Repunched Date Index 

There are many repunched dates across the individual dates and mintmarks within the Liberty Seated Dime series. Given their availability, repunched dates are actively collected as by specialist and are included in the Top 100 Varieties and Ultimate Varieties sets. A consolidated listing of all documented repunched dates within the web-book was overdue. Hopefully this index will provide variety specialist with an easy to use reference guide for checking their latest observations against those previously documented.

To use this Repunched Date Index, select a major design group link to view a date level list of repunched dates by variety number. Each listed repunched date is linked to its variety page in the Date and Mintmark Variety Analysis section. Once you have selected the repunched date link and viewed the variety page, you must use your back button to return to the design group page.


Major Liberty Seated Dime Design Groups

Repunched Date Varieties



No Stars Obverse 1837 - 1838


Stars Obverse, No Drapery Obverse 1838 - 1840


Stars Obverse, With Drapery 1840 - 1860


Legend Obverse 1860 - 1891


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