Variety 117

 Obverse 16: Cracked Die, Medium Level Date, Broken S, Weak OF

Reverse L: Weak O(N)E D(IM)E


Obverse 16                                              Reverse L


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)




Obverse Die and Date Position Comparison

Obverse 10                                                Obverse 16


Comments: Obverse 16 can first be identified by date position DR 1L. Secondly, a significant die crack is evident through the top of 187 digits, upward through the left base and across the bottom of UNITED. The top of (S)TATES is broken and the letters in OF are very weakly struck.

Jim Smith first brought this variety to my attention at 2012 FUN and believed his dime was Obverse 10 with date position measurement DR 0B1. However, after careful study the author believes Jim's dime was struck from a different and undocumented die and is listed accordingly.

The reverse on Variety 117 is believed to be Reverse L due to very weak center hubbing of the denomination.

Hopefully, a higher grade example of this variety will appear for incremental study and confirmation that Obverse 10 and Obverse 16 are different dies and not separate die states.

Plate Coin: Courtesy of Jim Smith Collection, Net VF

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