Estes Skill Level Facecard Guide

Facecard color same as Skill Level Hang Tags until usage of Black Paper Hang Tags - See Hang Tag Guide

Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Red corresponding to Skill Levels

Yellow = Level 1, Pink = Level 2, Blue =Level 3, Green = Level 4, Red = Level 5


Version 1 Estes Skill Level Facecard

1973-1978 Timeframe

Skill Level Designation Number above Skill Level Row

Found with Black or White Kit Numbering on Lower Left of Facecard

No Estes Rocket Logo



Version 2 Estes Skill Level Facecard

1977-1983 Timeframe

Single Row Skill Level Designation with Black Box Highlight of Skill Level

Found with Black Single Kit Numbering on Lower Left of Facecard

Estes Rocket Logo on Facecard



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