Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 25C 1842 Seated 25C 1842
Large Date
Briggs 2-B
Choice $2000 Repunched 8, Choice Original Surfaces, Lightly Mirrored Fields, Reflective Luster, Hammered Strike, Conservatively Graded, Sunset Point Collection. A rare date in mint state with Briggs 2-B being the rarer of two known die pairings. PCGS population in all mint state grades is only twenty (20) as a reference point. This choice original example is part of a complete set of Liberty Seated quarters offered by the Sunset Point Collection. The new buyer will immediately enjoy the hammered strike and rich gray-copper gold patina. Toning melts under a light source to expose proof-like fields and faint gold and blue shades. Surfaces are entirely blemish free and appealing. Luster is the grade limiting issue and a common problem for heavily toned silver coins with proof like surfaces. Overall, close to JUST BUY IT NOW status as I really like this piece and you should too. Housed in old NGC holder with standard ring insert.