Variety 103

 Obverse 3: Rusted Die, Medium Level Date

Reverse C: Die Cracks At 10:30, Doubling Right Wreath


Obverse 3                                               Reverse C


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                   Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)



Comments: The Obverse 3 die is well rusted with granular surfaces. The die rust is excessive in the shield area and throughout Liberty's body. There is a slight depression in the shield between shield lines 7 and 8. Obverse 3 is paired with Reverse C which exhibits no rust artifacts and has normal surfaces.

On Reverse C, a pair of die cracks are seen at 10:30 near the rim. The right wreath is die doubled at the outer oak leaf and corn ear husk. Ahwash listed this die pairing as A-1 and does acknowledge the reverse doubling, but did not mention the obverse die rust.

Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection, PCGS MS64 CAC

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