Gerry's Non Estes Model Rocket Fleet


Though building Estes classic kits is a favorite pursuit, there are many great kits on the market besides the Estes' brand that have caught my attention. Jim Flis and his designs are a mainstay at CMASS launchs. Aerospace Speciality Products, Q-Modeling and Quest also offer reasonably priced low power kits that offer sufficient challenge.

Prior building emphasis has been with semi scale model kits as a result of Peter Alway's Rockets of the World. But I also enjoy building and testing custom designs coupled with going back into model rocketry's 1960-1970 timeframe and sourcing plans from the Estes Industries Rocket Plans. These plans are easily retrieved from JimZ's Spacemodeling website.

Personally, there is the desire to move up into medium and high power rocketry with Level 1 certification as a goal before the end of 2013. Being able to fly with MMMSClub (Berwick, Maine) on the Tuckahoe sod farm allows for high power flights with minimum risk of losing one's investment in rocket, motor casing and electronics.

Following is a portion of the non Estes rockets in Gerry's fleet. This group may not be exciting as Mike Kalmar's collection but still is noteworthy for a model rocketry website posting. CMASS and MMMSC flyers have seen a fair number of these rockets in flight.


Low Power Rockets

           Fliskit - Deuce                                 Spider-X (Custom Design)                       Harpoon (MRN 1984)

 2x 18mm                                                  24mm                                                       18mm



                  ASP - Corporal                                       ASP - RP3                           Just Spare Parts 1 (Custom Design)

 24mm                                                    24mm                                                    18mm



               Quest - Tomahawk                         Custom - Dynamic Carrier             Just Spare Parts 2 (Custom Design)

               18mm                                                  18mm                                               24mm(B)/18mm(U)



               Black Brant No. FF-III-08                         Tauras Tomahawk                              Q-Modeling - Raptor              

      (Custom Design)                                 (Custom Design)                                 Under Construction

           24mm                                                     18mm                                                  24mm         



Medium/High Power Rockets

                  LOC Aura                                   Madcow Little John (2.6)

    29mm                                                   29mm



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