Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Capped Bust 50C 1823 Capped Bust 50C 1823
Choice $550 Near Gem Original, Steely Luster, Gray-Brown Patina, Hammered Obverse Strike, Accurately Graded, A Most Pleasing Offering. Let's start the description for this 1823 Capped Bust half with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. This awesome example was taken in trade, at Philadelphia ANA, from a leading collector of Capped Bust coinage. Writing the description is turning out to be more difficult that expected as the fields are smooth as glass but not mirrored. The only adjective that seems to fit is steely! A consisten gray-brown patina covers both side with darker shades surrounding stars and legend. Under a bright light, uninterrupted "steely" luster is most evident and exposes some embedded rose hues. In terms of blemishes, the only item holding this piece back from Gem quality rating is an ancient micro line in the upper left obverse field that requires a 10x loupe and some bright light swirling to locate. No other dealer would mention this, especially for a CAC approved example. Bottomline, this is a superior 1823 Capped Bust half that will please the most selective collector. Again it is a duplicate from a sophisticated collector and needs to return to another advanced collection. Housed in 2014 generation PCGS holder with CAC approval.