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Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 25C 1873CC Seated 25C 1873-CC
With Arrows
Briggs 1-A
Original $4950 Rare Carson City Date, Original Surfaces, Light Gray Patina, Ebony Highlights, Accurately Graded, Sunset Point Collection. An important offering of an 1873 Carson City struck Seated quarter with nothing but honest wear. Mintage is a low 12,462 with survivors in any grades being R5+ and quickly higher in rarity if choice. One must understand striking characteristic to properly grade heavily circulated examples. Reverse rims are always weak under the denomination with wear moving into the lettering below fine grades. Most survivors will have issues including porosity. A careful 10x loupe inspection of the surfaces on this example revealed no porosity or damage. Surfaces are well worn and toned a light gray with mottled ebony toning highlights on both sides. Obverse rim is bold and elevated with weak denticles. Reverse rim has survived well during circulation with no wear into QUAR DOL, through close. The Good 4 assigned grade appears to be conservative as Good 6 is more warranted. Housed in 2013 generation PCGS holder with edge view insert. An important duplicate offering from the Sunset Point Collection that will please the new owner. Fairly priced.