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Capped Bust Half Dollars - Date Set, Business Strikes

A set of Capped Bust Halves Date Set is no easy task even though it is 34 coins. It includes a pair of R2s, but the variety of coins available in the marketplace is overwhelming. Trying to contain one's enthusiasm to a single coin of each date is difficult. Many of these coins are difficult to find in grades above AU although VG-EF examples are more available. Historically, the reference book used to attribute them has been Early Half Dollar Die Varieties 1794-1836 by Al C. Overton. The third edition seems to be the preferred edition - published in 1990 - and with some effort can be obtained. (The current version is the fifth edition and was published in 2013.) The book is 676 pages and is in black and white. This book covers earlier halves too, but this is beyond the scope of Capped Bust Halves. What the Overton book does not cover is the last few years of Capped Bust Halves. Earlier coins were of lettered edge design, but starting in 1836 Reeded edge coins were produced. For a date set, the varieties of Reeded edge coins is not important.

Before 1878 and the advent of massive amounts of Morgan Silver Dollars, the half dollar coin was "the bullion coin used for bank reserves and bank to bank transactions" Clearly some of the coins saw circulation as many are available in lower grades. Regardless of its use the Bust Halves carry with them quite a story.

- John Okerson

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Collection Rating Complete Weighted Grade Last Updated
The KSeholm Collection 18.6 65% 30.4 5% August 10, 2018
The Blank Collection
Collection Rating Complete Weighted Grade Last Updated
The John Okerson Collection 31.4 88% 37.7 0% December 26, 2016
The White Pine Collection 18.9 56% 35.8 32% January 22, 2017
The KSeholm Collection 18.6 65% 30.4 5% August 10, 2018
The Colinger Collection 6.4 15% 46.4 20% April 30, 2017
The Motor City Collection 2.8 6% 49.8 50% February 27, 2017
The Seated Appalachians Halves Collection 1.5 3% 55.0 0% July 17, 2017
The Blank Collection

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