Type I Reverse - Variety 111

 Obverse 9: Misplaced 76 Digits, High Date, Slight Downward Slope, Large Knob 6

Reverse H.2: Small CC, [mm Lt,L,TR3], Doubled ONE DIME, Die Cracks


Obverse 9                                               Reverse H.2


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                     Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)




Comments: A spectacular occurrence of a two digit blundered date is found on Obverse 9. The extra bases of the 76 digits are centered on either side of the right scroll end. The two misplaced bases of the 6 digit are easily seen to the right of the scroll end. The bases of the 7 digit can be found in the lower fold of the scroll, directly below LIBERT(Y). In later die states, a die crack appears above Liberty's head down to the Liberty cap and into (O)F.

Obverse 9 is paired with a late die state Reverse H. Doubling is seen on the denomination with DIM(E) being obvious. A die crack connects the tops of the mintmark to the left and right ribbon ends. Additional die cracks can be found in the wreath and exiting to the rim at three points on the plate coin. See the reverse die crack mapping above.

This variety was first published by Louis Stubler in Gobrecht Journal Issue #47. This misplaced variety is listed as a Top 100 Varieties set requirement.

Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection, NGC MS64 CAC Green

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