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The collecting of Seated coinage with shattered dies and die cuds is quite popular among Liberty Seated Collector Club members. E-Gobrecht and Gobrecht Journal advertisements for buying Seated coins with major die cracks are prevalent. Therefore, it was obvious that the first Liberty Seated dime specialty set should focus on major shattered dies. Liberty Seated dimes with shattered dies can be spectacular in appearance regardless of whether in circulated or in mint state condition. The 1839 Pie Shaped shattered obverse is by far the key date to the Top 100 Variety set and now the Top 25 Shattered die set. The boldly cracked reverse of 1839-O designated F-104 and appropriately called “The Cobweb” shattered reverse has been popular for years among LSCC members. The 1854-O shattered obverse with its massive raised die crack through the date and arrows is another highly desirable prize for variety specialists. Some of you may question the difference between a cracked die and a shattered die? To be included in the “shattered dies set”, each cracked die variety must be in or approaching a terminal die state. The terminal die state should constitute and justify the labeling as a shattered die.

Availability is important if collectors attempt a new collecting objective. Selecting candidates for the Top 25 Shattered Dies set was a balance of eye appeal and the ability to locate examples with diligent searching. Some of the set entries are easily found with the 1839-O Cobweb reverse coming to mind along with the 1875 Carson City and San Francisco entries. Other set listings are obviously rare. They will take years of searching at local and national coin shows. Having a strong network within the LSCC is useful for having first claim on duplicates that may appear from time to time.

The Top 25 Shattered Dies input form can be downloaded at the following link; Microsoft Excel Form.  Please email your completed input forms to or and I will do my best to quickly post your set or recent updates! Participants are encourage to provide links to online image posting website like


Liberty Seated Dimes - Top 25 Shattered Dies Sets

Excel Submission Form


% Completion

 Set Weighted Grade
Set Rating




Tim Cook Collection
February 6, 2014
Gerry Fortin Collection




January 22, 2014
Dale Miller Collection
July 27, 2015
T+N Alberts Collection
June 1, 2016






% Completion: Number of coin entries divided by total entries required to complete a set; for Top 25 Shattered Dies Set, then 25 entries are required for a 100% completion.

Set Weighted Grade: The grade of each coin is multiplied by the "rarity factor", then summed and divided by the total of the "rarity factors" for those coin entries in the set.

Set Rating: The grade of each coin is mutiplied by the "rarity factor", then summed and divided by the total of all "rarity factors" for a completed set.

%: The ratio of coins certified by CAC whether green or gold sticker. The calculate is total number of CAC coins divided by number of entered coins in the respective set.

Rarity Factor: The rarity assessment for each Top 25 Shattered Dies is based on the Sheldon rarity scale of R1 (common) through R8 (unique). The individual Top 25 variety rarity assessments are typically for dimes grading VF or better. For more information on the Sheldon Rarity Scale, please select this link.


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