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Variety 101

 Obverse 1: Proof Die, Repunched Left Arrow, Right Arrow Stem Points Above Top Loop of 3, Clashed Die

Reverse A: Proof Die


Obverse 1                                                  Reverse A


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)

Comments: From an inspection of an 1853 With Arrows Proof dime at the 1996 ANA convention, several diagnostics were recorded. There is a die defect above the right breast and another defect on the left elbow. Obverse die is clashed. The Obverse 1 date and arrows placements appears to match that of Obverse 20, which was used for business strikes. However, the date and arrows on Obverse 1 are shallower than those on Obverse 20. Also Obverse 1 is clashed while Obverse 20 is not. Could it be possible that Obverse 20, after a number of business strikes, was polished and reused to strike the few examples of 1853 With Arrows proof dimes known today? Recently, additional commentary was offered by this possiblity.

During the 2007 Milwaukee ANA convention, Heritage offered the Kaufman 1853 With Arrows proof specimen. Following is their commentary;

1853 10C Arrows Dime PR66 NGC. Ex: P. Kaufman. Undoubtedly the finest known 1853 proof dime, the Kaufman coin has exceptional mirrors and amazing eye appeal, a treat for the connoisseur. Our Census lists five proofs, although the proof status of one or two others has been questioned. We believe that just three of the following five appearances represent true proofs.

1. PR66 NGC. The present coin. Kaufman Collection. This example is different from any of the following.

2. PR65. John Jay Pittman Collection (David Akers 10/1997), lot 615.

3. PR63 NGC. Hollinbeck Coin Co. (6/1953), lot 1997; Norweb Collection (Bowers 10/1987), lot 484; Lovejoy Collection (Stack's 10/1990), lot 270.

4. PR65 NGC. Superior (10/2000), lot 4345. The cataloger implies that this is the Pittman coin when he states that it is the finer of two known proofs, identifying the Norweb coin as the other one. However, the plate clearly shows an entirely different coin from either of those pieces.

5. Choice Proof. Kamal Ahwash (8/1981); unknown; Stack's (3/1996), lot 276.

We disagree with the belief of some numismatists that the 1853 proofs are unintentional pieces struck from dies that were resurfaced and polished to remove clash marks. Muted clash marks are present near Liberty's right leg and drapery, and inside the right branch of the wreath. Die resurfacing will remove these clash marks and other die defects, but an unavoidable consequence is the removal of shallow design elements. Careful observation of this proof shows complete design elements on each side, entirely ruling out the possibility of die resurfacing.


Plates Coin: Courtesy of PCGS Coin Guide, PCGS Website, and Heritage Auction Archives

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