Variety 104

 Obverse 4: Proof Die, High Date, Digits Touch Base

Reverse C: Proof Die, Medium Lettering


Obverse 4                                                Reverse C


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)

Proof Strike Obverse F-104                  Business Strike Obverse F-102


Comments: The date punch on 1847 proofs is positioned very high and all four digits are in contact with the base. The individual date digit features are narrower than those seen on business strikes. The above comparison of business strike Obverse 2 with the proof obverse illustrates the significant difference in date punch digits.

Reverse C proof die is also strikingly different in appearance than other business strike reverses. The legend and denomination lettering is much weaker than seen on business strikes. I have chosen to label this observation as Medium Lettering for the proof reverse die and Bold Lettering for the business strike dies. See the illustration below and please note the gap between the letters O(NE) on the proof strike reverse. The business strike lettering is much bolder with the gap between O(NE) smaller.

Comparison of Proof Strike Reverse C vs. Business Strike Reverse B



Plate Coin: Courtesy Eugene H. Gardner Collection, PCGS PF66

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