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Flowing Hair 50C 1794 Flowing Hair 50C 1794
Choice $11950 First Year Issue, Late Die State, Choice Original Surfaces, Natural Gun Metal Gray-Blue Patina, Accurately Graded, Osprey Collection. First year of issue and Philadelphia mint half dollar production. Only 23,464 half dollars dated 1794 were struck. This example offered original surfaces that are covered with uniform gun metal gray-blue patina with gold highlights on the reverse. Struck from late die state dies and listed as Tompkins Die State 1/5. The die crack near S(TATES) creates shelf metal, and another crack joins (STATE)S to the leaf tip. Under a light source, the bluish gray patina transition to glowing gold and is most pleasing. The date, legends, and other peripheral design elements are strongly rendered, taking into account a normal amount of wear for the grade. Partial curl detail is visible on the obverse while the reverse eagle is moderately stronger with good wing feather definition. A ancient vertical line extends from the eagle's head to the berries below the A. Faint mint-made adjustment marks are noted on the obverse. Accurately graded and freshly reholdered. An important new GFRC offering from the Osprey Collection.