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Seated 10C 1865S Seated 10C 1865-S
Choice SOLD
F-101a, Large Depression Below Shield and on Maple Leaf, Choice Original, Crusty Gray-Rose Patina, Blemish Free, Conservatively Graded, Gerry Fortin Reference Collection. Pittsburgh ANA Price Reduction - In his Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Dimes, Greer indicates that two examples of Variety 101a were seen with a large depression at the lower left of the shield. To date, no explanation has been offered for this anomaly but a filled die with foreign substance could be assumed. I have listed two F-101a specimens in the Seated Dime die variety "web-book." The first is the Greer plate coin (VF30) with obverse depression. A second example, grading EF45, surfaced during 2014 with same obverse depression below the shield and as on the Greer variety plate coin. However, a closer examination of the reverse also revealed a second depression on maple leaf in the lower left wreath directly below (D)IME. Therefore there are two points on the obverse and reverse dies where a foreign material was positioned. Surfaces are perfectly natural and choice without blemishes. A crusty gray-rose patina covers both sides. The particular example dates back to the Brian Greer Guidebook on Liberty Seated Dimes as published by DLRC during 1992. This dime was used for the No. 101 macro plate image on Page 109. Purchased directly from Geer during November 1996 and residing in the Fortin collection since that time. This dime is also the F-101a plate coin at The Definitive Resource for Liberty Seated Dime Variety Collectors. Conservatively graded as VF20 and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. December 1969