No Arrows

Variety 101a

 Obverse 1.2: Sharply Clashed Die, High Level Date

Reverse A: Die Defects on ON(E) (D)IM(E)


Obverse 1.2                                                Reverse A


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                   Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)




Comments: In this later die state, Obverse 1 shows a spectacular array of die clash marks. The M of DIME can be seen below Liberty's right armpit, while the E of DIME is very pronounced to the right of her right arm. Outlines of the device elements in the right wreath are visible in the right field area between Liberty and Stars 10 through 13. The outlines of the left and right wreath stems are visible behind Liberty's head.

Interestingly, Reverse A shows no signs of die clashing. With the significant amount of image transfer from the reverse die to Obverse 1, it would be expected for the reverse die to show signs of die clashing. Further research is required to locate the reverse die that clashed with Obverse 1. Reverse A continues to erode with metal flow lines from A(M)ERICA to the denticles being evident.

Plate Coin: Courtesy of Dr. Tim Cook Collection, NGC MS65

1853 No Arrows Varieties 101, 101a, 102

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