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Civil War Gold

The war commenced with the secession of South Carolina. Hostilities commenced on 12 April 1861 with the attack by the Confederate Military on the U.S. Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. Following the commencement of fighting the war continued with massive casualties suffered by both the Union and the Confederate forces. Initially the Confederates held sway but due to the Union's blockades of southern ports and the manufacturing resources of the Northern states the Union forces eventually weakened the Confederate Army and inflicted a crushing blow to the Confederate Armies at Gettysburg. Although not ending the war at Gettysburg the Northern forces eventually defeated the CSA Armies and the war essentially ended with General Lee surrendering to Ulysses Grant at the Appomattox courthouse in Virginia on 9 April 1865. The Civil War period continues to evoke strong interest from collectors. This set of gold coins issued during the Civil War presents a challenge to complete especially for many of the coins from the S, O, and D mints.

There are 57 coins in this set. When Collectors have yet to create all the relevant sets (e.g. $20 Double Eagles), not all 57 coins may show up in their collection.

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Collection Rating Complete Weighted Grade Last Updated
The Blank Collection
Collection Rating Complete Weighted Grade Last Updated
The LABELMAN87 Collection 2.5 5% 59.0 100% December 17, 2020
The Whiskey Creek Collection 2.4 11% 58.3 50% April 30, 2018
The Civil War Collection 1.8 9% 56.1 40% March 11, 2022
The Terry Hess Collection 0.9 4% 50.0 0% March 29, 2018
The Hampden Collection 0.5 4% 51.5 0% February 22, 2017
The Blank Collection

Rating: The weighted average of all coin grades (i.e. aggregated sum of each coin grade + CAC premium multiplied by its rarity factor divided by the sum of all rarity factors). Missing coins are included and assigned a grade of 0. This metric is the basis for order rank.

Complete: The number of coin entries divided by the total number of coins in the Set.

Weighted Grade: The weighted average of all coin grades (see calculation above), but excluding any missing coins.

%: The ratio of coins certified by CAC (either green or gold sticker). Calculated as the number of CAC coins divided by the total number of entered coins.

Rarity Factor: The rarity assessment for each date/variety uses the Sheldon scale of R1 through R8 with a R1 weight being the most common while an R8 weight being the most difficult to locate.