Type I Reverse - Variety 107ab

 Obverse 5.2: Interim Die State, Doubled Obverse Die, Medium Level Date, Large Knob 6

Reverse Fb: Reverse Rotated Left 180 Degrees


Obverse 5.2                                              Reverse Fb


Comments: A second Reverse F rotated reverse die position was discovered by Jason Feldman and brought forth for publication during March 2014. Reverse F is paired with Obverse 5, the well known Carson City doubled die obverse. This second reverse position was measured at exactly 180 degrees or medal turn die alignment.

The discovery of this lone example in low circulated grade raises important questions. Is the 180 degree medal turn die alignment an intentional decision by mint officials to strike special pieces with medal turn die alignment? Or is this reverse rotation the result of further rotational movement of the hammer die? Variety 107a die state clearly indicates that a few examples of the Obverse 5 and Reverse F die pair were struck with 120 degree rotational misalignment. It is possible that this example results from ongoing movement of the hammer die. To prove this latter theory true, additional Variety 107 examples with alternate reverse rotations need to be discovered.

The Variety 107a die state is extremely challenging to locate and I expect die state 107ab to be as or even more difficult to find by variety specialist. At this time, this rotational die state is listed as R7+ in VF or better with none being known.

Plate Coin: Courtesy Jason Feldman Collection, G4

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