Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Draped Bust 25C 1807 Draped Bust 25C 1807
Choice $2450 Near Gem Original, Light Gray Toning, Eye Appeal, Better Date, Conservative Grading. This near gem 1807 example is one of the nicest Draped Bust quarters handled since starting the GFRC business. I like this piece so much that a JUST BUY IT NOW designation is appropriate. Trust me. Fields are toned over with gun metal gray patina while the higher wear points have lighter shades just as one would expect from a truly original silver coin. Strike is well executed throughout obverse and reverse. There are some faint toned over lines under a 10x loupe but let's remember this is a circulated coin and not an AU with rub. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder with CAC approval. Please give this attractive quarter special consideration as the buyer will be pleased.