Classic Estes Model Rockets

The Estes "Fleet"


This website module compliments the Estes Kit Database with images of vintage Estes model rocket kits built by Gerry Fortin and Mike Kalmar. These rockets were built during the past 25 years or so. Kit collecting research and acquisition is an enjoyable challenge. However, the actual building and flying the classic Estes rockets is our ultimate pursuit as BARs. I always have a sense of satisfaction with each completed Estes kit; adding another flyer to the fleet.

I've constructed many Estes kits, significantly more than any other model rocket kit company. Yes, Estes products have been inconsistent at times and drifting into the "toy" market with ready to fly models. But throughout the company's long 50 year history, the Estes brand name is still synonymous with the model rocketry experience for the average through advanced hobbyist. So I still see the Estes brand as the foundation of my model rocket collection and continue to build more "classic" kits.

The Mike Kalmar rockets as shown below were purchased as two huge eBay lots requiring local pickup. I drove a Toyota Tacoma pickup from Raymond, Maine to Elmira, New York and back in the same day to retrieve Mike's collection. Suffering from a disabling health issue, Mike was not longer able to work with model rockets and his family decided to sell the collection. I am proud to be the current owner and curator of these perfectly built classic Estes kits. Many rockets are of museum display quality indicating Mike's skills as a master builder.

So without further delay, here are the classic Estes rockets within the Gerry Fortin fleet. Rockets are listed by Estes catalog numbers followed by the builder's name. I hope the tour is enjoyable....

    #K-33 Trident                                    #1250 Interceptor                                   #1251 Sandhawk

Mike Kalmar                                        Mike Kalmar                                       Mike Kalmar



  #1252 Omega                                       #1262 Maxi V-2                                      #1270 Nike-X

Gerry Fortin                                         Mike Kalmar                                          Gerry Fortin



  #1271 Renegade                            #1273 USS Andromeda                             #1283 USS Atlantis

Mike Kalmar                                         Mike Kalmar                                       Gerry Fortin



   #1287 LTV Scout                                     #1289 Odyssey                                   #1322 Delta Star   

Mike Kalmar                                          Mike Kalmar                                      Gerry Fortin



       #1327 Astrocam                                          #1334 Skybolt                                  #1335 Blue Bird Zero  

Gerry Fortin/Mike Kalmar                               Mike Kalmar                                        Mike Kalmar      



    #1369 S.S. Cassiopeia                           #1373 Soaring Eagle                              #1377 Hercules       

Gerry Fortin                                          Mike Kalmar                                          Mike Kalmar



    #1380 Phoenix                                  #1382 Comanche-3                                    #1760 Loadstar    

          Gerry Fortin                                 Gerry Fortin/Mike Kalmar                             Gerry Fortin           



         #1902 Space Station Aquarius                   #1921 Mercury Redstone                         #1924 Defender                

Mike Kalmar                                         Mike Kalmar                                       Mike Kalmar



     #1929 Stealth                               #1944 D Region Tomahawk                           #1946 Starhawk    

Mike Kalmar                                         Mike Kalmar                                       Mike Kalmar



       #1957 Nike Apache                             #1958 Black Brant II                          #1961 Crusader Swing Wing

 Gerry Fortin                                         Gerry Fortin                                       Gerry Fortin



                      #1971 Nimbus                                 #1973 Interceptor II                             #1978 Gemini Titan               

        Mike Kalmar                                     Mike Kalmar                                         Mike Kalmar



                  #1987 Sentinel                                     #1996 Eggspress                                    #2000 Voyager II               

Mike Kalmar                                       Gerry Fortin                                         Gerry Fortin



            #2031 Army Hawk                                   #2032 Magnum                             #2034 Deep Space Transport

Gerry Fortin                                          Gerry Fortin                                      Gerry Fortin



#2037 National Aerospace Plane                    #2044 Solar Sailer II                                #2045 Dark Star           

Gerry Fortin                                          Gerry Fortin                                      Gerry Fortin



        #2086 Tomcat                                    #2093 Broadsword                                #2094 The Shadow        

Gerry Fortin                                          Gerry Fortin                                        Gerry Fortin    



#2125 AIM-9 Sidewinder                          #2148 SM3 Seahawk                            #2166 Maxi Honest John

Gerry Fortin                                          Gerry Fortin                                        Gerry Fortin


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