Type I Reverse - Variety 112

 Obverse 10: High Date, Slight Downward Slope, Large Knob 6

Reverse E.2: Reverse Rotated Right 45 Degrees, Late Die State, Small CC, [mm Lt,L], Doubled ONE DIME


Obverse 10                                             Reverse E.2


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                     Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)          


Comments: Obverse 10 is paired with Reverse E, which is in a late die state. Reverse E was initially paired with Obverse 5, the infamous Doubled Die Obverse. This was the initial example seen of this die pairing including the reverse rotated right 45 degrees and purchased about 1995. For many years, I searched for another example and finally located one during 2013 in a PCGS EF Details holder. This second example also exhibited reverse rotation of 45 degrees right.

Reverse E continues to show weakness on the right side of the wreath. There are die cracks present on the lower wreath and through the mintmark as mapped above.

Variety 112 is very rare and is at least R7 in grades of VF or above. It should command a substantial premium if located.


The Florida Specimen

Reverse E.2a: Reverse Rotated Right 65 Degrees


A third Variety 112 example was purchased at a small West Coast Florida show during February 2014. This specimen however exhibits reverse rotation of 65 degrees right rather than 45 degrees seen on the prior two specimens. The reverse appearance, with poorly defined right wreath devices, continues to match that seen on the discovery coin. The obverse is struck slightly off center. I believe the obverse is the hammer die while the reverse is the anvil die. Careful study of this piece suggest that the coinage press was not properly calibrated as the strike is uneven with respect to horizontal plane from left to right on the reverse. Even though I show the reverse as being rotated in above images, I believe the rotation issue is caused by an improper setup of the hammer die from a rotational perspective. I also believe that the anvil die had a planarity setup issue.

Since few examples of Variety 112 are known, it is likely that the press operator noticed the poor striking quality and terminated production quickly after the erroneous press setup leaving a few specimens to enter circulation.

Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection (top above) AU50 (PCGS EF45) and (above) VF25

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