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The Liberty Seated Dime series presents the variety collector with a host of Misplaced Dates possibilities. What is a Misplaced Date? Larry R. Steve in his introduction to Kevin Flynn's 1997 book entitled "Two Date Are Better Than One - A Collector's Guide To Misplaced Dates", defines a Misplaced Date as: A date or digit(s) of the date that is fully or partially punched into the legend, devices, denticles or any part of the field not normally associated with the general location of the date on the coin. Misplaced Dates are often referred to as an MPD.

This reference link has been completely redesigned during May 2013 and provides quick look-up and search index to all of the listed Misplaced Date varieties listed in the web-book. The module simplifies the researching of potential new misplaced date discoveries.

To use, select a major design group link to view a date level list of Misplaced Date varieties within that design group. Each Misplaced Date listing is described with supporting images and linked to its variety page in the web-book's Date and Mintmark Variety Analysis section. Simple click on any image to access a listing's web-book variety page.


Major Liberty Seated Dime Design Groups

With Misplaced Dates



Stars Obverse, With Drapery 1840 - 1860


Legend Obverse 1860 - 1891


The Key Misplaced Date Varieties

1868 - Variety 105                                     1872 - Variety 109


1875 - Variety 107                                   1876-CC - Variety 111


1877 - Variety 105                                     1890 - Variety 106



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