Join our Service-Oriented Consignment Program

Value Provided Since Establishment
Consignor Coins Sold: 13,875
Payments to Consignors: $15,289,786
% of Total Sale Price to Consignors: 92%
Median Days until Sold: 11
Unmatched Consignment Experience Consignor Program Perks Coin Pricing Process Consignment Program Policy
Final Sale Price Commission Rate Rate for World Coins
$0 to $100 15% 15%
$101 to $500 12.5% 13.5%
$501 to $5000 9.5% 11.5%
>$5000 8.5% 9.5%
Typical Consignment Process

Ready to partner with us for divestment of your collection or just wishing to sell a few duplicates? Great! The consignment process works as follows:
  1. Contact Gerry: Please email us using this Pre-formatted Email, which provides consignment detail prompts to understand your numismatic properties. You may also call us at: +1 207-329-9957. Listing all coin(s) at this stage is welcomed, but not required. We will contact you as soon as our schedule allows (typically within 24 to 48 hours) . Based on this information and subsequent follow-up discussion, we will collectively decide on consignment acceptance. Sometimes, GFRC will only accept a portion of the proposed consignment given our 19th Century product emphasis and quality requirements. For example, GFRC will not take common date untoned MS63 - MS66 Morgans on consignment given our emphasis is limited to dual side toners and circulated rare dates.
  2. Package and Mail Consignment: All consignments requests must be approved prior to mailing to GFRC. Include a packing list with the consigned coins. GFRC will provide consignment forms or an Excel file on request for generating packing lists. When shipping by Registered U.S. Mail, insure the package for an amount that you are comfortable with. GFRC can also provide USPS Priority and Express Main shipping labels (PDF file) so that your coins will be covered by GFRC's Hugh Woods insurance while in transit. GFRC generated shipping labels and costs will be posted to your account. We will contact you the day that the package is received and confirm arrival (unless traveling).
  4. GFRC Review: Upon receipt we will review the shipment to check the presence of shipped coins against the packaged inventory list. We will also conduct an initial marketability assessment and add your coins to the GFRC's COIN system database. A report will be sent within 3 business days of receipt to document your coins are contained within GFRC inventory and insured.
  5. Consensus Pricing Agreement: A subsequent variety attribution, quality and pricing review will be generated with retail pricing recommendations. For smaller consignments of 10 coins of less, the initial report will also contain pricing recommendations. For larger consignments, a separate review for retail pricing will follow shortly after the initial report documenting receipt. Our goal is to provide a full evaluation and retail pricing review within 7 business days of receipt (unless traveling). Consignors can buy-off GFRC's recommended pricing or make adjustments. Working with GFRC is a consensus process until both parties are comfortable with the consignment sales strategy.
  6. Listing: Upon retail pricing approval, we will list the consignment on the website in all applicable price lists plus the 30 Day New Purchases and Consignment Price List. Where applicable, a new Consignor Gallery will be generated and posted. If pricing changes are desire after listing, please email us with the coin and new price.
  7. Settlement: Great news - One of your coins sold! Payment for sold coins will be issued after the sale is accepted by GFRC customer. Sales are considered final after expiration of the return policy (e.g., purchased at a Coin Show or 10 days after buyer receipt). Payments are made on request or consistent with a previously agreed to credit dollar amount. Payment will be offset by all outstanding account balances (coins purchased from GFRC) due on the day of payment. Consignors may request full or partial payment depending on planned utilization of the Trading Desk program.
  8. Consignment Status: Consignor may request their COIN consignor report at anytime.