally abraded surfaces. Frosty luster is promptly evident on both sides during bright light review. A CAC approved example that should not last long on the GFRC price list. Housed in NGC Gen 17 (2004-2008) holder. Please note that the upper obverse rose shades on GFRC images are due to old holder haze and not reflective of the true coloring in that area.