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3 Cent Silvers, Proof Strikes

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The Three Cent Silver open registry, as explained on the main registry page, is an opportunity to showcase both certified and uncertified circulated (and uncirculated) dimes. The purpose of the registry is simply for enjoyment and to promote the awareness of small denomination coinage.

Proof Three Sent Silvers saw limited production in the early years (1851-1858) thus making them very difficult to obtain. Starting in 1859 and through the end of the series, 1873, production fluctuated from 500 to 1,000 pieces according to mint records. As with most proof coins, these appear to have a high survival rate and are usually obtainable through the internet and or at major coin shows and auctions. As for my collection, I am still searching for the 1864 in the 1863-1873 date range

Terry Hess, July 23, 2014

The 3 Cent Silver Proof Strike set input form can be downloaded at the following link; Microsoft Excel Form.  Please email your completed input forms to or and I will do my best to quickly post your set or recent updates! Participants are encourage to provide links to online image posting website like


3 Cent Silvers, Proof Strikes

Excel Submission Form


% Completion

 Weighted Grade




The Terry Hess Collection




July 31, 2015







% Completion: Number of coin entries divided by total entries requirement to complete a set; for Proof Strikes Set, then 23 entries are required for a 100% completion.

Set Weighted Grade: The grade of each coin is multiplied by the "rarity factor", then summed and divided by the total of the "rarity factors" for those coin entries in the set.

Set Rating: The grade of each coin is mutiplied by the "rarity factor", then summed and divided by the total of all "rarity factors" for a completed set.

%: The ratio of coins certified by CAC whether green or gold sticker. The calculate is total number of CAC coins divided by number of entered coins in the respective set.

Rarity Factor: The rarity assessment for each date or variety is based on availability uses the Sheldon scale of R1 through R8 with a R1 weight being the most common while an R8 weight being the most difficult to locate. Rarity estimates are by Terry Hess.


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