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Variety 104a

 Obverse 4: Lightly Clashed Die

Reverse D.2: Shattered Die, Internal Cud From Right Ribbon To (UNI)TED



Obverse 4                                                 Reverse D.2


Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)

Original VG8 Specimen


 AU50 Example - Identified June 2017


Comments: This is the most spectacular terminal die state seen for an 1853 With Arrows dime. Obverse 4 continues to show no signs of die crack, while obviously clashed. Reverse D is completely shattered at the lower left wreath. An internal cud has formed over the letters U(NI)TED down through the lower left wreath and into the bow knot and ribbon ends. Shelf metal is seen throughout the entire length of the cud.

The massive reverse cud results in obverse strike weakness from Star 3 through Star 7, including Liberty's head and the surrounding denticles.

The first example known to the author is the above top VG8 specimen with original medium surfaces. This example remains in the author's private collection. During June 2017, the author was contacted by Andrew Mantione after he located the AU50 specimen showed above and below the VG8 piece. Given the higher grade and limited wear, this example allows detailed understanding of the extensive metal fatique and resulting breakage.

All 1853 With Arrows dimes with retained cuds are considered rare and should command a significant premium given the number of collectors pursuing termination die states.

Plate Coins: G. Fortin Collection, (above top) VG8, Courtesy Andrew Mantione (above bottom) AU50


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