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1878 PCGS MS63+ CAC G$10
Osprey $6250

1889 PCGS MS64+ CAC G$1

1893-S PCGS MS62+ CAC G$20
Osprey $1990

1884 PCGS MS64+ CAC G$1

1909-S NGC MS63 CAC G$20

1904-S NGC MS61PL CAC G$20
Jim Poston $2195


August 20, 2019

Quality CAC Approved Quarters from Chicago ANA Plus More!



Quality CAC Approved Quarters from Chicago ANA

1824/2 B-1 PCGS F15 CAC 25C

1818 B-4 PCGS AU50 CAC 25C                                                      1914 NGC MS63 CAC 25C


1914-D PCGS MS64 CAC 25C                                                   1924-D PCGS MS65 CAC 25C



Plus More New ANA Purchases!

     1843 F-101 NGC AU58 CAC 10C                1844 F-101 PCGS VF35 CAC 10C           1878 PCGS AU55 G$2.5 Copper Tone






August 19, 2019

Rolling Out Chicago ANA New Purchases and a Faster GFRC Open Set Registry

Greetings once again from the Maine office and welcome to the Blog. The Christmas In August Sale week has arrived.

Foggy conditions are at hand in southern Maine with intermittent showers and thunderstorms forecasted for the balance of the day. That is just fine by me as a fair number of Chicago ANA new purchases were photographed on Sunday. The balance of the week brings mostly sunny days with highs ranging from uppers 70s to low 80s. It appears that Maine will avoid the hot humid weather that is prevalent in southern New England and the Mid Atlantic states.

It is great to be home! I'm pleased to report that the GFRC office has completely recovered from the Chicago ANA show. Diane spent the day placing baseball card sleeves on show inventory and filed every coin with the stay-behind inventory. My tasks were mostly administrative with the COIN system being made current with ANA sales results. There was time for photography, some image processing to dress up today's Blog, and the beginnings of another CAC submission. This morning brings a substantial USPS shipment day. Come this evening, GFRC will be ready to shift focus to the Christmas In August Sale. I'm hoping for a wave of new orders given the number of new purchases and their overall eye appeal.


A Gem 1874-CC PCGS VG10 CAC Liberty Seated Dime

One of the notable Chicago ANA events at the GFRC booth was the purchase and sale of the following 1874-CC dime. The Cleveland Collection is the proud new owner and requested that I take the piece back to Maine for photography before handing back at the CONA. This I did on Sunday.

Liberty Seated dime collectors well understand the significance of the Cleveland acquisition. Nearly all 1874 Carson City dime survivors have one problem or another. Mintage was limited to 10,817 strikes with all moving into circulation. Surface porosity is an ongoing issue along with enhancements that include recoloring and even tooling. Locating a perfectly original specimen with CAC approval is a decade long project. CAC has approved 13 examples with 10 being circulated.

The Cleveland Collection will be consigning a duplicate 1874-CC AG3 specimen at the CONA show. Please contact me if interested.

Gem Original 1874-CC PCGS VG10 CAC Liberty Seated Dime

Cleveland Collection Acquistion at ANA - $17,000


1839-O F-109 Liberty Seated Dime Web-Book Plate Coin Purchased at Chicago ANA

Now this is exciting news! With floor traffic being slow on Saturday, I finally started walking around and visited with other dealers. One of those visits resulted in my being offered a mint state 1839-O Small O dime that was struck with the heavily polished Huge O reverse. The dime looked familiar with the offer price being reasonable. I bought the coin and placed it in the new purchases box for later evaluation.

Sunday arrives and I'm loading the last of the show new purchases into the COIN system. This 1839-O dime is studied with a quick scan of the web-book. Is it an F-107 or the rarer F-109 with reverse of 1840-O? A smile crosses my face when realizing this was the web-book's F-109 plate coin. Kevin Zeitler had sold the last of his Liberty Seated die variety holdings to a fellow dealer and I was luckily offered this specimen.

PCGS does a terrible job grading any of the Huge O obverse struck dimes. Those include F-107, F-108, F-108a and F-109. Higher grade F-108a and F-109 examples all come with grainy or textured surfaces as applied from dies that were poorly maintained at end of life. The surface texture is considered to be porosity or resulting from a surface cleaning. The 1839-O F-108a example in my reference collection looks identical to this F-109 and will never be properly graded by PCGS. As expected, PCGS graded this F-109 as Mint State Details Cleaned. I'm sorry, but this wonderful example has not been cleaned. It does have an obverse mark between the left facing breast and arm that is ancient. Resubmitting this piece to PCGS for a straight grade will be an exercise in frustration. Same goes for the finest known 1874 F-106 polished arrows dime in my reference collection. The dime looks atypical and will be not be properly certified. It's best to keep these types of coins in their present holders and provide the explanation during the sales process.

As of this morning, there are two FRoF on this important 1839-O F-109 dime. Setting an asking price for this piece is challenging. One has to navigate between rarity, finest known F-109, web-book plate coin status, and the PCGS Details certification to arrive at a fair offer price.

Rare 1839-O F-109 Small O Reverse of 1840-O - The Web-Book Plate Coin

1839-O F-109 PCGS UNC Details - Price on Request


Rolling Out Chicago ANA New Purchases

Following are six wonderful Chicago ANA new purchases that are indicative of the type of coins that GFRC is buying. The 1833 C-1 half cent and 1841 WB-1 Seated half are already on hold and shipping to new owners today.

The 1878-CC Briggs 1-A Canceled Die Obverse is a special offering. Now that PCGS has decided to use PL (Proof-Like) designations to compete with NGC, I submitted this piece in Chicago in a show turn submission. The surfaces are heavily mirrored and deserved the PL designation. PCGS came through with a fair grade and the PL labeling. This 1878-CC quarter is one of the first to be designated PL, and PCGS has yet to add PL pricing in their price guide.

Finally, let's talk about the 1826 PCGS AU55 Capped Bust half for a moment. This piece is a pure gem with sparkling frosty luster. Bright light viewing is an absolute joy. There was a FRoR on the coin, but the individual just emailed with a pass. I wrote back that he will regret the decision as the first person to see this piece in hand will rush to open his wallet. I'm not worried about selling this piece on line. It will sell at either the CONA or Manchester NH shows. Breaking news while writing this Blog edition: a prior owner has come forward on the 1826 Capped Bust half with a purchase.

1833 C-1 NGC MS62BN CAC 1/2C                                                   1876 PCGS EF45 20C    


             1853 A&R PCGS AU53 25C                                         1878-CC Canceled Obv PCGS MS62PL 25c


            1826 PCGS AU55 50C                                                   1841 WB-1 PCGS AU58 CAC 50C    



GFRC Open Set Registry Sees Improved Download Speeds

Matt Yamatin is always working to improve the GFRC website. This weekend, I asked Matt to have a look at the Open Set Registry as the recent SSL compliance update had impacted image displays. Since rolling out the Open Set Registry, the application has been plagued with slow download processing. I'm pleased to report that Matt's software update for improving the handling of image files has brought a substantial improvement in access speeds.

Please check out the enhance performance at this link:

The GFRC Open Set Registry has come a long way since its 2016 launch. Later this week, I will provide an update on the number of users and sets being constructed. With the improved download speeds, it is time to re-market this GFRC website application.


Please Get Those Christmas In August Sale Pricing Reduction Done!

Sunday brought a wave of Christmas In August Sale pricing reductions. This is good as I was beginning to worry about the number of offered lots in the sale.

If you've not sent instructions via email, then time is running out. The deadline is Tuesday (tomorrow) noon time!


Global Financial News

World-wide equity markets are flashing green futures and are back to rally mode. Why? I'm at a loss for an explanation. It appears that global central banks are now slaves to financial markets. If equity markets are having bad days, then central banks must immediately begin discussing more stimulus actions to accommodate investors. As a result, traders constantly buy the dips assuming that central banks will never let markets swoon. This situation will work until the day arrives when it does not. Watch out below as trading algorithms will take over with every computer running to the exit at the same time.

Let's have a look at Seeking Alpha headlines and our usual commodities and long bond interest rate on a Monday morning.

With global markets in rally mode, money is moving out of the risk on trade; i.e., physical gold. Spot gold has inched down to $1510/oz but still in a solid trading range. Crude oil is also in a tight trading zone at $55/bbl. Bitcoin is back over the five figure mark at $10693/coin. The 10 Year US Treasury bond yield is up slightly to 1.61%.

I like Boris Johnson's style. He will not allow Brexit to be held hostage by the EU bureaucrats.

"This week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will travel to Germany and France to insist to Emmanuel Macron, the French president, and Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, that Parliament cannot stop Brexit," according to The Sunday Telegraph. "Johnson is expected to tell them that they have two months to agree a deal acceptable to the cabinet and parliament, without which the U.K. will exit without an agreement on Halloween."

Germany is one step into a recession with plans for economic stimulus. Let's remember that Germany is the heart of the EU economy.

Germany could muster €50B of extra spending in an economic crisis, according to Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, putting a number on a possible fiscal stimulus for the first time. While action isn't imminent, he signaled that domestic and global warning signs are increasing pressure on Angela Merkel's government to consider suspending its balanced-budget policy. They include an economy that contracted in the second quarter and the risk of expanded trade conflict with the U.S.

Amazon passes along a new France digital tax to small and medium-sized business in France. Touche!

Amazon is raising seller fees by 3% for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in France because of a new digital tax approved by the French government, which aims to level the playing field between Big Tech and local companies. The precedent-setting levy, described by the U.S. Trade Representative's Office as "unreasonable," was passed by the French State in July. Stay tuned as executives from Amazon, Facebook and Google testify later today at a U.S. government hearing on the digital tax.


Wrapping Up The Blog

This edition has been much fun to write! The fun has to end with a shower and a long morning in the GFRC packing and shipping department.

Thank-you to all that make the Daily Blog a regular part of a day's online reading. Please share the link with friends and relatives!

With some luck, more Chicago ANA new purchases will be illustrated in the Blog during the later afternoon hours. See you tomorrow!




August 18, 2019

Delightful to be Blogging from Maine GFRC Office!

Greeting from the Maine office and welcome to another edition of the Blog.

I am absolutely thrilled to be back home after a fast paced China trip immediately followed by the grueling Chicago ANA show. The upcoming ten days in Maine will be cherished before driving to Columbus Ohio for the CONA show.

A peaceful Sunday in southern Maine day starts with foggy conditions and light rain. The weather forecast calls for partly sunny conditions during the afternoon followed by thunderstorms during the overnight. Let's hope for a stretch of bright sun for several hours during early afternoon as there is new purchase photography to be processed prior to shipping select orders on Monday. Is there ever a down day at GFRC?


2019 Chicago ANA Final Thoughts

Saturday's Chicago ANA focus was packing up and heading home. A few individuals stopped by the GFRC booth but no sales were to be had. There was one laughable encounter with a potential customer that typifies local Saturday traffic. An older gentleman approaches the GFRC booth and hones in on the United States gold display. Good guy Dan White jumps into action and hosts this individual. After responding to questions, I pull Dan away to help another customer that was examining an Osprey Collection coin at the opposite side of the booth. Discussions had moved to the pricing stage and best to have Dan price his own coin! The potential United States gold customer selects the Winesteven 1904 $20 graded PCGS MS65+ CAC and another higher price $20 Saint and indicates a purchase decision. The two coins totaled $7000 and would be a great sale to wrap up a not so great show. "How will payment be made", I asked? "By cash" is the response. The gentleman pulls out his wallet and hands me $40... Enough said and so typical of the GFRC fortunes at the Chicago ANA show.

Up until this point, I've held back sharing the unquestionable reason for GFRC having a mediocre Chicago ANA show. The lucky jade stone was no where to be found and was probably lost during the closing of the GFRC Summer FUN show booth in early July. Dan and I enjoyed a very busy Summer FUN Saturday with my attention on packing by 2:00 pm and driving 11 hours during the balance of the day. Somehow, the jade stone was misplaced as it is always kept in the change purse slot of my wallet. Upon completing the GFRC ANA show booth setup on Tuesday, I went to the change purse to secure the jade piece as the final setup task. To my anguish, the stone was missing. Oh crap, Dan and I were in serious trouble without the lucky stone. Courage failed me in telling Dan until he suggested that we do some serious rubbing of the stone on Wednesday.

Seriously, Chicago ANA show results were about 50-60% of GFRC expectations. Maybe my expectations were too high after a gangbuster Philadelphia ANA show? Other dealers on the Ultra Premium carpet shared stories of non-stop buying action across multiple days. The annual ANA show was a hobby success and that is of primary importance. For GFRC, it was yet another learning opportunity. Corrective actions will be taken in the upcoming months and shared in the Blog. Leading the list is an Ultra Premium location at the 2020 Pittsburgh ANA. New booth signage is under consideration. Shortly, I will also commence exploration of becoming a Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG) member. Now that my LSCC presidency retirement has been announced, it is time to start focusing in the next chapter within a numismatic career. On a positive note, slow ANA show sales brought ample time to buy. The 30 day price list illustrates a portion of the new purchases with more to be listed. Several smaller consignments also arrived including some noteworthy Liberty Seated quarters.


Christmas In August Sale Update

A few more consignors sent their discounting instruction during the last 24 hours which is great news.

The deadline for Christmas In August Sale discounting inputs in Tuesday noon. At that point, I will start loading price reductions into the COIN system with the sale going live on Thursday August 22 midnight.


Central Ohio Numismatic Association (CONA) Show - August 29 - 31, 2019

Labor Day weekend brings GFRC back to Dublin Ohio for the CONA show. CONA is one of my favorite shows of the year due to the outstanding support from the CONA Green Hats. The Dublin show is one of the best smaller regional show on the numismatic circuit and a pleasure to attend. GFRC will be located at its usual Table 323 within the larger ballroom. Plans are to arrive early on Thursday afternoon, quickly setup and then walk the bourse in search of potential inventory.

If planning to attend the CONA show and wishing to see certain items in GFRC inventory, then please email me during the upcoming week with specific requests. With only six display cases, displayed inventory will be a subset of that on the website. I will make a point of packing requests in a separate box and holding in the security case for potential customers.

If planning to transfer new consignments, please consider conducting those transfers on Friday afternoon or on Saturday. Please do not arrive during the first two hours that the show is open and expect me to sit down and conduct consignment reviews. Collectors arrive to coin shows early to get the "fresh" coins and the initial few hours are busy with retail sales. Insourcing a consignment, with detailed receipt, is not possible during that timeframe. I will be happy to review and discuss consignments during Friday afternoon hours and on Saturday. GFRC will not be attending the show on Sunday.

CONA Coin Show - GFRC at Table 323

August 29 - August 31, 2019


Wrapping Up The Blog

So ends another Blog edition. After several weeks on the road, it is paramount that I start exercising again. Regardless of the light rain, I'm heading out the door for a much needed health walk.

Thank-you for checking in at the Blog. Today brings inventory consolidation and separating out all the newly purchased coins for photography. There is much administrative work to get done also before starting up the shipping operation on Monday morning.

See you tomorrow!




August 17, 2019

Wrapping Up Chicago ANA and Flying Home

Greetings one final time from Rosement Illinois and welcome to the Blog.

The 2019 Chicago ANA show verifies that our numismatic passion is well founded. The show has been a smashing success with huge amounts of coin being bought and sold across four busy days. At this point, dealers are tired and looking forward to returning home. There will be much office and admin work come early next week following by the announcement of new purchases by other dealers. GFRC is once again different, please read on.

Later today, Dan and I will also be flying back to Tampa and Portland. Outgoing flight times are close, therefore we will travel together to O'Hare and saying our goodbyes until meeting again for the November Whitman Baltimore show. Come next month, Dan and Rose Marie are returning to Europe for a short holiday and another United States gold buying adventure.


Chicago ANA Show Report - Day 4

Friday brought a solid five figure sales day at the GFRC table along with more excellent buying opportunities. One can never predict what will and will not sell with yesterday being indicative. Liberty Seated and Bust coinage dominated sales while United States gold took a break. Liberty Seated dimes drew much attention with a substantial hole in that display case by closing time. We also sold a five piece Seated half dollar lot to a serious collector.

Buying at the Chicago ANA has been outstanding. A host of GFRC quality level coins have walked up to the table at reasonable offer prices. I've been aggressive with rotating inventory and also carefully building up the Trade Dollar and Barber coinage product lines. When being careful and selective, amassing product line inventory levels becomes a multi-year effort. Once the product line reaches critical mass, then the challenge is replacing sold coins. At GFRC, business building is a slow long marathon and not a sprint.

As mentioned earlier in the Blog, GFRC has taken a new approach towards announcing new purchases for First Right of Refusal. In the past, I would list new purchases in the Blog on a daily basis. At Chicago ANA, new purchases are quickly loaded into the COIN system with brief descriptions and offer prices. Once loaded, new purchases are immediately placed into the display cases and are fair game. Using this approach facilitates quicker sales opportunities online and on the bourse floor. The downside is my being held captive in the booth with little time to walk the bourse. Please check the 30 day price list as over 40 new purchases are listed. Those with images were previously handled by GFRC with records in the COIN database. On top of the 40+ new offerings, there are still another 10 or more pieces to be loaded. I'm sure that Saturday will be bring more new purchases.

As the show comes to a close, I'm certain there will be many pleased GFRC consignors as GFRC has sold a substantial amount of consigned coins in just a few days.


Christmas In August Sale Arrives in a Week!

Yes, it is hard to believe but the Christmas In August Sale takes place in just one week. The sale kicks off Thursday August 22 at midnight.

Consignors have been sending in the their price reduction guidances and I'm confident that the sale will be well populated. The three annual GFRC sales are an opportunity to discount aging inventory towards locating the right value/pricing balance. Many GFRC customers will hold back on purchases for several months in the hope of buying targeted coins at a fair discount. Let's not disappoint them!

Starting on Monday, the Daily Blog emphasis will shift to the Christmas In August Sale.


Len Augsburger Guest Blog: Coin Auction Secrets

I'm sure that Blog readers would appreciate another well written guest blog from Len Augsburger. At this point, there is Chicago ANA show reporting exhaustion and best to shift attention to a new topic. Len has working experience as a major auction house catalogger and insights into the overall coin auction process. He digs deep into those experiences and shares knowledge that may not be commonplace or well understood by those in the GFRC community.

Coin Auction Secrets

Always count on the Daily Blog to give you the insider’s view of the coin business. Today we talk about a few aspects of coin auctions that may not be readily apparent at first glance.

The “buyer’s premium” is negotiable for the consignor. Everyone complained as the buyer’s premium went from 10% to 15% to 17.5% and now 20%. Guess what? The savvy consignors were getting an increasing cut of the “buyer’s premium” all along. A consignor who might have received 105% of the hammer price when the buyer’s premium was 17.5% might now be getting 108% of the hammer when the premium went up to 20%. Now, if you attempt to negotiate such a deal for a $1,000 consignment, expect the auction house rep to politely tell you to get lost. Better if you have a $1,000,000 or $10,000,000 consignment for this kind of action. So, how does the little guy get the million-dollar treatment for a smaller deal? Easy, you just find a “bundler” or “aggregator” who combines consignments like yours with others and then negotiates one large deal with the auction house. They’ll take a cut for their services, but you’ll still end up ahead of the game. GFRC or other dealers can council you accordingly. This is all good for the auction house as well, as it’s less paperwork for them to deal with a single consignor.

The cost of auctioning a $1,000 coin is the same as a $10,000 coin. Imagine two million-dollar consignments, one with a thousand $1,000 coins, and one with a hundred $10,000 coins. The seller with the $10,000 coins can probably get a better deal from the auction house – the photography, cataloging, invoicing, and inventory management is ten times less for the consignor with the $10,000 coins. Even better is to come with a single million-dollar coin! Sure, the auction house will do additional marketing for a single large item, but the overall workload is still less.

Not selling big coins looks bad for the auction house. If an auction house is putting up a million-dollar coin and there is no action, it just looks bad. It looks like they can’t attract bidders. If you are thinking about consigning a similar coin, all of the sudden you have second thoughts. Thus, an auction house may prearrange for a possible buyer to set a “stalking horse” bid at the beginning of the auction. There is nothing illegal or even unethical about this. This is a legitimate bid from a legitimate third party. But it does represent a slick bit of marketing – by putting one real bid out there, at a strategic point, the auctioneer hopes to attract a few more bids.

Collusion. Let’s be clear – collusion is illegal in most auction venues. More fuzzy is what defines collusion. If you get together with a cabal of buyers prior to a sale and all agree on the prices beforehand, you are probably on the wrong side of the law. On the other hand, if you see your friend bidding on something and decide to “back off,” with no prearrangement, collusion would be a quite difficult thing to prove. Still, collusion is a concern for some sellers, particularly when selling specialized collections where most of the potential buyers know each other and may be in more of a cooperating then competing mood. This is one reason sellers might opt for selling though a fixed price offering.

Auction houses bid on their own behalf. Auction houses sometimes will bid in their own sales. There are a lot of things going on here. First of all, auctions provide liquidity to the market and guarantee that virtually any coin can be converted quickly into cash. This serves as a crucial backstop to the market and is in fact a stabilizing force. You can always get a wholesale price for a consigned coin. Second, this also means that many coins in the auction catalogs are owned by the house. When you see a catalog for the “so-and-so collection and other properties,” the “other properties” may well represent auction house stock. This “market maker” status is sort of like banks being in both the banking and investment businesses. All of this is completely lawful and legitimate, but it also means that the “price realized” doesn’t necessarily reflect what an actual collector paid.

So, should you consign to a dealer at fixed price, or to an auction house? Every situation is different, and it is best to speak with a few trusted parties before making a large financial decision. Auctions give you the assurance that everything will sell (assuming no minimum bids), and also give you a chance to get a “runaway” situation with two aggressive bidders. Going the fixed price route may better if you are patient and don’t immediately need the funds. I’ve used both dealers and auctions in my collecting career, and they both serve important functions.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Time for a shower, packing and breakfast has arrived. Thank-you for visiting with me at the Blog.

The next edition will be written from Maine home. I can't wait....




August 16, 2019

Gerry Fortin Announces LSCC President Retirement Effective End 2019

Greetings once again from Rosemont and welcome the Daily Blog. Man is this a long coin show!

Today's headline captures the special LSCC announcement that took place at Thursday's annual meeting. In front of a well attended meeting, I announced my forthcoming retirement as the club's President effective the end of 2019. I will let this announcement sink in with the Blog readership before additional commentary.

Chicago ANA Show Report - Day 3

The annual ANA event continues to be well attended based on the bourse floor "buzz". The first three days of the show have been active with a consistent substantial bourse roar that is indicative of many collectors having loud conversations with dealers and among themselves. The numismatic hobby is clearly alive and well based on conversations with other dealers and my personal observations. I'm confident that many dealers will be publishing outstanding show results.

GFRC enjoyed reasonable sales on Thursday but still below my expectations. GFRC booth attendance was somewhat constant but continued to be low yield. Many LSCC members stopped by the table to express their gratitude for my years of service as LSCC President. An old time collector stopped by the table to discuss a potential major consignment. We chatted at length about the GFRC business model and how consignors are constanting involved in the sales process. By early afternoon, Harry and his son departed for their return trip to Shanghai.

Not being one to sit back, I started chatting with other dealers for benchmarking GFRC booth attendance and sales results. The feedback was consistent and focused on bourse floor location due to the Chicago ANA bourse layout. It became clear that GFRC's bourse floor location was a factor that has impacted booth traffic and sales. The Chicago ANA bourse is shaped as a left facing "L". Those dealers in the central to upper end of the right side of the bourse are reporting below expectation sales while those closer to the entrance are having an outstanding show. The Chicago ANA bourse floor is huge and not symmetrical. Attendance flow throughout the floor is therefore haphazard with the upper right section having the lowest probability of foot traffic. Collectors become exhuasted mentally and financially by the time they reach the premium and economy portions of the upper right portion of the "L". Lesson learned! GFRC will be moving to the Ultra Premium section for the upcoming 2020 Pittsburgh event.


LSCC 2019 Annual Meeting Summary

The LSCC annual meeting was incredibly well attended but had a rocky start. We were scheduled in a conference room with a 9:00 am starting time. The conference room was occupied by another numismatic organization which showed no signs of breaking up on schedule. Being the President, I walked into an active meeting and was confronted by the moderator who informed me that they had the room until 9:30 am. This was incorrect as the ANA show program stated in print that the LSCC meeting was scheduled for 9:00 am in this room.

An ANA representative appears and suggests we move our meeting into another conference room where the Bust Half Nut Club was about to wrap-up. Problem was the lack of seating for 50+ attendees.

To make a long story short, the occupants of the scheduled room were told to vacate and did so. The LSCC meeting started 10 minutes late with a long agenda. We immediately rounded up attendees for a traditional group photo and settled in afterwards. Introductions were next and everyone participated in the sharing of names, home town and collecting passions. The agenda contained LSCC 2018-2019 club highlights by Gerry followed by the awarding of the annual Kamal Ahwash Award for the best Gobrecht Article in the past three issues. John Frost won that award for his monster research article on William Barber. The meeting continued with a well prepared Treasurer's report by Dale Miller, club table announcement by John Frost, and a regional news report by Dennis Fortier. Gerry wrapped up the presentations with an LSCC club constitution update and planned club member approval voting to take place at the end of the year.

The next agenda item was the special meeting announcement. There was 12 minutes left before our invited guest speaker Greg Rohan, Heritage Auctions President, was scheduled to discuss his relationship with Eugene Gardner.

Gerry stands in front of the club and takes a deep breath. It was time to announce my retirement as LSCC President effective the end of 2019. The seriousness of the moment had arrived and I needed a few seconds to collect my emotions. This I did and shared brief thoughts after formally leading the club for 5+ years. My discussion closed with the nomination of Len Augsburger to become the next LSCC President. I also nominated Dennis Fortier to assumed the Vice-President role.

More on this topic will be forthcoming in another Blog edition as I'm running out of time.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Time has come for a shower and breakfast before Dan and I return to the bourse for another full day of Chicago ANA buying and selling activities.

My apology for the lack of a Global Financial News segment but the clock is running and we need to get a moving.

Thanks for checking in.




August 15, 2019

Cleveland Collection Acquires Gem 1874-CC PCGS VG10 Liberty Seated Dime

Greetings from Rosemont and welcome to the Blog on a Thursday morning.

Chicago ANA Show Report - Day 2

Let's open today's show report with a significant announcement. I'm pleased to report that the Cleveland Collection has acquired a gem original 1874-CC Liberty Seated dime graded PCGS VG10 with CAC approval. This 1874-CC dime is a no question gem for the grade and will not require future upgrading. It is simply perfect for the grade. The obverse approaches full Fine 12 with all seven letters of LIBERTY showing. Surfaces are pristine without a trace of abrasions. Circulated cameo gray fields and lighter main devices are visually appealing. The Cleveland Collection consignor requested that I hold on to the purchase and generate photographs once back in the office. The dime will be subsequently transferred to the new owner at the Columbus Ohio show in two weeks.

Otherwise, how were GFRC sales and new purchases on Wednesday? Thanks for asking.

What a difference a day makes! As reported in yesterday's Blog, the Chicago ANA opening day was a busy wild ride with much buying and selling. Dan and I went into Wednesday with high expectations. The bourse was again busy was decent foot traffic but there was an obvious change in potential customer buying habits. While the GFRC staff spent considerable time showing and quoting coins, there were few buyers for our efforts. Show sales volume roughly matched online sales in terms of unit volume. Few Liberty Seated coinage collectors were on the bourse as demonstrated by the weak attendance at the LSCC annual dinner last evening.

On a positive note, GFRC enjoyed another strong buying day. The day opened with a collector wishing to part with a portion of his Capped Bust quarter and dime collection. I'm pleased to report that GFRC purchased three special pieces; a crusty original 1814 STATESOF PCGS AU53 plus an wonderful 1818 PCGS AU50 CAC specimen, and key date 1824/2 PCGS F12 CAC example. More buying opportunities appeared throughout the day, and with slow retail sales, Dan and I were busy scanning 100s of coins for potential acquisitions. We purchased a substantial amount of United States gold.

I've done my best to load new purchases into the COIN system and will perform another upload once the bourse floor.


Wrapping Up The Blog

The LSCC annual meeting arrives in a few hours. Before hosting the meeting, Dan and I must open the GFRC booth as we expect a wave of collectors to arrive immediately following the LSCC meeting.

My apology for a short Blog but it is time for a shower and breakfast. The Crowne Plaza restaurant is small and fills up quickly so best to get going.

Thank-you for checking in.




August 14, 2019

A Wild 2019 Chicago ANA Show

Greetings and welcome to the Blog on an early Wednesday morning. Thank-you for checking in.

Chicago ANA Show Report - Day 1

As the headline indicates, the first day of the Chicago ANA show was a wild ride from start to finish. Please be assured that the United States numismatic market is not just alive and well, it is on fire!

Our day started early with securing show badges for Harry and Junior. GFRC booth setup was quickly executed with a large support staff. Junior was busy and a great help unsleeving coins to speed up the eight display case loading process. A major Liberty Seated dime deal appeared on the bourse floor, and luckily GFRC was able to secure first shot on the key dates and those pieces with cuds. I spend nearly $20,000 in a matter of minutes after booth setup. Deal highlights included CAC approved 1874-CC and 1885-S dimes along with a rare 1870-S that is choice at its VF30 grade. I also bought 1852 and 1853 With Arrow dimes with nice cuds. Talk about being at the right place at the right time!

Immediately after the deal went down, the booth was fully operational. Dan hit the bourse floor searching out buying opportunities and returned quickly as the GFRC table was mobbed with customer pick-ups and an initial wave of customers. Harry and Junior did their best to help out, but their limited knowledge of United States coins was apparent. The team was consumed hosting customers while Gerry attempted to load new purchases into the COIN system followed by transfer to show cases. Chicago ANA is a long show and it's best to get fresh inventory into the cases as soon as possible to enable sales. Lunch was a bottle of water and a Cliff bar given the workload.

Tuesday morning also brought the purchase of a three piece Trade dollar deal from a GFRC consignor. Those will be loaded to price list today.

How were first day sales? As expected, United States gold was the most active followed by sales across all other product lines. Sales were steady in the $350 to $3000/coin price range with no time for a first day tally. All I can say is that we easily broken through the five figure mark and then some. Several customers came by with interest in five figure coins (1861-S PCGS AU55 25c and 1873-CC PCGS VF20 Seated $1) and I suspect that at least one of those pieces will be sold today to accelerate GFRC show turnover.

Jim Poston, GFRC eBay staff person, appeared during the afternoon hours after an eight hour drive from Kansas. He dropped off more new purchases to consider and immediately went to the bourse in search of quality Barber coinage for GFRC inventory build-up. GFRC is blessed with a team effort to enhance brand reputation and quality inventories.

The day wrapped up with Jim Poston joining us for a quiet dinner at our hotel. I nearly fell asleep at the dinner table after one pint of Newcastle ale. The long day, non-stop action, bourse floor excitement, and residual jetlag were taking their toll. Upon reaching the hotel room, I immediately feel asleep.


GFRC Fast Price List Loading of ANA New Purchases

At this year's ANA show, I'm exploring a revised approach for updating the GFRC price list and sharing new purchases with online customers. Before new show purchases are loaded into the display cases, each piece is entered into the COIN system with short descriptions and offer prices. Please examine the GFRC price list to view the substantial amount of newly listed coins that arrived at the Chicago ANA show. I suspect that many will be sold by Saturday.

My goal is to provide online customers with access to new purchases as if they were attending the ANA show. If there is potential interest, please email or call me for a cellphone image and verbal description. For those customers who express serious interest after seeing cellphone images, the coin will be pulled from inventory and held.

Using an updated price list to share new purchases is much more straightforward than typing new purchase lists in each Daily Blog edition.


LSCC's ANA Meeting Dinner

The LSCC ANA dinner will be a no-host club event on Wednesday night (this evening) at 6:30 pm at the Park Tavern main dining room. The Park Tavern is located in a restaurant complex behind the Rosemont Convention Center parking garage and should be easy to locate.

See you there.


Global Financial News

Financial market volatility is the norm as global trade wars and shrinking interest rates become commonplace. Today's economic news from China and Europe is also dismal.

Let's start the day's financial review with commodities and interest rates.

Gold prices are staying firm throughout global turmoil and quoting at $1512/oz. Crude oil prices have moved up slightly at $56.38/bbl. Bitcoin pricing took a substantial hit overnight and is down to $10465/coin. The 10 Year U.S. Treasury yield is now down to 1.64%.

How about a few Seeking Alpha headlines?

China's industrial output is the weakest in 17 years.

A seasonal slowdown and trade tensions saw China post its weakest industrial output growth since 2002, which rose 4.8% in July from a year earlier, adding to the case to roll out more stimulus. Retail sales also slumped, while fixed-asset investment slowed further. Push for trade talks? Following the data - and a delay to the next tranche of U.S. tariffs - Chinese officials stuck to plans to visit Washington in September for face-to-face meetings.

Germany's economy is slowing and is halfway to recession

Europe's largest economy contracted by 0.1% in the second quarter as global tensions put pressure on its export-driven manufacturing sector. Speaking before the widely-anticipated fall was published, Chancellor Angela Merkel said the economy was entering a "difficult phase," adding, "we will react depending on the situation." A closely-watched survey of investors yesterday found German economic sentiment had plummeted to its lowest level since the eurozone crisis in 2011.

There is mounting pressure and efforts to break-up the tech giants.

Dissolving tech giants will be challenging, but it might be the best action to restore market competition, according to FTC Chairman Joe Simons, who is leading the agency's broad review of the tech sector for potential antitrust violations. Amazon and Alphabet are common targets of antitrust investigations both domestically and overseas. The FTC is also investigating Facebook for violations.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Time for a shower and breakfast has arrived. The Chicago ANA bourse floor opens at 8:00 am for dealer set-up and wholesale business before the public arrives at 10:00 am. I'm expecting another wild ride and will report the action in Thursday's Blog edition.

Again, if you are interested in any Chicago ANA show new purchases, I'm just a phone call or email away regardless of working on the bourse floor.

Wishing everyone a pleasant day.

August 13, 2019

New Purchase News Flash From Chicago ANA

12:10 pm - Central Time

GFRC buys an 1874-CC PCGS VG10 CAC Liberty Seated dime along with 1870-S PCGS VF30 and 1885-S PCGS F12 CAC. The 1885-S is obviously undegraded and full F15+.

Please email me for first shot. Sorry no lay-a-ways on the 1874-CC PCGS VG10 CAC dime.




New Purchases From Chicago ANA

Greetings from Rosemont Convention Center and welcome to the Blog. This edition is being written on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. We have an earlier start to the day on Tuesday.

I'm pleased to report that the GFRC team arrived to Chicago O'Hare without issues. Dan White had a close call with a 1.5 hour traffic delay due to an accident on the St. Pete Skyway Bridge but still managed to catch his Tampa to Chicago flight in time. Harry, and son ZhengXian, made it to Chicago with only a 30 minute delay at JFK. Jim Poston arrived by car after 9:00 pm. The boss had an uneventful flight originating in Portland. The team (sans Jim) met for dinner at the Crowne Plaza across from the Rosemont Convention Center and is fired up for Tuesday morning's booth setup activities. It was decided that ZhengXian will be called (Harry) Junior at the GFRC table and during Blog commentaries.

Junior is a wonderful young man and currently at junior high school grade level. Plans are for Junior to attend high school in Toronto. This the ANA events will be an important opportunity to practice and enhance his English skill and become more embedded in the numismatic industry. Harry has volunteered his son for GFRC employment in the future.....


Initial Chicago ANA New Purchases

As is tradition, Gerry and Dan arranged a meeting with our favorite wholesaler immediately upon arriving to the Rosemont Convention Center. Our friend brought a nice selection of new offerings. We made the following new purchases to kick-off the Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money show and hope to be aggressive buyers throughout the coming days. In particular, GFRC is attempting to increase Barber coinage inventory along with Standing Liberty quarters. Locating quality Liberty Seated coinage is becoming more challenging as the best pieces continue to be absorbed by collectors faster than they are divested/released into the market.

Seated 10c: 1865-S PCGS VF35 CAC choice original gray

Seated 25c: 1847 PCGS MS63 CAC frosty luster with excellent eye appeal

Standing Liberty: 1924-D PCGS MS65 CAC shimmering luster, a gorgeous gem

Draped Bust 50c: 1806 O-114 Prime R5 PCGS VF35 thick crusty gray patina

Barber 50c: 1907-D PCGS AU58 CAC light gold satiny luster

Tuesday brings a 7:15 am convention center arrival for securing Harry and Junior's ANA dealer badges plus retrieving inventory from security. At 8:00 am, the bourse opens to dealers for setup and wholesale business.


Tuesday Morning Update

We are up early since being in Central Time zone and still on Eastern Time. This presents a chance for a few updates.

The 1865-S PCGS VF35 dime and 1847 PCGS MS63 CAC quarter already have First Rights of Refusal. Great coins just don't last long at GFRC!


Global Financial News

Spot gold prices are currently quoting at $1530/oz as the Blog is written. Will we see the mid to high $1500 range this week?

Hong Kong protests continue and are an important source of upward pressure on gold prices. Following are two Seeking Alpha headlines worth reading.

U.S. stock index futures are under pressure for yet another day as risk-off sentiment takes hold of the markets. Hong Kong riots are spiraling, the PBOC set the yuan weaker than the previous session and there are fears of another debt crisis in Argentina. The grim backdrop saw futures tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average tick down 0.5% following the index's almost 400-point drop on Monday, while S&P 500 futures declined 0.5% and the Nasdaq fell 0.7%, respectively.

Hong Kong is at risk of sliding into an "abyss," according to leader Carrie Lam, who continued to sidestep questions at a news conference about the government’s response to weeks of protests. As she spoke to reporters, the Hang Seng index fell by more than 1% to its lowest level since Jan. 4, and closed down 2.1% soon after. Despite an attempt to reopen the Hong Kong International Airport, one of the world's busiest, all remaining flights were cancelled for a second day after protesters took over terminals.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Dan and I are off to an early breakfast as it will be a long day on the bourse floor. I'm excited and pumped to be at the 2019 Chicago ANA show!

Please check back tomorrow for a full opening day report.

Thank-you for being loyal Blog readers.




August 12, 2019

Traveling to Rosemont for 2019 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money

Greetings and welcome to the Blog on a Monday morning.

How's southern Maine weather? Frankly, I have not been outdoors for several days as wholly focused on Chicago ANA show preparations since returning from China. Those preparations were completed as of 8:30 pm Sunday evening followed by several hours in the basement sound room to unwind and relax.

The Focal/Naim sound system is moving along its 200 hour break-in period. One can hear and feel the increasing bass response as was done last evening. For several hours, a Tidal rock music channel was surfed for the best recordings that showcase the Focal/Naim capabilities. I'm pleased to report that three songs were clear standouts in recording quality along with superior dynamic range. Those tunes were Journey's Faithfully and Lou Reeds' Walk on the Wild Side. There was mild disbeliefs during the audition of these compositions. In third place, was the Beatles' Taxman. I've found that early Beatles recordings are very well engineered. Unfortunately, there are a host of artist/songs that are poorly produced and come across as being flat and lifeless on this sound system. We won't name names as the list is quite long.

Today brings a United flight to Chicago and a warning from UA that mid afternoon will bring severe thunderstorms. Hopefully, my flight will land before O'Hare becomes backed up. With Chicago as the ending destination, there is not much to do but enjoy the flight and chill-out. Dan White arrives an hour earlier and wll be waiting at Terminal 1 to help with transporting coins and show accessories to our hotel.

What is my Chicago ANA show prognosis? As is the case with every 2019 show, the preparations have been taxing and a multi-day event. Every requested coin has been boxed and every order has been invoiced for show pick-up. Finding creative ways to add more coins to the carry-on bags was the imperative on Sunday. Now Portland airport TSA will have their chance to tear apart my diligent packing and organization. Blog readers will be the first to know of Chicago ANA show activities including GFRC new purchases and sales levels.


Christmas In August Sale - August 23 - 25, 2019

With all eyes on the World's Fair of Money show, including mine, gaining traction for the upcoming GFRC Christmas in August sale is proving to be challenging. To date, I have received two consignor emails with discounting instructions. That is all.

There was no choice but to schedule the August sale between the Chicago ANA and Central Ohio coin shows for 2019 calendar. To raise sale awareness, Matt Yamatin will be posting the Christmas in August Sale banner to the website in the next 24 hours with the usual countdown clock. Hopefully, the banner will stir discounting passion among the GFRC consignors and motivate actions and instructions.

The Sale starts exactly at Thursday midnight on August 22 and last until Sunday August 25 9:00 pm. There is a predictable sub-group of GFRC customers that participate in each of the three annual sales and I expect these individuals to be back in force given the booming United States economy and increasing disposable incomes. Again, the challenge is consignor participation rates to ensure that at least 500 lots from current inventory is available at a minimum 8% discount. Some of GFRC's aging inventory will be heavily discounted to make room for fresh inventories including a host of raw Liberty Seated Dansco offerings from Dr. Peterson, Newtown and Orchard Collections.

To GFRC consignors, please mark your calendar for the Tuesday August 20th deadline for Christmas in August Sale discounting instruction submissions.


Back to Chicago ANA and GFRC Table #1634

While loading nine double row slabbed boxes of Chicago ANA inventory last evening, it became apparent that GFRC will have an awesome display of quality coins at this show. Eight display cases will contain better grade early type and United States gold in the $350 to $10,000 price range. Sorry, but no raw coins are being transported to the show other than six better date Liberty Seated dollars.

Sunday afternoon brought the addition of the following four new purchases to GFRC inventory. We open the display with a high end 1886 Liberty Seated half dollar graded PCGS MS66 and ideal for those collectors building advanced date and mintmark sets. It is impossible to capture the reflective luster from mirrored fields with GFRC photography. I can assure collectors that the coloring is perfectly matched. The 1926-D PCGS MS66+ CAC Peace $1 approaches near perfection and is a joy to view. Both the 1886 Seated Half and 1926-D Peace dollar will be found in the main GFRC display tray at Table #1634.

Major GFRC Inventory Additions - Just In Time for ANA Show

            1886 PCGS MS66 50C                                                    1926-D PCGS MS66+ CAC Peace $1


1904 PCGS MS67 G$2.5                                                           1852-C PCGS AU55 G$5



$200,000+ Collection Wanted for September-October 2019 Timeframe

There is no question that the numismatic market is becoming more competitive each month. New coin shows and auction firms are appearing and aggressively soliciting collections. Then there are the well established auctions houses.

Individuals with collections valued at $1,000,000 typically have commision rate leverage with the major auction houses. But what about collectors with quality collections valued in the $100,000 to $500,000 range? Their leverage is less significant due to the lower average selling price per coin. Major auction houses wish to maximize their sale revenues and therefore search out higher valued coins. There lies the flexibility in using commision rate or X% of hammer price negotiatons towards securing a major collection consignment. Selecting the major auction house route presents the usual risks; foremost is having at least two bidders for each coin and hoping there is no collusion among the bidders to limit pricing upsides.

The other route for a major collection divestment is fixed price list. Predictability is the hallmark of a fixed price list offering strategy. Individual lot offer pricing can be well researched and set to a competitive market level. Lots that present excellent quality for the initial asking price sell quickly. Average lots may take longer to sell with careful pricing adjustments moving the sale process along. Key parameters for a fixed price list divestment include a trustworthy dealer with substantial market presence, in depth knowledge of the products being sold, and a consensus strategy with the consignor for the life of the project.

GFRC is unique positioned with its sterling reputation for fair dealings, Daily Blog marketing, Sales Archive pricing references and overall community building effort. My workload will diminish in the September and October timeframe and presents an opporturnity to insource a major collection for debut at the Winter Baltimore show or Orlando FUN show. The early November Whitman Baltimore show will be an ideal venue since GFRC will have double corner table space with ample room to showcase a major collection along with regular inventory.

The current numismatic market is robust in conjunction with the strength of the United States economy. Economic boom times don't last forever; wise collectors do best to divest during periods of broad based market demand. If toying with the idea of selling a substantial Liberty Seated, Barber or Bust holding, why not give GFRC a call to chat about possibilities and potential strategies. I'm easy to work with and flexible with customized marketing strategies. If your collection has not been to CAC, then let's get that done first before considering pricing. Some coins may warrant upgrade attempts while others are best sold in current holders. Each collection is a unique adventure. Unlike the major auction houses, working with GFRC can lead to a custom solutions with close consignor inputs. The approaches can be multi-faceted towards having an enjoyable divestment process.


Global Financial News

Another financial week is upon us. Hong Kong unrest continues to the point of grounding flights at Hong Kong airport Monday Asia time. I'm afraid that another Tiananmen Square event is possible as Xi Jinping is being placed into a box by young Hong Kong activists. Closing down Hong Kong airport flights is gaining global attention including populations on the China mainland and Taiwan. Xi Jinping cannot be seen as weak as maintaining face in Asia culture is paramount for controlling power.

Hong Kong is entering "a very difficult economic environment" as trade declines and growth slows, according to the city's financial secretary. "Industries like retail, catering and transportation have taken a hit because of the recent violent unrest, with significant revenue drops," Paul Chan wrote on his official blog. Following violent weekend demonstrations, flights were canceled at the Hong Kong International Airport for the remainder of Monday as thousands of protesters disrupted operations, triggering a 0.4% slide in the Hang Seng index.

Meanwhile, shares of Cathay Pacific shares tumbled nearly 5% in Hong Kong after the carrier sacked staff who joined anti-government protests in the Asian financial hub. Two airport employees were fired and a pilot was suspended as Beijing stepped up its efforts to pull local business into line over the escalating demonstrations. The rallies, which were started to protest a bill that would have allowed people to be extradited to mainland China, have snowballed into a democracy movement, with some even demanding full autonomy from Beijing.

Let's review commodity prices and the long bond interest rate to wrap up today's Blog.

Crude oil is flat at $53.76/bbl while gold is solidly over the significant $1500 mark. Gold current quote is $1514/oz. Bitcoin has backtracked a bit to $11371/coin. The 10 Year U.S Treasury yield is 1.69% and indicative of continuing strength in the U.S. dollar.


Wrapping Up Today's Blog

Thank-you for stopping by and taking in these ramblings. It is time for a shower and then off to the Portland airport to start a long show week.

Please check back each day as I will be diligent in writing Chicago ANA show updates. Much takes place this week including an LSCC dinner on Wednesday evening and the LSCC Annual Meeting on Thursday morning with a special announcement.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Blog.




August 11, 2019

A Wonderful GOLD CAC Lot - Chicago ANA Table #1634

Greetings and welcome to another edition of the Blog. Your ongoing patronage is appreciated!

It is Chicago ANA preparation crunch time. Therefore, this Blog edition will be brief due to a host of must get done items before flying to Chicago tomorrow morning.

Saturday brought a huge online sales day in terms of unit volume. The day felt like one of those compressed springs that was unleashed and explodes upward with stored energy. United States gold demand is obviously leading the pack. GFRC gold is on fire. Multiple orders also arrived for Liberty Seated half dollars including the popular Civil War years. I'm always pleased with a strong sales day, but.... Now time that was allocated for Chicago ANA preparations must shift to packing and shipping orders that go to local USPS office on the way to the Portland airport. No complaints, just the reality of the coin dealer profession with its ongoing time management requirements.


A Wonderful GOLD CAC Lot - Chicago ANA Table #1634

I promised Daily Blog readers an eye catching Gold CAC lot for the Chicago ANA show and most pleased to be sharing this client gallery for your entertainment and potential purchase. GFRC is absolutely thrilled with this lot and being able to offer at the year's major coin show event.

Let's face it, Gold CAC approved coins tend to be found in vintage holders. The two go hand in hand due to conservative grading by PCGS and NGC during the early years of third party grading. This lot contains mostly PCGS Rattler and Old Green Holders, along with NGC Fatty holders.

It really is a shame to break up this collection as the assembling effort must have taken considerable time and energy. All lots are posted to the price list and selling quickly. Already, the two United States gold pieces along with 1860 Indian and 1865 3 cent silver are spoken for. Fifteen pieces remain and will be transported to Chicago, if not sold by this evening.

These offerings are ideal for type collectors, for those building Rattler sets, and also for those chasing down Gold CAC approved coins. Offer prices are reasonable given my purchase price for the lot. Just consider your potential asking price if taking a lot of this caliber to market? Those considerations will guide you to scoop up a few pieces. My favorites pieces? The 1865 3 cent nickel, 1872 proof dime, 1892 Barber dime, 1945-S Mercury dime, 1926-S Oregon Trail commemorative, and 1936 York commemorative. Someone should just buy up all four early silver commemoratives as a nucleus for a new collecting project. These pieces are inexpensive!

Whatever remains after today's online debut will be available at GFRC's Chicago ANA table.

GOLD CAC Beauties at Chicago ANA Table #1634

     1857 PCGS MS60 Gold CAC OGH 1C                                    1872 F-103 NGC PF62 Gold CAC Fatty 10C


1874 PCGS MS61 Gold CAC Rattler G$1                                 1900 PCGS MS62 Gold CAC Rattler G$5


 1860 CN PCGS AU55 G-CAC OGH 1C        1865 PCGS MS63 G-CAC Rattler 3CN        1938-D PCGS MS65 G-CAC Rattlter 5C


    1854 WA PCGS MS63 G-CAC 5C                  1882 PCGS AU55 G-CAC 10C            1892 PCGS MS64 G-CAC Rattler 10C


   1945-S NGC MS66 G-CAC Fatty 10C             1958 PCGS MS66+ G-CAC 25C           1926-S Oregon PCGS MS65 G-CAC 50C


  1936 PCGS MS62 G-CAC OGH 50C            1936 PCGS MS65 G-CAC OGH 50C           1946 PCGS MS63 G-CAC Rattler 50C


1943 NGC MS65 G-CAC Fatty 50C         1946-D PCGS MS63 G-CAC Rattler 50C             1881-S PCGS MS65 G-CAC $1  



Harry and ZhengXian in New York City

I'm pleased to report that Harry Zhang and his son ZhengXian are touring New York city before flying to Chicago on Monday. This is their first visit to the United States. While in Shanghai, I gave Harry a list of key venues to visit. As expected, they include the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Museum of Natural History, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That should keep them busy for three days...

A WeChat message arrived from Harry late last evening that read, "After staying NYC for couple of days, I have got a lot of coins which include all denominations, but not 50c, weird. You know the reason?"


Dan White Buying Trip Results

Saturday brought a call with Dan White to coordinate Chicago arrival schedules along with setting an appointment for first shot with our favorite wholesale dealer. It is now traditional that Dan and I immediately meet with our good friend to review his new offerings and source as many as possible.

Dan has been busy buying in Florida and is bringing more inventory to the Chicago ANA show. We also received back from PCGS a $20 St. Gaudens lot purchases at Summer FUN. Following is a disclosure of the fresh inventory items at GFRC Table #1634. I believe you will agree that Dan did quite well!

Seated 10c: 1856-S PCGS MS62, a rarity at grade level

Barber 10c: 1900 PCGS MS66+ CAC superb gem and ideal for type

Seated 50c: 1845-O PCGS MS62 scarce date in mint state; 1886 PCGS MS66 superb gem

Gold $1: 1851 PCGS MS63+ lustrous Type 1

Gold $2.5: 1839-O NGC AU58 Rotated Dies, a rarity; 1869-S NGC MS62

Gold $5: 1852-C PCGS AU55 lightly mirrored greenish-gold; 1881-S PCGS MS64 CAC; 1899 PCGS MS64

Gold $20: 1908 NM PCGS MS63 (2); 1908 NM PCGS MS62; 1914-S PCGS MS62; 1924 PCGS MS64; 1924 PCGS MS63 (2); 1928 PCGS MS62


Wrapping Up The Blog

I must get on with the day and immediately move into the packing shipping department. By afternoon hours, focus shifts to pulling and packing inventory for the ANA show.

As expected, I will be in the GFRC office the entire day. If you wish to buy coins, please call or email. Selling coins on behalf of consignors is my life's calling...

Monday will bring a brief Blog with a new purchase gallery if time allows.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Chicago ANA starting on Tuesday. Please come by and meet Harry and ZhengXian! I'm sure someone can explain why Kennedy halves don't circulate....




August 10, 2019

Chicago ANA Week is Upon Us!

Greetings and welcome to the Blog on a Saturday morning.

The entire United States numismatic industry along with others from around the globe will decend on Chicago during the next few days. The 2019 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money show has officially arrived! PNG Day takes place on Monday and is an opportunity for PNG member dealers to open their booths one day early for pre-show wholesale.

GFRC arrives in Chicago and at the Rosemont convention center on Monday. Booth setup occurs early Tuesday morning. By 10:00 am, the show formally opens with five days of numismatic dealings. It is the longest coin show that GFRC attends. By the following Saturday afternoon, dealers are exhausted and looking forward to catching their O'Hare flights back home.

The annual ANA World's Fair of Money is also the highest cost show event of the year when considering bourse fees, hotels charges, meals, and airfare. Dealers must buy and sell a substantial amount of coins to recover their expenses before securing a profit. GFRC is no different. I will be aggressively looking to buy deals and have a reputation for offering fair prices for quality early type and United States gold. I'm also on the hunt for quality Barber coinage at the AU through Mint States grade levels.


GFRC Located at ANA Booth 1634

As is tradiiton for the ANA WFoM, GFRC will be sharing a double corner booth with David Perkins Rare Coins in the Premium bourse area. Below is a truncated bourse flooor map for locating Booths 1533/1634. The ANA show bourse is massive; therefore, carrying and using a show program is recommended for locating your favorite dealers.

GFRC will have eight cases of quality Liberty Seated, Bust, and United States gold offerings. Dan White has just concluded another southern U.S buying trip and will be bringing his new purchases to augment current online inventory.

Please consider visiting GFRC first if you have coins to sell or a consignment to drop off.

Gerry Fortin Rare Coins - Booth 1634 - Chicago ANA


GFRC Buys Out Jim Poston Lot

The first ANA lot buying event has already taken place! Last evening, Jim Poston and I worked through a buy-out of select inventory items to fuel Jim's new ANA bourse floor acquisitions. The purchased coins have already been relisted on the 30 day New Purchase price list at lower prices. These pieces need to sell quickly to keep cash flow turning. If interested in any of the following pieces, I suggest that you contact me immediately.

1904 NGC MS64 Proof Like G$20

1875 PCGS AU58 20C                                                           1857 PCGS MS64 CAC 25C


 1844 V-3c NGC AU58 CAC 5C                 1838 F-113 PCGS AU50 CAC 10C             1839-O F-106a PCGS AU53 10C


 1842 F-105 NGC AU58 CAC 10C                        1890 PCGS AU53 25C                          1860-O WB-9 PCGS AU58 50C



Denver Collection Consignment - Quick Turn Processing!

The Denver Collection consignor is back with quality offerings from his personal collection. Like many of us, there comes a time in life where our cherished coins must be sold for funding other activities. His latest consignment arrived via USPS Express on Thursday and was immediately absorbed with GFRC's Quick Turn Around Time process. I'm so pleased to be featuring this lot in today's Blog.

The 1870 NGC MS64 half is an especially important offering and I'm thrilled to have this one back in inventory. This piece was original sold into the Denver Collection back in 2015. It was showcased at the first LSCC ANA Summer Seminar course by this individual to many accolades by class members. Overall eye appeal is exceptional. This offering will be found in GFRC's special display tray at the Chicago ANA if not immediately sold. The balance of the consignment includes quality United States gold pieces. The 1843 PCGS EF45 CAC G$2.5 is already on hold.

Denver Collection Consignment - Quality Offerings

1870 NGC MS64 50C

1843 PCGS EF45 CAC G$2.5                                                        1893 PCGS MS62 CAC G$10


1906-D PCGS MS62 G$10                                                            1904-S NGC MS64 G$20



Peak Collection Consignment

The Peak Collection consignor is back with another one of his quality Liberty Seated dollar offerings. This Seated dollar has racked up substantial frequent flyer miles on its journey from Central U.S. to Maine. USPS erroneously sent the the 2 Day Priority package to Guam, of all places, rather than to New England. It took a week for the package to return to mainland U.S. via Hawaii. This 1846 is now well positioned in GFRC inventory and will be available at the Chicago ANA.

Peak Collection - Another CAC Approved Liberty Seated Dollar

1846 PCGS AU58 Seated $1


Gold Price Consolidation

The past two weeks have brought a substantial spot gold price breakout. Friday's close was at $1497/oz. Major pricing breakouts have typical characteristics; first is the price movement above a strong historical resistance followed by a consolidation period. My hope is that gold quickly moves into a near term consolidation phase and trades at the $1490-$1520 during the upcoming week. This elevated trading range would allow the numismatic gold market to adjust to gold's new pricing level. Higher valued AU and low grade Mint States $10 and $20 gold, due to bullion content, will place upward pricing pressure on choice Mint States grades. Pricing adjustments take time to work through the system including CDN guides.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Thank-you for checking in this morning! Yes, I will be in the GFRC office the entire day working on incremental offerings for the price list followed by preparing from transport to Chicago on Monday.

Monday brings the only shipment day for the upcoming week. I will be aggressive with Quick Ship designations for weekend orders to ensure that non ANA attendees receive their purchases on a timely basis. If attending the Chicago ANA, now is the time to reserve coins for purchase and pick-up at the show.

Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend.




August 9, 2019

Time To Load New GFRC Offerings

Greetings from the Maine office and welcome to the Blog on a Friday morning.

Thursday brought an incredibly productive day regardless of jetlag. Focus was the operative word for the day leading to all outstanding orders being packed including those to be delivered at the Chicago ANA show. With three days left before traveling to Chicago, there is time to load new offerings to the price list and have GFRC firing on all cyclnders again.

Matt Yamatin spent his Beijing day resolving website issues that resulted from the recent SSL security designation upgrade. Customers may have noticed the incorrect GFRC Florida address at the banner along with missing images throughout the price lists. The United States gold price list was severely impacted including reduced download speed. All has been corrected as of Thursday midnight and the GFRC website is back to normal operation.

On today's docket is a Collectors Corner update to remove many sold coins and update United States gold asking prices. Evening time brings an LSCC Leadership Team meeting at 9:00 pm to prepare for the club's annual meeting on Thursday August 15 at 9:00 am. Please see the ANA's show directory for the meeting room.


Seth Godin Blog - Streaks

Writing the Daily Blog requires special commitment. With time, Blog composition becames a lifestyle and begans to transform me as a person. The Daily Blog is currently on its sixth year of consistently publishing. My role model is Seth Godin, whom is often quoted.

Yesterday's Godin blog post accurately captures that personal transformation that daily blog writers experience. Godin succinctly explains the personal changes that materilize. In a nutshell, he summarize that transformation from commitment to habit. Once daily composition becomes a habit, improvements occur including the expansion of self awareness, and a keen sense of global political and economic developments.

Thank-you Seth Godin for the inspiration that has facilitated uplifting personal development. A sincere thank-you to all Blog readers who return each day to catch my ramblings.


Today’s the 11th year in a row of daily posts on this blog. Nearly 5,000,000 words since my first post twenty years ago, and I haven’t missed a day (given some time-zone wiggle room) since 2008.

Streaks are their own reward.

Streaks create internal pressure that keeps streaks going.

Streaks require commitment at first, but then the commitment turns into a practice, and the practice into a habit.

Habits are much easier to maintain than commitments.

I’m pretty sure that the blog would still have an impact if I missed a day here or there, but once a commitment is made to a streak, the question shifts from, “should I blog tomorrow,” to, “what will tomorrow’s blog say?”

And once you’ve made that shift, it’s 100x easier to find the voice that you’re looking for.

I didn’t set out to have this particular streak (I don’t remember the day the blog went from ‘most days’ to ‘every day’) but I’m glad to have gone on this journey. Thanks for being part of it.


Daily Blog Feedback

The Tenafly Collection consignor has been watching my China housing bubble commentary and shared his perspective of the Californina housing market.

Good morning Gerry,

Welcome back home and glad the flights didn't become an odyssey. Very interesting about the Chinese housing bubble. We were appraising here in CA during the US housing bubble in the mid-late '00's. I remember pulling up to more than a few homes during that time and seeing 10-35 people in the front yard! So we'd tell the people who we are and by the way, "What's going on here?" They were waiting for the seller of the house and the agent for the upcoming bidding war! Once we said that we were appraisers (said that one time only and quickly learned my lesson) we were mobbed with questions like, "What should I bid?"..."What do you think it's worth?", ad nauseum. Sound familiar?

Since the interest rates have fallen (thank you, Mr. Powell) and gold is rocketing (thank you, market) we've been swamped with appraisal requests. "Boom" coin markets, as you know, always ride the gold rocket ship and sinking interest rates. This should be no different.


Entire GFRC Staff Meets at Chicago ANA

Next week's ANA World's Fair of Money brings the entire GFRC global sales staff together. Harry and son ZhengXian arrived safely to New York city for a few days of tourism before flying to Chicago on Monday. Jim Poston (eBay sales) and Dan White (United States gold) also arrive into Chicago on Monday. Planning is underway for coordinating later afternoon meetings along with sitting down with my favorite wholesaler for the first of many buying session.


Alexandria Collection Gold Type Consignment Status

I spoke with Rhoda Mattox last evening since her late husband's United States gold type set had not been shipped to GFRC will I was traveling in China. Unfortunately, her step-dad has taken ill and requires a pacemaker operation this coming Monday. As a result, the Alexandria gold type coins will not be available in time for the Chicago ANA. We are planning a shipment after the Chicago ANA.

Frankly, with spot gold prices continuing to increase, the delay is working to her favor.


Global Financial News

Financial market volatility is currently the trend. The degrading China - United States relationship is weighing on investors throughout the global. The threat of a hard Brexit come October 31 is unsettling European markets. India and Pakistan are once again on the verge of war over the Kasmir region. Add in Iran's ongoing efforts to wreak havoc in the Strait of Homuz for good measure. Today's opening Seeking Alpha provides a decent summary of current issues.

There's a bunch of news weighing on stocks today, though some Asian shares caught the tail end of yesterday's big rally on Wall Street. The latest? The White House is reportedly delaying a decision on whether to allow U.S. companies to do business with Huawei, while China released weaker economic data and pegged the yuan north of the $7 mark for the second consecutive session. European sentiment was also hit by the collapse of Italy's coalition government, as well as GDP figures showing that the British economy contracted for the first time since late 2012.

Looking at our favorite commodity and interest rate barometers, spot gold prices continue their slow upward march. Current quote stands at $1515/oz. Crude oil is recovering lost ground and back to $53.13/bbl. Recent bitcoin gains are holding with trading at the $11765/coin level. Finally, the 10 Year U.S. Treasury yield dropped to 1.69%. A financial flight to safety continues as demonstrated by the Treasury bond yield and gold prices.

Huawei has announced its own operating system as an alternative to Android.

Huawei has launched its own operating system - the HongmengOS, known in English as the HarmonyOS - at the Huawei Developer Conference 2019. The system can be used across different devices, from smartphones to smart speakers, and is part of Huawei's play into the so-called Internet of Things. It may also shield the company after being placed on a U.S. blacklist, which essentially restricts some U.S. companies from selling their products - like Google's Android - to the Chinese tech giant.

Internation Energy Agency cuts oil demand growth forecasts

"Growing evidence of an economic slowdown" has caused global oil demand to grow at its slowest pace since the financial crisis, according to the International Energy Agency. It now expects oil demand growth to reach 1.1M barrels per day in 2019 and 1.3M bpd in 2020 (a downward revision of 100K bpd for this year and 50K bpd for next year). "Meanwhile, the prospects for a political agreement between China and the United States on trade have worsened. This could lead to reduced trade activity and less oil demand growth."


Wrapping Up The Blog

Thank-you for stopping by at the Blog. Time for a quick shower followed by processing the last of the 19 piece Gold CAC to images towards a complete client gallery later this afternnon. A new Murphy's collection offering will also be posted to the price list.

Yes, I will be in the GFRC office the entire day and looking forward to your pre-ANA show orders.

Wishing everyone a great day in the numismatic neighborhood.




August 8, 2019

Back in GFRC Maine Office - Gold Spot at $1509/oz

Greeting from the Maine office and welcome to a "normal" Blog edition!

Wednesday Evening Post

Yes, this is a quick late Wednesday post that I've made it back to Maine. The return flights were uneventful and pleasant. How I wish that United flights could always be so timely.

The Shanghai to Chicago return flight and touring the greater Shanghai area has brought about some deep concerns for the China housing bubble. Spot gold quickly jumping to $1500/oz should not be taken lightly. What I saw first hand from train and taxi rides has me believing that $2000 gold is possible. The China economic miracle is tiring and moving into a late stage make or break gamble.

Back on Thursday Morning

It is great to be back home; at least for a few days. Overnight sleep was reasonable and feeling energetic towards composing another Blog edition.

Physical Gold Pricing

Let's continue the sharing on China and spot gold price action. Following is gold's 8 Year Kitco technical chart. The current rally saw $1510/oz pricing on Wednesday before pulling back to current $1496 quote. There is little historical resistence between current pricing and $1600 level. Once gold attains $1600, trader psychology enters the picture.

The China Hustle

While on UA836 from Shanghai to Chicago, I watch a new movie entitled The China Hustle. Rather than attempt to write my own movie review, following is an online review from Forbes website written by Mark Hughes.

The most important movie of 2018 is one you may not have even heard of. But it's a story that could be directly affecting you, endangering your financial stability and your future. If you have a 401(k) that's lost value, or if you've lost a portion of your pension, there's a chance this picture explains part of the reason why. The film is The China Hustle, opening this weekend in limited release and on select streaming services, and it is a klaxon warning of potentially impending economic disaster.

From the producers of the Oscar-nominated Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room, The China Hustle is directed by Jed Rothstein, director of the Academy Award nominated documentary Killing in the Name. This isn't an exposé of a foregone scandal, mind you, but rather an ongoing one with major implications for our economy and that of China. Whatever short term financial gains exist for the businesses, banks, auditors, lawyers, and others involved in perpetuating or benefiting from the practices outlined in the movie, the long term damage won't be limited to investors who get fleeced, and will instead inevitably implicate and harm entire sectors of both nations' economies while destabilizing trade and banking for years.

The movie captures what I've known and lived through while working at CSMC during the 2006 - 2012 timeframe. Chinese companies are primitive as compared to their American counterparts and not special growth stories. Chinese companies typically struggle due to lack of skilled management and workers. Their primary focus is cost and not quality. They operate in a questionable legal environment with guanxi being paramount for sustaining their business models. Profit margins do not allow for R&D spending unless a top tier company or a joint venture with western partner. The movie closes with a stern warning to avoid Alibaba stock based on the number of mainland China fraud cases exposed in the movie.

China Undergoing Another Housing Construction Boom???

Yes, you read the title line correctly. I saw first hand that major Jiangsu Province cities and Shanghai are undergoing another housing contruction boom. The number of cranes and apartment buildings being construction was eeriely similar to the level seen back in 2005-2007 timeframe. Financial reporting indicates that the Chinese economy is slowing due to reduced export manufacturing. Cheap goods manufacturing is migrating to Vietnam and other southern Asia alternative. Why then, is China experiencing another housing construction boom? The following Shanghai Stock market index trendchart might answer the question.

Shanghai Stock Market Index

The Shanghai stock index has been flat since 2007 with two boom/bust events. Mainland China investors have few options. Their primary investment option is housing. Household wealth is typically a function of the number of apartments owned. Many Chinese families with a son buy a second apartment to enable his marriage.

Ghost cities have been reported in the financial press. Uninhabited apartment building are easy to discern. Just look for buildings with no air conditioner compressors hanging outside from each apartment. During my Jiangsu province train ride, I studied apartment construction and the number of uninhabited buildings. The amount is staggering but construction continues.

Bottomline, the Beijing Central government must continue to fund real estate construction to sustain a slowing economy. There are few alternatives. Export manufacturing is shrinking as western companies relocate production to other less restrictive countries. Intellectual property theft has decreased the number of western joint ventures.

The China housing bubble will pop at some point. When it does, global markets will be impacted and physical gold prices will soar. The Chinese people have few alternatives for storing wealth. If housing sees a protracted downturn, then Chinese people have no choice but to move to physical gold.


GFRC Status - Order Shipments a Priority

Today's top priority are order shipments and responding to online and phone orders. It will be a busy catch-up day. GFRC gold is under strong demand.


Global Financial News

Global financial markets are flashing green as trader confidence recovers. After taking a drubbing, oil prices have stabilized at $52.28/bbl. Yesterday's spot gold closing price was $1509/oz while Bitcoin is quoting at $11848/coin. The 10 Year U.S Treasury yield has stabilized at 1.73%.

How about two Seeking Alpha headlines? The Saudis are attempting to stabillize crude oil prices.

Saudi Arabia has reportedly phoned other oil producers to discuss possible policy responses following crude's 4.7% plunge on Wednesday to seven-month lows. The kingdom, which has already cut production more than required under the OPEC+ agreement, said it won't tolerate a continued slide in prices and is considering all options. The U.S. benchmark crude rose 3.2% to $52.72/bbl after the Saudi efforts were revealed. Planned OPEC+ gatherings are also set for the week starting Sept. 9 in Abu Dhabi.

President Trump is attempting to start discussions on online violence with high tech companies.

The Trump administration has invited internet and technology companies to a roundtable discussion on violent online extremism tomorrow after coming under growing pressure to deter mass shootings tied to internet-fueled racism. It wasn’t immediately clear, though, which companies would be involved in the meeting. A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment, while Facebook and Google did not immediately respond to requests.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Thank-you for checking in! I will be in the office the entire day with preparations already underway for the Chicago ANA show. Phone orders are welcomed.

The consignment window for the Chicago ANA show is obviously closed. New consignments will be accepted starting after the Christmas In August sale.




August 7, 2019

Returning to Maine Office While Gold Spot at $1484/oz

Greetings and welcome to the Blog on a Wednesday China time.

Today edition is being written in my Shanghai hotel room along with the Air China lounge in Pudong Airport. The time to fly back to Maine has arrived.

To say that the timing of this China trip coincedes with much political turmoil is an understatement. One way to gauge the Beijing Central Government communication strategy is to watch CCTV for their not so subtle messaging. Thought I cannot understand much of the spoken reporting, the videos are telling. This morning's reporting covered the currency war and new threats by the United States to install defensive missile system in Asian countries. Videos of Patriot missile batteries and Pershings were featured. There is also renewed issues concerning another Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan. Yesterday brought a host of videos showcasing China air force and naval power.

Let's just say that I'm looking forward to boarding the Chicago bound UA flight during early afternoon and heading home. It is best to watch the ongoing currency and trade war drama from the comfort of the GFRC Maine office.


Murphys Collection Scores at CAC

I'm pleased to report that two of the five new Murphys Collection offerings were approved at CAC. Below are updated images. If wishing to secure a price quote prior to price list posting, just email me.

  1877-CC PCGS MS62 CAC 50C                                                     1892-CC PCGS EF45 CAC G$5



Global Financial News

The U.S. - China trade and currency war is upon us with global equity markets, commodities, and interest rates exhibiting dramatic movements. The tit-for-tat moves by both countries is exemplified by this Seeking Alpha headline.

China has suspended the purchase of U.S. agriculture.

The intensifying U.S.-China trade war still pushed the Shanghai Composite down 1.6% overnight as Beijing confirmed its suspension of U.S. agricultural product purchases in response to new American tariffs. China, one of the largest buyers of U.S. agriculture, also did "not rule out" duties on newly purchased agricultural goods after August 3. China's official Communist Party newspaper further said that the U.S. was "deliberately destroying international order" and holding its own citizens to ransom.

The RMB to USD exchange rate currently stands at 7:02 : 1 after peaking at 7.05 : 1 on August 5. This sharp weakening of the Yuan is the source of much global financial market consternation.

Crude oil prices have dropped due to fears of a global slowdown and quoting at $55/bbl as of Tuesday morning. There is a rush to physical gold with a $1484/oz price as of early Wednesday morning U.S time.

Bitcoin is also feeling an influx of buyers and has jumped to $12246/coin.

10 Year U.S. Treasury bonds are in a substantial price rally with a yield of 1.75%. Conversely, the U.S. Dollar index stands at a 2019 high point.

Following is an updated Kitco 10 Year gold technical chart. The $1500 threshold will be breached shortly as traders continue to play the sharp upward pricing action. Longer term, it does appear that $1600/oz gold is realistic. If prices rise to $1650, then who knows where the uptrend will peak?

Kitco 10 Year Gold Technical Chart - August 6, 2019


GFRC Gold Sales Policy

Due to physical gold pricing volatility, I'm sorry to inform that lay-a-ways on $20 United States gold sales are no longer possible. Until further notice, all $20 double eagles will be sold on a check, cash, or Paypal payment basis only.

The sale of numismatic gold will continue to be eligible for lay-a-ways. If there are questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

GFRC has also adjusted its $20 double eagle prices on the website in consideration of rapid spot gold increases.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Time to close down and begin preparation for the United flight to Chicago. United has come through again for this Premium Platinum traveler with an upgrade into the new Premium Plus section on the outgoing 777.

Thank-you for checking in at the Blog!




August 5, 2019

Lies Coin Dealers Tell You - Part 2!

Greetings and welcome to the Blog on a Monday.

I awoke and learned of yet another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio after firing up the laptop on Monday morning Asia time. Another 20 something conducts frightening violent and most likely, suicide by police. I'm deeply saddened and angry with the complexity of mass shootings in the United States and the predictable political rhetoric. The citizenry is under sieged by the fringe. With automatic rifles being pervasive, how does one eliminate this scourge of modern American life? There will be intense political discussions as we've come to expect after mass shootings. But concrete changes? Doubtful as the issue is much more convoluted than passing legislation for increased background checks or limiting magazine sizes.

The saying that life imitates art rings so true. New generations are growing up with hand-held electronics that provides access to information for unprecedented happy lives. But the same electronics can bring access to the dark side of humanity. Information technologies are evolving faster than free open societies can regulate and control. These technologies safely facilitate acting out dark side fantasies of our most aggressive, or anti-social instincts. For some individuals with mean-spirited, bloodthirsty belligerence lurking deep inside of them, the impulses move from fantasy to acting out impulses that disrupt or even decimate society. Whether it is Malaysia Airlines MH370 that was intentionally crashed by its pilot or by El Paso or Dayton mass shooters, evil lurks within certain people and they succumb to their destructive fantasies.

Let's look at Chinese society for a moment. China supports a massive population that is four times larger than the United States. Mass shootings are unknown in China since the government forbids private citizens from owning firearms. When living in China during the 2006 - 2012 timeframe, there were several knife attacks of school children by distraught individuals but no mass shootings. The Beijing Central government is also taking aggressive actions in regulating violent video games since it recognizes internet addiction as a young person's disease. Are these steps an infringement of human rights or protecting society? I'll leave that question for readers to ponder.


19 Piece Gold CAC Collection - Chicago ANA Show Preview

GFRC customers attending the Chicago ANA show will be in for a treat; a 19 piece Gold CAC collection that is being broken up. All pieces are housed in old PCGS Rattler or OGHs along with NGC Fatties with Gold CAC approval. Here is a prevew gallery to whet your appetite.

Gold CAC Collection - Chicago ANA Show Preview

   1857 PCGS MS60 OGH 1C                      1860 CN PCGS AU55 OGH 1C                      1865 PCGS MS63 Rattler 3CN


1938-D PCGS MS65 Rattler 5C                     1874 PCGS MS61 Rattler G$1                      1900 PCGS MS60 Rattler G$5



Guest Blog: Len Augsburger - Lies Coin Dealers Tell You

I had promised to post the second installment of Len Augsburger's Lies Coin Dealers Tell You on August 3 but a change in plans took place with the August E-Gobrecth being available and having more downtime than expected for image processing. Following is Len's entire guest blog to consider on a Monday morning. There is excellent advice buried within each topic. For example, those who pursue CAC coins exclusively are missing out on opportunities to own quality coins if pursuing a lengthy Liberty Seated denomination. Some dates have very low CAC populations. Add in specific grade collections like AU55 or AU58 and the challenge is multiplied to the point of probably never accomplishing a collecting goal without special dealer connections.

Lies Coin Dealers Tell You

While that rascal Gerry is out of town, we are going expose a few myths that you may hear from time to time while collecting coins. Now, there is a fine line between “marketing” and “myth,” but hopefully this will get you thinking in the right direction.

Buy the best you can afford. I have no idea who came up with this saying, but I am 99% sure it was a coin dealer. The implication is that higher graded coins will always appreciate faster than lower graded coins. It’s a terrible general rule and riddled with exceptions. If you are buying “pop ones” and the highest graded coins, and there are two heavy-pocketed bidders coming into the market after you who want all the same coins, then having the best is certainly the easiest path to instant wealth. It cuts both ways. We all watched Gene Gardner pursue the finest known Seated coinage over a 15-year period (approximately 1996-2011), and we all saw a lot of “pop ones” sell for substantially less than the original purchase prices during the four Gardner sales conducted by our good friends at Heritage Auctions. Gene had his share of winners as well, but if you start with a $100,000 pot and put it all into one coin you are playing a dangerous game. The rule of “supply and demand” ALWAYS trumps “buy the best you can afford.” You can have the best coin but if there are no other buyers then you are, shall we say, screwed. And the higher you go up the food chain the pool of potential buyers becomes smaller. So instead of “buy the best you can afford” let’s say “buy the best choice coin you can afford.” Go for the G-4 with smooth surfaces and pleasing color instead of the scudzy piece in F-12 with a “washed out” look. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll have buyers on the back end but it does improve your chances.

Buy the book before the coin. Well, we know who said this. It was gentleman named Aaron Feldman, who, not surprisingly, was a book dealer. Now, I like books and book dealers as much as anyone, but this advice doesn’t hold much water in today’s era. The nature of information has changed radically and will continue to do so. Books are nice for some things (like if you want to attribute Fugio cents by variety) but in the world of Liberty Seated coinage books hold less sway than they used to. Web resources are exploding and tools like Gerry Fortin’s seated dime web-book have superseded previous print efforts. This is not to reflect badly on the Ahwash and Greer books (on seated dime varieties) that were crucial for their time, and which were necessary stepping stones to get where we are today. We would not be here without them. Edison invented a light bulb that lasted for a few days. Today they last for a few years, but Edison was no less a genius. In any case, the Internet is generally where it’s at today, but even there you don’t always get the straight dope (or any dope at all). Some knowledge is reserved for the bourse floor and only acquired by being engaged with dealers and collectors in that venue. What’s hot? What’s not? Who needs what? Does my favorite dealer have a strong cash position, and are they in a buying mood? This sort of knowledge is often more important than anything ever written in a book.

Buy only coins with CAC stickers. OK, now we are treading in sensitive territory. GFRC is a strong supporter of the CAC concept, and, to be sure, I’ve looked at quite a few submissions that have come out of the CAC offices, and it’s clear they consistently identify the better coins on the market. The key here is availability. If you have to wait 5 or 10 years for a CAC-certified example of the coin you are looking for, there is nothing wrong with buying something that doesn’t quite make the grade. If it is a decent coin, and a hard coin to locate, then it’s going to be desirable to someone else when it comes time to sell. Gerry will have no problem selling an 1874-CC dime w/no major issues, even if not quite “CAC-worthy.” On the other hand, if the coin you want appears regularly on the market with CAC certification, then the bar becomes a bit higher to justify not buying a certified example. But if you can consistently certify coins on your own (understanding that no one bats 100%) then by all means go for it. My own experience with CAC would rate 50% success as “good,” 70% as “expert,” and 90% as “professional.” Ideally, you can examine a coin on your own and tell what CAC is going to do with it. To be honest, it’s a lot easier to just buy coins with stickers to begin with, but it’s more important to develop the skills to properly evaluate a coin, and this will make you a more astute buyer in the long run.

Don’t buy coins from dealer “X.” Be wary of a dealer who disses the competition. A good dealer welcomes competition, and it’s actually better for the overall market to have a strong group of trusted dealers who consistently place good coins in good homes. Several years ago I attended an ANA events where Barbara Gregory interviewed Heritage principals Steve Ivy and Jim Halperin. One of them said a very interesting thing, to the effect that they didn’t always have a beat a fellow dealer into submission, that there was plenty of room in the market for good dealers. Of course they would strongly complete for consignments, but it’s more about winning a consignment than beating the other guy. Now, the reality is that certain dealers are known within the industry for dealing in crappy coins. And if you develop trusted relationships where information can flow freely and confidentially you can ask about such things and expect a straight answer. But if a particular dealer is openly trashing another dealer publicly and without provocation, watch out.

It’s a great time to sell. This can mean a lot of things. It might mean “I have nothing good in my inventory right now, let’s see what we pull out of the woodwork.” Or it could be “I had a great selling show and need to rebuild stock.” Or perhaps, “it’s a great time to sell to me at 25% below market prices.” Of course, for the dealer, it’s ALWAYS a great time to sell at below-market. The point is, understand dealers aren’t here to maximize your profits. Their first responsibility is to their stockholders, and if they can make you happy in the process that’s a nice thing, but not really what it’s all about. So just be aware the dealer motivations. If you’ve seen, for example, seated dollars flowing out of their inventory at a good pace, then it is in fact probably a good time to sell them seated dollars. The GFRC sales archive is a wonderful bit of transparency that allows you to get true visibility into what’s selling and what isn’t.

Hopefully this will provide a few tools to help keep your BS detectors engaged. Gerry is always about continuous improvement, so don’t be afraid to speak up if your “spider-sense” starts to tingle!

Thanks Len for sharing some pragmatic insights about coin dealers. Coin dealers are the life blood of the numismatic market and a key source of liquidity. Without coin dealers, collectors would have limited options for buying and selling coins. That being said, coin dealers must secure fair profits to remain in business. There lies the fine balancing act with generating profits and offerings coins that are fairly priced for quality.

Some dealers are primarily marketers and exclusively sales driven. Coins are a commodity towards securing profits therefore they devise slogans and sales methods to stimulate sales. Another dealer tier includes those that provide collector mentorship and education. These type of dealers are comfortable buying back their coins from collectors.

I'd like to close this commentary with one final point: GFRC never pressures a customer to make a purchase. If a customer does not comprehend or appreciate the quality/value ratio of a potential purchase, then it is best to walk away and do more comparative shopping.


Wishing to View GFRC Inventory Items at Chicago ANA?

If attending the Chicago ANA show and wishing to view particular GFRC inventory items, please email me quickly with requests. Every requested inventory item will be brought to the show towards closing a sale.


Global Financial News

Let's leave this segment's title line in place for potential content.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Sales orders, during the past weekend, were minimal and indicative of a mid summer lull in the numismatic hobby. The lull will abate come next week. The Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money show should be well attended and I'm looking forward to strong sales.

GFRC shipments will resume on August 7 for those who mailed check payments and stop on August 12 once I depart for Chicago that day.




August 4, 2019

Breakfast In China Plus Carson City Coinage Consignment

Greetings from Shanghai and welcome to a weekend edition of the Blog.

Before moving too far along in today's Blog, I must acknowledge the sad event in El Paso, Texas. What in the world would cause a 21 year old to shoot random people in a Walmart store? Unfortunately, modern society life has become too stressful for some on the fringe. These unstable individuals resort to terrible acts of violence for acting out mental fantasies or revenge.

Here in China, I feel 100% safe and free to wander about at will; day or night. There are no guns in Chinese society along with strict enforcement of police rules. Crimes against westerners are dealt with swiftly and with severe consequences.

This morning, I explored the local Puxi back alleys looking for a representative image of local life. People were out and about purchasing or eating their morning breakfast before temperature became too hot. One merchant was quite busy selling pancakes, buns and fried dough for 1.5 RMb each ($0.21). Every item was priced the same to make the accounting simple. Cash, or WeChat pay were accepted. I could not resist the chance to take a few photos for the Blog with the following being the best captured.

Sunday Breakfast in China


Carson City Offerings from Murphys Collection Consignment

The Murphys Collection consignor is back with a high value Quick Turnaround Time consignment for the upcoming Chicago ANA show. This consignment arrived last weekend and was perfectly timed for inclusion in a a large CAC submission prior to leaving for China. CAC results will be known in a few days.

By now, it should be obvious that the Murphys Collection consignor is a serious fan of Carson City coinage. To date we've seen Seated Liberty dime, quarters, halves, and dollars being consigned. Now begins the divestment of Carson City gold for more home improvement projects.

I've decided to showcase the Murphys Collection client gallery while traveling. Images will be updated with CAC markers based on approval results. Asking prices will be determined today and sent to the consignor for approval. Price list posting will be accomplished once CAC results are known. First Rights of Refusal are welcomed.

Choice Carson City Offerings from Murphys Collection Consignment

1881-CC NGC AU55 G$10

1876-CC NGC MS62 50C                                                               1877-CC PCGS MS62 50C


1891-CC NGC AU58 G$5                                                                 1892-CC PCGS EF45 G$5



Christmas In August Sale - August 23 - 25, 2019

The 2019 Christmas In August Sale is fast approaching! The sale will take place on the weekend between the the ANA World's Fair of Money show and the Central Ohio Numismatic Society (CONA) show on Labor Day weekend. This sale is an opportunity to discount slow moving consigned lots towards locating new homes. The GFRC sales bring out a special clientelle; those seeking nice type coins at value prices.

For new GFRC customers and Daily Blog readers, the usual rules will apply for this much anticipated GFRC sales event.

- The Christmas in August Sale launches on August 22 midnight. Look for the special black sales banner at the upper top of the GFRC website about August 15. The banner features a countdown clock and is a reminder to GFRC consignors that now is the time to prepare your discounting instructions if you wish to participate in the sale.

- A minimum 8% lot price reduction is required to participate in the sale. More aggressive discounts typically result in more sales.

- Pricing reductions are due to me by Tuesday August 20 midnight. Christmas In August sale price instructions will be loaded into the COIN system on August 21. Each consignor is notified of their confirmed participation with an email. When sending GFRC your Christmas In August pricing reductions, please use a separate email with a title line that reads: GFRC Christmas In August Sale Price Reductions

- GFRC's three time per year sales events are cash and carry with no lay-a-way options. If you spend over $2000 and need up to 30 days for payment, I'm sure we can work terms to mutual satisfaction.


Assessing Current Gold Breakout

There is no question in my mind that physical gold has undergone a substantial multi-year price breakout during the past two weeks. The following Kitco 10 Year technical graph should make the breakout readily evident. I've added in a line at the $1460 mark which gets us back to early 2013 pricing level.

During the initial breakout, gold prices have been consolidating at the $1420 to $1440/oz range. The fact that gold has broken out while the U.S. dollar is near a record high and U.S. long bond rates are falling, brings substantial momentum for continued gains. Another 15% gain during 2019 would take gold prices to the $1700/level. Given global debt overhang, trade wars, and slowing European, China and United States economies; more stimulus will be required by Central Banks. it is well known that ongoing stimulus loses its effectiveness in creating incremental GDP growth. Central banks are out of financial tools with some looking to Modern Monetary Theory as an alternative.

Kitco 10 Year Gold Technical Chart

I will be a gold buyer during the balance of 2019 including the Chicago ANA show. While in China, several local customers have placed another round of orders for $20 double eagles. They've made out nicely on Saint Gaudens $20 coins purchased from GFRC during the past four years.


Wrapping Up The Blog

My China trip wraps up in a few days with attention immediately shifting to Chicago ANA preparation. While in Shanghai, Harry Zhang and son ZhengXian have received a class on working as GFRC table assistants. It will be great to have both behind ANA show booth #1634.

The balance of Len Augsburger's guest blog, Lies Coin Dealers Tell You - Part 2 will be showcased in Monday's Blog edition.

Thank-you for stopping by at the Blog on a Sunday. I'm constantly monitoring emails and text messages for coins orders and hope to hear from you soon.




August 3, 2019

LSCC's August E-Gobrecht Published Plus Typical Jetlag

Greetings and welcome to another Blog edition from Shanghai.

Overseas travel always brings the unsolvable jetlag challenge. It is presently 2:30 am here in China and my body still believes it is afternoon time on East Coast United States. If unable to sleep, then the only alternative to passing time is working. So here I am at the laptop writing tomorrow's Blog edition early along with catching up on image processing.

Friday brought a beautiful Shanghai day with bright sunshine and a reasonable breeze. Evening time was ideal for a health walk as the temperature quickly moderated after having dinner with old semiconductor industry friends.


LSCC August E-Gobrecht is Published

Telecommunications bandwith in Shanghai can be erratic but I did manage to upload the LSCC August E-Gobrecht edition. This edition's headline topic is the upcoming annual meeting of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club to be held in conjunction with the ANA’s 2019 World’s Fair of Money. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 9 AM in room 23 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N. River Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018.

Access to the August edition is available by clicking here or on the following cover page image. We are fortunate to have secured Greg Rohan, Heritage Auctions President, to be the guest speaker at our meeting. The meeting will also feature a special announcement that club members will not wish to miss!


GFRC Sold Lot Pick-ups and Consignments at ANA World's Fair of Money Show

Based on email exchanges with the GFRC customer base, the ANA show will be very well attended. Many customers have requested that recent purchases be transported to the show for pick-up rather than shipping via USPS Priority Mail. The customer saves the shipping cost and GFRC saves the packing time.

If planning to submit a consignment at the ANA show, please contact me in advance to ensure that I have sufficient space within airline carry on during the return trip to Maine. At this time, my assumption is that of a full double row slabbed box will be required for random consignments. A double row box can hold up to 66 slabbed coins. The ANA show is an ideal venue for incremental GFRC consignments.


Twin Lakes Indian Head Cents to Consider

The Twin Lakes consignor has become a special GFRC client. The GFRC relationship allows this individual to immediately divest PCGS AU58 duplicates to the GFRC customer base for capital recovery. As mentioned on several occasions, demand for AU58 graded 19th Century type is robust with many willing buyers if offer prices are fair. Following are two nice Indian Head cents that remained in the processing queue. The time has come to feature these and load to the price list.


Better Date Indian Cents - Twin Lakes Collection

1864 CN PCGS AU58 1C                                                                  1870 PCGS AU58 1C



Global Financials News

My apology for this segment presenting delayed information. Usually, the morning Blog captures fresh Seeking Alpha headlines along with commodity prices. While overseas, I'm twelve hours ahead of the United States East coast time.

Effective the morning of August 2, there is much turmoil in global equity markets due to the shift in Federal Reserve interest policy along with an expansion of the U.S. - China trade war. Major political forces are at work in the United States. President Trump is driving the Federal Reserve to close the interest rate gap with the rest of the world, lest the United States dollar continues to be too strong for balanced exports. I felt this matter firsthand here in China when conducting coins transfers denominated in Yuan. When arriving in Shanghai, the exchange rate was 6.87 RMB to 1 USD. After the Federal Reserve 0.25% Fed Funds rate cut, the dollar strengthened immediately pushing the local exchange rate to 6.95 RMB to 1 USD.

Gold prices are reacting to a currency war along with trade war. As of 4:30 pm ET August 2, gold is quoting at $1442. The technical chart suggests a breakout above $1450 is forthcoming with the potential for gold to quickly move to $1500/oz.

The 10 Year U.S. Treasury bond yield has dropped to 1.84% as markets are factoring in more Fed Funds rate cuts for the balance of 2019. The rest of 2019 could bring a wild ride. Crude oil prices have also been volatile with a current quote of $55.40/bbl.

Following are several Seeking Alpha headlines to consider. President Trump continues to apply pressure on the Federal Reserve for incremental interest cuts. In the past, the Federal Reserve would increase interest rates during a robust economy to stem inflation and prepare for the next downturn. President Trump is pushing the Fed to be proactive and cut rates during a strong economic cycle that is quickly aging and the longest expansion on record.

The timing of Trump's trade tweet is particularly noteworthy, as it occurred just a day after Fed Chair Jerome Powell said trade tensions had returned to a "simmer." Trump also expressed disappointment in Powell, calling for a more dovish stance at the Fed and the "beginning of a lengthy and aggressive rate-cutting cycle." It may be unrelated (given renewed trade talks just ended), but traders are now pricing in two more interest rate cuts by year's end and increasing bets of further policy easing in 2020.

The July 2019 payroll report is out and met forecast with 165,000 new job created.

Today's nonfarm payrolls report has slipped to the back burner, but investors are still keeping an eye out for what the figures will mean for interest rates. U.S. job growth likely slowed in July to 164K - after outsized gains of 224K in the prior month - while wages probably maintained their moderate pace of increase, boosting expectations for another Fed rate cut next month. The unemployment rate is forecast unchanged at 3.7%, marking the lowest jobless rate in nearly 50 years.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Today brings a busy day in Shanghai's Yunzhou market. Let's end the Blog here with an attempt to capture a few more hours of sleep before breakfast and venturing out.

Thank-you for checking in at the Blog! GFRC orders continue to arrive and I'm responding quickly via email.

Please forgive grammar issues or typos in today's edition. Writing a regular Blog with limited sleep is challenging.




August 2, 2019

Lies Coin Dealers Tell You - Part 1!

Greetings from Shanghai and welcome to an international Blog edition.

It is always a pleasure to be back in Shanghai. The weather is typical for August; hot and humid. Skies are clear blue with puffy clouds. Umbrellas are commonplace during the hot daytime hours as Chinese women fear for their skin and always walk with umbrellas to block the sun's UV rays.

Wednesday's flights from Portland Maine to Shanghai went off smoothly regardless of a delay on the first leg out of Portland. Tuesday evening brought a United Airlines text message that the Portland to Chicago flight would be delayed 50 minutes due to delayed air crew. This delay took most of the Shanghai flight connection window. A quick phone call to United's Premium desk brought about a backup plan through San Francisco if necessary but with seven hours of addition flying and airport time. Being a seasoned traveler, I packed everything into carry-on luggage as checked bags would be a headache in the event of using the San Francisco alternative route.

The UA Portland to Chicago flight left per the forecasted delayed schedule and provided 15 minutes to transfer from B to C concourse and catch the Shanghai flight. Our pilot was well aware of the delay and the host of tight connections. He stepped on the throttle with a Portland to Chicago flight time of two hours and five minutes. Once on the ground in Chicago, he turned the Boeing 737-700 into a Porchse and brought us to the gate in record time. The door immediately opened and everyone was on a mission to catch their connections. The plane emptied quickly as passengers were motivated to get out and be on their way. I reached the Shanghai flight with ten minutes to spare and discovered a pleasant surprise upon locating my seat. United added a new service class to their Boeing 777 international flights. The service is called United Premium Plus and is a mini business class with wider seats and better amenities than Economy Plus. My booked Economy Plus seat was re-assigned to Premium Plus which made the flight much more comfortable.


LSCC's August E-Gobrecht is Published

As usual, LSCC editor Bill Bugert published the 175th E-Gobrecht issue on schedule. My plan was to feature this edition in today's Blog, but the usual China telecommincations bandwidth issues are not allowing the upload of an 8 Mbyte file. I will try later today to complete the upload and feature it in tomorrow's Blog.


Guest Blog: Len Augsburger - Lies Coin Dealers Tell You

While undertaking a short China visit, I asked Len Augsburger to consider writing another one of his insightful numismatic commentaries. Len wholeheartedly agreed and sent along a pragmatic discussion of well known pieces of coin collecting advice that we have heard too many times. Though the advice may make sense on the surface, one must always consider subtleties and how they apply to personal objectives where it makes sense. Following is the first piece of a two part guest blog.

Lies Coin Dealers Tell You

While that rascal Gerry is out of town, we are going expose a few myths that you may hear from time to time while collecting coins. Now, there is a fine line between “marketing” and “myth,” but hopefully this will get you thinking in the right direction.

Buy the best you can afford. I have no idea who came up with this saying, but I am 99% sure it was a coin dealer. The implication is that higher graded coins will always appreciate faster than lower graded coins. It’s a terrible general rule and riddled with exceptions. If you are buying “pop ones” and the highest graded coins, and there are two heavy-pocketed bidders coming into the market after you who want all the same coins, then having the best is certainly the easiest path to instant wealth. It cuts both ways. We all watched Gene Gardner pursue the finest known Seated coinage over a 15-year period (approximately 1996-2011), and we all saw a lot of “pop ones” sell for substantially less than the original purchase prices during the four Gardner sales conducted by our good friends at Heritage Auctions. Gene had his share of winners as well, but if you start with a $100,000 pot and put it all into one coin you are playing a dangerous game. The rule of “supply and demand” ALWAYS trumps “buy the best you can afford.” You can have the best coin but if there are no other buyers then you are, shall we say, screwed. And the higher you go up the food chain the pool of potential buyers becomes smaller. So instead of “buy the best you can afford” let’s say “buy the best choice coin you can afford.” Go for the G-4 with smooth surfaces and pleasing color instead of the scudzy piece in F-12 with a “washed out” look. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll have buyers on the back end but it does improve your chances.

Buy the book before the coin. Well, we know who said this. It was gentleman named Aaron Feldman, who, not surprisingly, was a book dealer. Now, I like books and book dealers as much as anyone, but this advice doesn’t hold much water in today’s era. The nature of information has changed radically and will continue to do so. Books are nice for some things (like if you want to attribute Fugio cents by variety) but in the world of Liberty Seated coinage books hold less sway than they used to. Web resources are exploding and tools like Gerry Fortin’s seated dime web-book have superseded previous print efforts. This is not to reflect badly on the Ahwash and Greer books (on seated dime varieties) that were crucial for their time, and which were necessary stepping stones to get where we are today. We would not be here without them. Edison invented a light bulb that lasted for a few days. Today they last for a few years, but Edison was no less a genius. In any case, the Internet is generally where it’s at today, but even there you don’t always get the straight dope (or any dope at all). Some knowledge is reserved for the bourse floor and only acquired by being engaged with dealers and collectors in that venue. What’s hot? What’s not? Who needs what? Does my favorite dealer have a strong cash position, and are they in a buying mood? This sort of knowledge is often more important than anything ever written in a book.

Part 2 of this guest blog will be published tomorrow.


Global Financial News

The Federal Reserve provided a 0.25% cut in the Feds Fund rate on August 1 with equity markets not impressed. The core issue is the gap between United States interest rates and the rest of the world. The gap drives global monies into United States equities and bonds, resulting in a strong United States dollar. A strong dollar is a huge headwind to exporting United States manufacutured products overseas. The following Seeking Alpha headline accurately captures the situation.

"Powell let us down," President Trump tweeted in response to the Fed's 25-basis point rate cut with little indication of which way the next move will be. "What the Market wanted to hear from Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve was that this was the beginning of a lengthy and aggressive rate-cutting cycle which would keep pace with China, the European Union and other countries around the world." U.S. crude also broke a five-day rally in the Fed aftermath, while the U.S. dollar climbed to levels not seen since May 2017.

As of Friday (China time), the 10 Year U.S. Treasury bond yield is down to 1.88% reflecting the global inflow of U.S. dollar denominated bond purchases.

Gold prices dipped to as low as $1405/oz upon the Fed interest rate cut news but have recovered to $1432 as the Blog is being written. I'm quite bullish on gold for the balance of the 2019 as the U.S. - China trade war intensifies along with low world-wide interest rates.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Regardless of my China travels, GFRC email orders are constantly monitored and responded to. The GFRC website has been updated with the addition of the Running Boar Collection consignment to the price list. New orders are also captured.

Thank-you for checking in at the Blog and my apology for the delayed publishing times.

I will be back on August 3 with another Blog edition.




July 31, 2019

The GFRC Show Must Go On Regardless of Travels!

Greetings on a Tuesday evening as Wednesday's morning Blog is prepared.

I was hoping for a relaxing and uneventful journey to Shanghai but that is not the case. Already the Portland to Chicago flight is delayed due to "illegal" or delayed flight crew for the 7:00 am departure. My connection time for the Shanghai flight is down to 30 minutes. This is one of the reasons for retiring from the international semiconductor business; tight air travel schedules.

The Yamatins have arrived safely in Beijing and all is well. They report an uneventful journey after the frantic delivery to the Portland bus station.


GFRC Website Obtains SSL Certification

Matt has been quietly working on another GFRC website improvement; obtaining an SSL Certificate. What is this all about? The SSL Certificate validate the integrity of the GFRC website and contents. This allows the usage of an "https:" prefix for our domain name. Gone will be the Not Secure flags on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers.


Latest Running Boar Collection Consignment

Regardless of many last minute preparations on Tuesday, time was found to process images for the latest Running Boar Collection consignment. Prices have also been settled. I'm passing the description writing to my consultant to enable having these on the price list in the next few days.

New Running Boar Collection Consignment

1835 O-110 PCGS MS61 50C

1821 Large Date JR-5 R3 PCGS AU50 10C                                            1845 F-107 PCGS AU58 10C       


  1908-S PCGS VF30 CAC 50C                                                              1882 PCGS MS64 G$5      



Wrapping Up The Blog

It is nearly 9:00 pm and time to shutdown the laptop and pack the electronics. Thank-you for checking in at the Blog.




July 30, 2019

The Rascal Is Back and Frantic Yamatin Family Bus Station Delivery!

Greetings and welcome to the Blog on a Tuesday morning.

Another hot humid day is at hand for southern Maine before rains appear on Wednesday. Preparing for tomorrow's travels to Shanghai will take center stage.


A Frantic Yamatin Family Bus Station Delivery!

So what is the Frantic Yamatin Family Bus Station Delivery headline all about? This event will go down in Fortin family history as so laughable!

Matt wins the award for poor planning before long overseas air travel. The Yamatin's return flight to Beijing left Boston Logan airport at 1:50 am this morning. Monday meanders along with ample time to wash clothes and pack Yamatin family items, followed by Concord Trailway bus transport from Portland Maine to Logan. Starting at 6:00 pm, Diane prepares four pizzas for the last family dinner and enjoying big girl Natsumi. Pizzas are ready by 6:45 pm with Diane, myself and Natsumi sitting down to eat. Matt walks into the sunroom (our family dining room during their visit) and announced that the last Trailway bus to Logan leaves at 7:45 pm. Oh crap! A hurried delivery trip takes 35 minutes and accounting for traffic, 45 minutes. Let's see, one hour to go before the Trailway bus leaves the Portland station and we just sat down for dinner.

To add complexity to the situation, the Yamatin family is traveling with multiple bags and Matt's new triathlon bike with special carrier. Luckily, I had some planning sense earlier in the day and measured the bike carrier and realized it would not fit in the MDX along with bags and people. The bus station transport solution required two cars; one for the bike and one for the bags.

Back to the story....

I look down at my three pieces of hot pizza in disbelief at a preventable crisis. Worst case, we must drive two vehicles 2.5 hours to Boston's Logan airport to make the delivery. Therefore, it is not the end of the world.

By 7:00 pm, bags and bike are loaded into the vehicles. Matt and Chikae are running around hoping that nothing important is left behind. Diane straps in Natsumi into one vehicle. The poor little girl is still wondering why she could not finish her dinner. The two vehicles depart at 7:10 pm with multiple pizzas on the kitchen counter and a dog being left behind. Diane is in the lead car (MDX) with Chikae while Matt and I are in the chase car (Toyota Rav4). Once on the road, Diane cruises like I've never seen her drive before. I'm glad she has the MDX with Chikae and Natsumi. Back in the Rav4, Matt is asked for an 8 Discipline report as an ice breaker. What was the root cause for this planning failure before a major family journey? Then Matt shares that he has not purchased bus tickets either and will be in the doghouse for days to come....

The drive is uneventful with no police in sight. We arrive at the bus station at exactly 7:45 pm. Chikae leaps out of the MDX and runs to the ticket counter while Matt and I unload. I run to the bus with the bike carrier. There is the bus, fully loaded with the driver just about to back up and depart. He sees me and graciously stops the bus. To end the story, the Yamatin's made their bus trip to Logan.

I returned home and loaded the Rascal's latest Liberty Seated dimes to the price list followed by a well deserved scotch in the sound room. The Fortin homestead is quiet again. And yes, I'm pleased to report that Buddy did not jump on the kitchen counters to gain access to the exposed pizzas.

Did I mention that Monday started with a power outage from 7:30 am to 12:00 noon? What a day!


The Rascal is Back with Important Liberty Seated Dime Offerings

I'm pleased to be showcasing several important Liberty Seated Dime web-book plate coins in today's Blog. There are multiple highlights. The 1840-O F-110a PCGS AU58 CAC has been in the reference collection since 1993 and is one of four graded PCGS AU58. I hate to let this one go, as they say, but the divestment project must continue. The 1841-O F-104 PCGS AU55 is the Brian Greer and Fortin plate coin. How about an 1852-O dime in Mint State to sweeten the offering. Few Mint State examples have come to market in two decades.

All five Seated dime offerings are currently posted to the price list with asking prices. There are multiple First Rights of Refusals on all but the 1873 With Arrows F-102a.

Important Liberty Seated Dimes - Gerry Fortin Reference Collection

1852-O F-102 PCGS MS62 CAC 10C

              1840-O F-110a PCGS AU58 CAC 10C                           1841-O F-104 PCGS AU55 10C - Greer Plate Coin


  1873 WA F-102a ANACS MS61 10C                                             1890-S F-118 PCGS AU58 CAC 10C



More Dr. Glenn Peterson Liberty Seated Halves

While adding new offerings from the Rascal, I also dug into the consignment queue and retrieve two significant Liberty Seated half dollar varieties from the Dr. Glenn Peterson collection. The 1873 With Arrows Quad Stripe has been designated EF Details - Cleaned by PCGS but I disagree. Please read my price list description. The 1874-CC WB-3a Railroad Tracks is a significant offering with few examples known. This piece has been cleaned and is priced accordingly.

Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection - Major Liberty Seated Half Dollar Varieties

      1873 WA WB-109 Quad Stripe PCGS EF Details 50C             1874-CC WB-3a Railroad Track PCGS VF Details 50C       



Global Financial News

Spot gold shines as we start another trading day! The precious metal is presently quoting at $1440/oz. Crude oil also gains to $57.48/bbl while Bitcoin is down to $9491/coin. Facebook is starting to backpedal on the Libra project. More on that shortly. Lastly, the 10 Year U.S. Treasury yield is flat at 2.06%

Looking at a few Seeking Alpha headlines, let's explore the Facebook comments on their Libra digit currency project.

A number of factors could prevent Facebook's cryptocurrency from seeing the light of day, the tech giant reminded investors in its latest quarterly report. "Libra has drawn significant scrutiny from governments and regulators and we do not have significant prior experience with digital currency or blockchain technology," Facebook said in an SEC filing. "As such, there can be no assurance that Libra or our associated products and services will be made available in a timely manner, or at all."

The British currency is trading at two year lows due to Boris Johnson's hard line approach to Brexit.

The British pound came under continued assault overnight, sliding 0.8% against the dollar to 1.2119 as traders priced in an increased possibility of a so-called hard Brexit. News that Boris Johnson won't meet EU leaders unless they are willing to abandon the Irish "backstop" agreed to with former Prime Minister Theresa May sent sterling down 1.3% on Monday. The Bank of England could put yet further pressure on the currency when it makes its rate decision this week.

Of course, one would expect push back from the healthcare industry when forced into pricing transparency.

Looking to lower healthcare costs, the Trump administration is proposing a rule that would require hospitals that accept Medicare to publish prices that are negotiated with insurers or risk being fined up to $300 a day. Hospitals and insurers are certain to fight the proposed rule. These companies have already criticized Trump’s executive order requiring hospitals and insurers to disclose negotiated rates for services, saying transparency could actually increase prices.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Tuesday is a preparation day and unlike Matt, I plan to be at the Portland airport early for my 7:00 am Chicago departing flight tomorrow morning.

This morning brings the last of the GFRC shipments until the middle of next week. I will be in and out the office during afternoon hours but still monitoring emails.

Thank-you for stopping by at the Blog. The Wednesday edition will probably be written this evening. Afterwards, I'm not sure of publishing times, but please check back to learn of my travel adventures.




July 29, 2019

Special 2019 Summer FUN New Purchases!

Greetings and welcome to the Blog as another work week arrives.

Sadly, this is the last day of the Yamatin family stay at the Fortin homestead. The Yamatins' return to Beijing starts with a very early Tuesday morning flight, therefore, they head to Boston this evening. Big girl Natsumi has been a joy and will be thoroughly missed until the family reunites in December. Having the Yamatins in our home has been a blessing. But time moves on. The next major family event is the birth of our second grandchild in late August. Renee is due on August 25 and all is well with the pregnancy.

Two days remain in the GFRC office before my quick trip to Shanghai. Order shipments, consignment check payments, and another CAC submission are the priorities during the next 48 hours.

Weekend sales were slow which turned out to be favorable for loading consignments and the last of Summer FUN new purchases to the price list. The twenty piece PCGS AU58 Twin Lakes Collection consignment arrived to the price list late Sunday afternoon. Already, five coins are on hold. Much photography was also accomplished on Sunday including the nineteen piece Gold CAC consignment. Those images will be processed while traveling. Look for this special offering to reach the price list during the middle of next week.


LSCC 40th Anniversary Medals Immediately Sold

Three requests for the LSCC 40th Anniversary medals arrived immediately after publishing Sunday's Blog. I'm sorry to have disappointed two recent LSCC club members. The asking price was favorable as I've seen dealers attempting to secure $150 per medal when these reach the market. Let's hope that addition examples surface during the coming year. They will be passed along at my cost to LSCC members.


Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money - August 13 - 17, 2019

The most important numismatic event of the calendar year arrives in just two weeks. Already GFRC orders are arriving for pick-up at the ANA show.

As a reminder, GFRC will be located at Booth 1634 in the Premium bourse section. Summer ANA show bourse fees are the highest of any national show and keeping costs under control is paramount. As mentioned previously, GFRC table assistants will be Dan White, Harry Zhang and ZhengXian Zhang. Please come on by to visit with us and meet Harry and his son. Blog readers have seen pictures of Harry and I staffing the Shanghai Yunzhou show booth. The Chicago ANA show will be an opportunity to meet Harry in person and discuss the state of the mainland China coin market.

Following is the Chicago ANA bourse floor map and GFRC booth location. Yes, it is a bit of walk to find me but please do! Those that make the trek will be rewarded with eight cases of top quality Liberty Seated, Capped Bust and United States gold. GFRC will also be actively buying and trading.

Chicago ANA Consignment Drop-offs

If planning to submit a consignment to GFRC at the Chicago ANA show, please email or call in advance to make an appointment. I am flying to/from Chicago with inventory transport being carefully planned. If one or two large consignment arrives, special provisions must be made for insured transfer back to the Maine office.

Gerry Fortin Rare Coins - Booth 1634 - Chicago ANA


LSCC Annual Meeting - Thursday August 15, 9:00 am

If attending the Chicago ANA, you are cordially invited to attend the LSCC Annual Meeting and meet the Leadership Team members. Our program kicks off at 9:00 am. This year's meeting will include the annual Kamal Ahwash Award for best Gobrecht Journal article during the past year. There will be an important club announcement during the latter part of the meeting. To close out the annual event, our club has arranged a special guest presentation from one of the numismatic industry's giants. Attending this LSCC annual meeting may be warranted!


Last of Summer FUN New Purchases

In a prior Blog, I gave the 2019 Summer FUN show an A+ for buying opportunities. Dan White continually surveyed the bourse when booth sales were slow. He managed to uncover a nice group of special items. Following are the last of the Summer FUN new purchases. We open the gallery with a monster 1926-D Peace dollar graded PCGS MS66+ with CAC approval. This offering is so close to perfection. How about a choice original 1873-CC WB-7 EF40 Liberty Seated half dollar that has been freshly graded? We were thrilled to purchase a rare 1876-CC PCGS MS61 Trade dollar with three chop marks. PCGS population report indicates four at the MS61 grade level, when chop marked, with one finer at MS63. New purchases wrap up with two United States gold pieces covered with thick orange-gold patina. Wish we could locate more of these as so popular!

Summer FUN was a Great Buying Show - Last of New Purchases

1926-D PCGS MS66+ CAC Peace $1

            1873-CC WB-7 NGC EF40 50C                                       1876-CC PCGS MS61 Chop Mark Trade $1


1912 PCGS MS62 G$10                                                   1911 PCGS MS63 CAC G$20



Global Financial News

Another mid-summer trading week arrives with markets holding their breath. Why? This Seeking Alpha headline provides the explanation.

Summer vacation is not in sight for traders as they gear up for what might be one of the busiest weeks of 2019, with U.S. stock index futures holding their breath ahead of the open. The highlight is Wednesday's decision by the Federal Reserve that will likely see Chairman Jerome Powell and colleagues cut interest rates for the first time in more than a decade, and leave open the possibility of further action down the road. U.S. and China trade talks are also resuming in Shanghai, and the monthly jobs report on Friday will shed light on whether the Fed's move was necessary.

All is quiet for commodities and the long bond interest rate. Spot gold is quoting at $1419/oz with crude oil flat at $56.25/bbl. Bitcoin is down to $9524/coin. The 10 Year Treasury bond yield is flat at 2.06%.

Let's check a few other Seeking Alpha headlines. Boris Johnson is moving forward with Brexit with or without the EU by October 31.

Boris Johnson's high-level Brexit cabinet is set to hold its first meeting today and will gather every day until an Oct. 31 deadline for leaving the EU. Michael Gove, named to a job that makes him Johnson's top aide, will lead the sessions. "We still hope they [the European Union] will change their minds, but must operate on the assumption that they will not," he wrote in the Sunday Times. "No deal is now a very real prospect, and we must make sure we are ready."

Talks have restarted concerning the U.S. - China trade war. I don't see the chance for much progress given current positions.

Negotiators for the U.S. and China are facing off in Shanghai this week in another attempt to piece together a trade accord. While there are much lowered expectations for the kind of sweeping deal that appeared within reach this spring, modest wins might be obtainable. Those include U.S. insistence that China commit to legal changes to protect intellectual property and abandon state subsidies to business, as well as Beijing's demands that the U.S. drop all tariffs as a condition for a deal. Data overnight showed Chinese industrial profits dropping in June after a brief gain the previous month, demonstrating the concerns created by the trade war.


Closing the Blog

Would you believe that we are experiencing a power outage while writing today's Blog edition? Central Maine Power reports a fallen tree has cut power to 177 homes. Welcome to country life! The Fortin generator is running to enable toilet flushing, regular showers and general water access.

Thank-you for visiting with me on a Monday morning!




July 28, 2019

Another Great Twin Lakes PCGS AU58 Consignment!

Greetings and welcome to another Blog edition. For those who are on vacation and losing track of time, it is July 28th.

Hot humid weather returns to southern Maine for the next few days. Today's relative humidity climbs to 70% which means time for the floor-standing fans to return. We wish Matt luck with his Boston triathlon event which is already underway. Matt is tackling the Olympic course which includes a 1.5Km swim following by biking for 35Km, and wrapping up with a 10Km run. The first wave of athletes took to the water at 6:30 am.

Saturday brought a wonderfully quiet and productive day at the Fortin homestead and GFRC office. With Matt and Chikae in Boston and Diane taking Natsumi to a family lakeshore "camp", I had the house to myself. The lawn was mowed and latest Twin Lakes Collection client gallery was nearly completed. Diane returned with a worn-out Natsumi after playing with cousins throughout the day. Grandpa carried her sleeping body from the MDX car seat to her bed. The day closed with an hour in the basement sound room where I also fell asleep listening to Genesis' Lamb Lies Down on Broadway recording. It was the first Focal/Naim listening session of the last album recording with Peter Gabriel as part of the Genesis band.


The Calm Before the Storm

Saturday could be viewed as the calm before the storm. Today brings photography of several newly arrived consignments including the nineteen piece GOLD CAC lot. Conducting a long photography session under a bright hot sun with high humidity is more challenging than you might think. Key is keeping the sweat off the camera and the coins. The Twin Lakes Collection offerings will be described by GFRC's special contractor and hopefully posted to the price list by end of day. Several PCGS mechanical error issues have been corrected and those coins appeared in Saturday's USPS delivery.

The next 72 hours will be a focused effort to load as many consigned coins as possible to the price list. Let's add in a CAC submission on Monday and the typical daily shipments to ensure that I'm not bored.


GFRC Guest Blog Status

After Saturday's plea for guest blogs, I received two well written pieces. Len Augsburger returns with an insightful two part series entitled, Lies Coin Dealers Tell You. The Somerville Collection consignor sent along a lovely piece about the social aspects of national coin show attendance.

If you've feeling motivated to speak out on any numismatic topic, please feel free to send along a paragraph or a novel. I'll do my best to include those writings while traveling in the coming days. It is difficult to be creative with jetlag on the brain, but I can still copy/paste and conduct basic editing.


LSCC 40th Anniversary Medals Available - SOLD!

A the Summer FUN show, a fellow dealer appeared at the GFRC table with a pair of LSCC 40th anniversary medals that he had taken in on trade. The silver medals were struck during 2012 with satin and proof finishes. During original issue, they were mounted and shipped in Coin World plastic slabbed cases. Proof strikes totaled 180 pieces while the satin finish had a mintage of 130 pieces. The dealer paid $90 each for the medals in trade, which is my purchase price.

The following medals are being offered at my purchase price of $90 each along with GFRC covering the shipping. If you are a recent LSCC member and wish to secure 40th Anniversary silver medals at close to original issue prices, please email asap. The original issue price was $70 for LSCC members and $80 for non-members. For more information, please click here to access the LSCC website and link describing the 40th Anniversary medal program.



Another Twin Lakes PCGS AU58 Consignment Arrives!

GFRC is most pleased to be showcasing yet another great consignment from the Twin Lakes Collection. Within this twenty piece lot, there is something for most collectors. I expect strong demand and quick sales during the coming week, especially once these pieces are posted to Collectors Corner.

As mentioned early, descriptions will be written today with the goal of posting the entire lot to the price list before bedtime. The Under Construction title line will remain in place until the last four images are processed and shortly added to the gallery display.

More Great PCGS AU58 Offerings - Twin Lakes Collection

1807 Small Stars PCGS AU58 50C                                                   1904-S PCGS AU58 50C   


1839-O F-105a PCGS AU58 CAC 10C                                                   1861-S WB-3 PCGS AU58 50C


 1886 Var 2  PCGS AU58 1C                      1872-S BW PCGS AU58 CAC 5C                      1874 PCGS AU58 5C


 1884 PCGS AU58 5C                                    1885 PCGS AU58 5C                                1924-D PCGS AU58 5C


1888 F-105 PCGS AU58 10C                          1846 PCGS AU58 25C                                  1859 I/I PCGS AU58 25C


 1860-O  PCGS AU58 25C                      1877-S PCGS AU58 25C                      1854-O PCGS AU58 CAC 50C


  1858  PCGS AU58 CAC 50C                           1862 PCGS AU58 50C     


     1892 PCGS AU58 $1                                1899-S PCGS AU58 $1


Closing Today's Blog

Thank-you for stopping by on a Sunday morning and viewing these ramblings.

Yes, it is GFRC crunch time. I will be in the office throughout the day processing images and writing descriptions. On a hot humid day, the best place to be is in front of a floor-standing fan.

As a reminder, Tuesday is the last shipping day until August 7. I will Quick Ship as many order as possible on Monday and Tuesday.

Looking forward to seeing you again at the Blog on Monday.





July 27, 2019

More United States Better Date Gold Arrives

Greetings and welcome to the Blog. The last weekend of July is upon us.

Crunch time has arrived at the GFRC office due to a quick Shanghai trip next week. Preparations for the Chicago ANA will take center stage immediately upon my return. Let's not forget the Christmas in August sale that takes place the week after the ANA show.

A break from the office occurred on Friday afternoon to buy a new tractor cart. A good friend and I took his truck and large trailer to a Windham tractor store for the dump cart purchase and transport back home to Raymond. After the drop off, we spent time in the basement sound room. Kevin is a consummate rock and jazz enthusiast and the first person to fully enjoy the sonic capabilities of the Focal/Naim audio system. We spent approximately 45 minutes listening to several of Kevin's favorites; Althea by the Dead, Beck's Bolero, and Sister Cheryl by Wynston Marsalis. He was blown away when he heard Jerry Garcia's hand movements squeaking the fretboard or the full background piano notes on Sister Cheryl. Come late August, Diane will be traveling to Austin for two weeks for the birth of our second grandchild. Kevin and I have made an appointment for a long evening of music exploration during that timeframe.


GFRC Shanghai Schedule and Daily Blog

Tuesday July 30 brings the last shipping day during the coming week. I will do my best to Quick Ship as many orders as possible on that day, along with paid for orders. Order shipments will resume on August 7. Email orders will be constantly monitored and responded to during the overseas travels. Daily Blog editions will become a bit more erratic as to publishing time and your understanding is appreciated.

Guest blogs are invited and welcomed to help populate the Blog during this fast-paced traveling period. Blog inputs can range from a single paragraph to a full article concerning your favorite numismatic topic.


GFRC Consignment Backlog Status

This image should easily explain why it is necessary to close down the GFRC consignment window through the Chicago ANA show timeframe. Just yesterday, the nineteen piece Gold CAC consignment arrived. Tuesday brings the Alexandria United States gold type coin collection to add to the queue.

Look for more offerings posted to the Blog and on the price list throughout the weekend. I'm attempting to transition a host of incoming consigned pieces into regular inventory during the next 72 hours.


More Summer FUN U.S. Gold New Purchases

As mentioned previously in the Blog, Summer FUN was an excellent buying show. Following are four United States gold new purchases for your consideration.

Please have a close look at the 1854-O $2.5 quarter eagle graded NGC MS62. It is Doug Winter's Variety 3 with the left foot of the 1 digit embedded into the denticles. Surfaces are proof-like, an atypical finish for this year and mint. The 1856-S $2.5 quarter date is a rarity in Mint State, therefore nice AU specimens are always in demand. This PCGS AU55 example should fit nicely on the GFRC price list. How about an 1852-C $5 half eagle to round out the list of challenging dates? Surfaces are toned deep green-gold.

Better Date Gold - Summer FUN New Purchases

 1854-O NGC MS62 G$2.5                                                               1856-S PCGS AU55 G$2.5


1904 PCGS MS67 G$2.5                                                              1852-C PCGS AU55 G$5



Wrapping Up The Blog

Today brings another substantial packing and shipping day and it's best to get on with it before the post office closes at 12:00 noon.

I will be in the office most of the day attempting to work down the substantial consignment queue throughout the weekend. Orders are always welcomed via phone call or email. This weekend WILL NOT BE a good time to call for variety attribution advice.

Thank-you for stopping by at the Blog.




July 26, 2019

New Jersey Collection's Liberty Seated Dollar Consignment!

Greetings as another Friday is upon us. Welcome to the Daily Blog.

Southern Maine weather has been ideal during the past week and continues today. Daytime highs cross over into the low 80s while evening temperatures drop back into the 60s allowing restful sleep. Last evening brought a late dinner as Matt was off on another training run. I was cooking burgers on the back deck grill while Natsumi was chatting away on various topics. She comments about being cold at 6:30 pm as temperatures quickly receded along with a noticeably earlier sunset. August is just days away and signals the forthcoming weather transition here in Maine.

Thursday evening brough the invasion of the mosquitos into the Fortin homestead due to Natsumi trying to be a helpful girl and no listening to Grandpa. When wrapping up the deck grilling, I planned to bring in the last of the glassware after moving in the cooked food. Natsumi was told to go inside and help prepare dinner but instead, wanting to be a good helper, she brought in the glassware behind Grandpa. Both little hands were full. You guessed it. The screen door remained open while we enjoyed a long dinner in the sunroom. Matt returns inside the house and is attacked by mosquitoes. Everyone runs for cover in separate rooms behind closed doors while Grandpa moves the electric bug zapper into the home's lower level. So far this morning, I've swatted two mosquitoes while composing the blog. Without five year olds, there would be nothing to share in the Blog.

The last weekend of the Yamatin family stay is upon us. Matt and Chikae are heading to Boston as Sunday brings a triathlon that Matt will use to fine tune his combination running, swimming and biking skills. Little Natsumi will stay behind in Raymond to be enjoyed by her grandparents. Once the Yamatins return to Beijing, I will have no choice but to shift opening Blog commentaries to front yard landcapes and local wildlife...


More Summer FUN Consignments - New Jersey Collection Seated Dollars

Thursday brought a substantial amount of photography including the latest twenty piece Twin Lakes Collection PCGS AU58 consignment and a nice lot of circulated Capped Bust dimes. Once the photography task was completed, the following Liberty Seated dollar images were processed along with the New Jersey Collection items loaded into the COIN database and priced.

Blog readers may wonder how I can process so many coins on a day in and day out basis. The answer is simple: continuous learning. Every consignment brings a new learning opportunity whether it be grading or surface evaluations. I'm no expert at grading Liberty Seated dollars; therefore, the following lot was a chance to reinforce my initially assigned grades via CoinFacts inspection of auction lots. After processing these eleven pieces, I'm most comfortable grading circulated Seated dollars. The same rings true for other designs and denominations. Practice and more practice leads to proficiency followed by fine-tuned expertise.

All of the New Jersey Collection pieces are raw and with varying preservation states. As a result, I've decided to list grades and GFRC quality ratings in the headers. Once I connect with the New Jersey consignor for pricing validations, these pieces will reach the price list quickly. Descriptions wil be short and sweet as the dollars are for those who are building Dansco album collections.

Raw Liberty Seated Dollars - New Jersey Collection Duplicates

          1840 VG10 Original $1                                 1843 G06 Original $1                        1847 AU50 Market Acceptable $1


  1850-O VF35 Cleaned $1                   1859-O AU50 Market Acceptable $1                       1868 F12 Cleaned $1   


                1870 VF30 Original $1                                 1871 EF45 Cleaned $1                     1872-S VG08 Market Acceptable $1   


    1873 AU50 Cleaned $1                             1873 VG10 Cleaned $1   



Farthest USPS Package Misdirection?

Overall, I'm quite please with the United States Postal Service and their quality operations. Without USPS, the GFRC business could not survive. In three year's time, USPS has lost only two packages with a combined value of $1200. Hugh Woods business insurance covered both losses leaving me with $400 in deductible costs that are written off on tax returns.

A GFRC consignor called on Thursday morning to report that his shipped consignment (under GFRC business insurance) had taken a wrong turn and will win the award for the longest misdirection. We checked the tracking number and discovered that his Michigan distribution center sent the package to Guam rather than Maine. Luckily the good people in Guam know their geography and have redirected the package back to the mainland United States. Talk about frequent flyer miles....


Global Financial News

Yes indeed, the mid summer market doldrums are upon us. It is difficult to write a compelling Global Financial News segment when there is little news to report. United States equity market earning season is in full swing with today's futures flashing green. Otherwise, commodities and interest rates are range bound.

On principal, let's quickly check out our favorites. Crude oil is quoting at $56.36/bbl. Spot gold is priced at $1419/oz while Bitcoin is at $9770/coin. The 10 Year Treasury yield moves up to 2.07%

Dear Boris Johnson, welcome to the U.K. Prime Minister job! The European Union beauracrats are not your friends.

New U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson gets his first rebuff from the European Union, which rejected Johnson’s demand to renegotiate the Brexit deal reached by his predecessor Theresa May. The withdrawal agreement, already rejected three times by the U.K. Parliament, is the “best and only agreement possible,” EU President Jean-Claude Juncker told Johnson. The British pound falls 0.2% against the U.S. dollar.

United States debt is no longer an issue for politicians. With Japan and China operating at higher Debt:GDP ratios than the United States, politicians have lost their fear of unrestrained spending.

The U.S. House of Representatives passes a two-year spending agreement that lifts the government’s debt ceiling despite concerns by many conservatives who have urged the President to reject it. The bill, which passed the House by 284 to 132, is expected to pass the Republican-controlled Senate next week. It boosts spending by $320B above limits set in a 2011 budget law and suspends the debt ceiling until the end of July 2021.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Today brings a particularly heavy shipping day as many checks arrived on Thursday along with a fair number of quick ship orders. July continues to be an outstanding sales month for the GFRC business with revenues limited by my ability to process new consignments and still enjoy a somewhat normal life.

Yes, I will be in the office for most of the day. Come late afternoon, a local friend is coming over to listen to the new Focal-Naim sound system and will transport the former Boston Acoustic speakers, Sony flat screen, and NAD integrated amp to a new home.





July 25, 2019

Summer FUN Eye Candy Purchases!

Greetings and welcome to the Blog on a Thursday morning. Another numismatic day arrives and life is good.

Today's edition will be brief due to an early Miata service appointment. Time for an oil change, Maine state inspection, and tune-up. For the latter, it is the first since 1993 and overdue. At low RPMs, the engine is a bit sluggish and it's time to get my baby back into top condition.

Natsumi's Dream of Roasting Marshmallows!

Since arriving at Grandpa's home, grand-daughter Natsumi has been viewing the backyard brush pile and hoping to roast marshmallows. Grandpa made a promise early on to make a bonfire before she returned to China. Well, her "dream" came true last evening. A Beijing city girl enjoyed a country life tradition though the mosquitoes were brutal as dusk arrived.

Here are two snapshots of Grandpa's performance enabling Natsumi's dream. Many marshmallows were roasted and consumed after the bonfire subsided and was approachable. Diane found some sparklers to add to the evening fun! Safety equipment is on full display in the Ignition image. Two shovels and a bucket of water are sufficient for this well seasoned arsonist!

Ignition!                                                                                                   Consumed!



Gem Original Summer FUN Eye Candy

If one looks back at my Summer FUN show review, an A+ buying rating was assigned for the show. Not only did we locate the magnificent 1856-S PCGS MS63+ CAC Liberty Seated dime, but also the following pieces of eye candy. All are immediately available and on the price list. Tomorrow's Blog will contain newly purchased United States gold from Summer FUN.

Gem Original Summer FUN New Purchases

1838 RE GR-14 NGC MS62+ Star 50C

      1851-O NGC MS65 3CS                                                             1834 LM-4 PCGS MS65 5C 



Summer FUN - Barber Coinage Consignment

A GFRC long time client and friend attended Summer FUN and offered the following Barber coinage consignment. If this sale goes well, he promised a larger offering in the future. I'm sure the 1896 and 1908-S quarters won't last long once they reach the price list during afternoon hours.

Summer FUN - Barber Coinage Consignment

1908-S PCGS MS64 CAC 25C

      1892  PCGS MS62 10C                            1899 PCGS MS63 CAC 10C                         1896 PCGS AU55 CAC 25C


 1904-O  PCGS AU55 25C                            1909-D PCGS MS64 25C  



Orchard Collection Liberty Seated Quarters Status

I'm pleased to report that offer prices have already been agreed upon for the Orchard Collection Seated quarters. Descriptions are also finished. The lot is already posted to the price list. Already, the 1857-S is on hold and ships out to an important client today.


Global Financial News

There is little to report from the financial sector. Global markets are flat to start the day as are commodities and the long bond interest rate. Even Seeking Alpha headlines are dull and boring. Was the Seeking Alpha staff watching the Bob Mueller testimony?

Spot gold prices continue to hold firm at $1427 for a second day, while crude oil is quoting at $56.40/bbl. Bitcoin is just a tad over the five figure mark at $10,068/coin. The 10 Year U.S. Treasury bond yield dropped slightly to 2.03%.


Coming in GFRC's Friday Blog Edtion

Today's goals include image processing for the remaining United States gold purchased at Summer FUN. Tomorrow morning also brings an eleven piece Liberty Seated dollar lot from the New Jersey Collection. All are raw with most having old cleanings but still great value items for a Dansco album collection.

Today's photography attention shifts to a nice circulated lot of Capped Bust quarters and the twenty piece Twin Lakes PCGS AU58 consignment.

On the shipment front, a nineteen piece Gold CAC collection is due to arrive this afternoon via USPS Express.


Wrapping Up The Blog

That is all she wrote on a Thursday morning. Time for a quick shower and taking in the Miata for service.

Yes, I will be in the office most of the day working through a host of consignments and new offerings. Every purchase is special so please don't be bashful to email or call on coins of interest.




July 24, 2019

Liberty Seated Quarters From The Orchard Collection!

Greetings again and welcome to another edition of the Blog. Life continues to fly by....

Having the Yamatin family living at the Fortin homestead for over a month is a true blessing. Their stay wraps up in less than a week. There is warmth and emotional comfort when a large home is occupied with a family conducting life's normal activities.

Tuesday bore this fact out. Rains had stopped and the driveway was dry enough to bring out the electric hedge trimmer and prune an overgrown pancake hemlock tree. Like other homestead landscaping, the hemlock is nearly 35 years old and has been pruned and groomed for much of my adult life. The hemlock has grown so large that pruning requires a ladder; not a step ladder but a regular ladder. With Matt home, I asked for help holding the ladder while attempting to prune the topmost shoots. Some of the shoots were cut but not all. Matt then volunteers to climb on the garage roof to complete the job. As he quickly learned, a roof's pitch may not look daunting but once on the roof, the steep incline becomes reality. Matt completed the much overdue pruning with the hemlock looking fantastic. Following are two images, thank-you for indulging my sharing of the topic and images.


Wednesday evening brings another family event: the burning of the brush pile to allow Natsumi to cook marshmellows. Yes indeed, there are traditions and cherished memories when family is together. As impressive as the Alaska cruise was, simple memories at the Fortin homestead are just as powerful. Enjoy one's family when possible as life goes by much too quickly.


Seth Godin's Blog: Comparing % and mass

How I enjoy sharing Godin's words when he posts short but powerful blogs. This brief commentary captures the essence of the Daily Blog. GFRC has scaled back mass advertising in lieu of writing a daily summary of business events plus personal sharings. The audience is well focused and measurable. The yield is quite high. Not every business has this luxury, but then again, the idea is not novel and could be utlized by others to grow small audiences and communities. Well said, Seth Godin!

Comparing % and mass

Direct marketers don’t care how many people they reach.

They care what percentage take action.

Brand marketers have trouble measuring action, so all they have to work with is reach.

If you can measure, stop worrying about big numbers when it comes to reach. Run away from the Super Bowl or a billboard on the main highway.

Small audiences are your friend, because small audiences are specific, and specific increases your percentage.


More Liberty Seated Quarters from the Orchard Collection's Dansco

Hand selecting raw coins from a client's Dansco album has become a regular routine at GFRC. I've plucked a host of Liberty Seated half dimes and halves from Dr. Glenn Peterson's many Dansco albums along with Liberty Seated dimes from Newtown's album. All are sent to PCGS for grading and then marketed in the Blog.

The past month brought the same for the Orchard Collection and his Liberty Seated quarter Dansco album collection that was consigned at the Summer Baltimore show. A careful review was done and those pieces with the best chance of straight grading were selected and shipped off to PCGS. This week brought the return shipment. GFRC is pleased to be offering the following Orchard Collection client gallery. Already, there are three FRoR emails in my Inbox.

Look for these new offerings to appear on the price list during Thursday business hours as I have yet to wrap up initial pricing and securing consignor's approval.

Freshly Graded Liberty Seated Quarters - Orchard Collection

1857-S PCGS AU55 25C

1856-S PCGS EF40 25C                                                                   1867 PCGS PR63 25C


          1844 PCGS AU55 25C                                1852 PCGS AU50 25C                         1854-O Huge O PCGS VF20 25C


       1868-S PCGS F12 25C                            1869-S PCGS VF20 25C                           1874 Arrows PCGS PR61 25C


  1875 PCGS AU55 25C                            1878-S PCGS EF Details 25C                          1882 PCGS PR58 25C


 1883  PCGS PR55 25C                              1888  PCGS PR64 25C                               1891  PCGS AU58 25C 



Global Financial News

Global financial markets are mostly mixed to start the day. Big tech stock are under pressure on the Nasdaq as the potential for Department of Justice antitrust investigations increase. Seeking Alpha headlines also bring a host of sharable topics. How I enjoy writing this Blog segment.

Let's open with our usual commodity and interest rate summary. The 10 Year U.S. Treasury yield remains flat at 2.05% as it has been for over a week. Crude oil is holding the $57/bbl level. Gold prices remain robust with today's quote at $1427/oz. Bitcoin is back under the five figure mark with a morning quote of $9758 coin.

We open with news from across the pond: Boris Johnson is the new United Kingdom prime minister. He is committed to wrapping up Brexit by October 31. I'm sure the EU beauracrats are already planning their strategies for making Johnson's life difficult.

Boris Johnson will formally take office this afternoon, unveiling the names of his Cabinet and the team he has tasked with delivering Brexit. Investors are particularly interested to see who will be handed the top jobs such as chancellor of the exchequer, foreign secretary and Brexit minister. Johnson has pledged to negotiate a new Brexit agreemnt with the EU before Oct. 31, but if the bloc refuses, he has promised to leave without a deal on Halloween.

It is official, Turkey is out of the F-35 procurement and manufactured parts supply chain. Outsourced components will be moved to other suppliers.

Lockheed Martin is working to establish alternate supply sources for F-35 parts in the U.S. after the Pentagon decided last week to remove Turkey from the fighter jet program. "We have a timeline that we're working towards... it's out through March of 2020 that we think it will all be resolved," CEO Marillyn Hewson said on a conference call. Turkey previously said it planned to buy a total of 100 aircraft over the years, but following President Trump's sanctions, Ankara will not be able to buy the jets.

Nissan has announced huge job cuts approaching 10,000 employees world-wide.

A big wave of layoffs is coming to Nissan Motor as the automaker plans 10,000 job cuts globally as part of efforts to turn around its business, Kyodo News reports. The number, which represents around 10% of its global workforce, is much larger than an earlier 4,800 estimate. The announcement will be revealed along with Nissan's Q2 results tomorrow and comes as the automaker struggles to restructure its management team following the arrest of former Chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Finally, there is no end to the delivery wars. UPS and FedEx are adding Sunday deliveries. UPS seeks FAA approval for out of operator sight drone deliveries.

United Parcel Service will start delivering packages on Sundays starting in January, following FedEx's announced move to seven-day delivery as the two work to meet the demands of online shopping. UPS also announced a new drone delivery subsidiary called UPS Flight Forward and said it has applied for FAA certifications needed to expand the business. Those would allow drone flights beyond an operator's visual line of sight, at night and without limit to the number of drones or operators in command.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Another day in the GFRC office awaits me. First is a quick health walk and immediately back for the day's packing and shipping.

If the weather forecast is correct, there will be a huge amount of photography to complete during early afternoon. Many consignments are sitting in queue and have yet to be announced. For example, there are eleven raw New Jersey Collection Liberty Seated dollars that arrived at Summer FUN. An unnamed consignor has shipped a lovely circulated lot of Capped Bust dimes to help populate that price list. Summer FUN new purchases arrive back from CAC today along with my PCGS graded 1875-CC and 1876-CC Liberty Seated dimes. A twenty piece Twin Lakes Collection consignment also arrived yesterday.

It is best to hit the upload button and start another day's activities. Thank-you for stopping by at the Blog.




July 23, 2019

GFRC Buys Out New Hampshire Collection Consignment!

Greetings on a rainy southern Maine morning and welcome to the Blog.

I could not be more pleased with two days of rain and much cooler temperatures that arrived on Monday. By evening time, windows were being closed throughout the house: no more floor-standing fans to ensure a good night's sleep! Today's high will only reach 69F before sunny conditions return for the balance of the week.

Lobster for breakfast? Yes, that is correct. Diane procured a substantial amount of lobster meat for Renee's baby shower with much becoming leftovers. Monday's order was to clear out the refrigerator of the baby shower leftovers. Your author is no fool. This morning's breakfast was a special mixture of raw carrots, raw yellow and orange peppers dressed up with fresh lobster meat, and lemon juice. Sinful, isn't it?


GFRC Business Status

The numismatic market remains robust during the summer of 2019. The GFRC business has been chugging along nicely since Summer FUN and I could not be more pleased. Each day brings shipments of between four to eight USPS 2 Day Priority boxes. United States gold sales are clearly elevated as spot prices remain solidly over the $1400/oz level.

I'm pleased to report that the July sales forecast was achieved on Monday with another eight days remaining in the month. Along with the usual Liberty Seated, United States gold, and Bust product lines selling well, Barber coinage sales have also ramped and are being limited by inventory supply. Each week brings new customers to the GFRC community along with Blog readers.

The consignment pipeline is replete with requests. Already, incremental consignments are being scheduled for arrival after the Chicago ANA. I've decided to not attend a single coin show in September towards catching up on consignment backlog and populate the forthcoming raw "Dansco" coin price list. The For Sale Page price list icon is positioned and waiting to be activated.

One of the many roles of a coin dealer is providing liquidity to the coin market. Collectors bring wide-ranging goals. Some are patience long term collectors without deviations. Other's enjoy exploring and quickly divesting. Some are PCGS blue box collectors of 20 top quality pieces. Along the way, there is trading and sometimes outright sales for cash raising. As GFRC financial capabilties continue to evolve, I'm in a better position to support the many collector needs. Case in point is the buy-out of the New Hampshire Collection consignment that will be showcased shortly.


Wanted: Better Barber Coinage Consignments

Yes, I'm making a plea for Barber coinage consignments. The time has come for GFRC to expand this product line. At the Chicago ANA, I will be hunting down strictly original better date examples across the three denominations. The targeted grade range is VF or better. Please consider GFRC if wishing to divest a Barber coinage collection. Your collection will receive the utmost care, usual excellent photography, and Daily Blog sales marketing.


GFRC Buys-Out New Hampshire Collection Consignment

My good friend and Blog proof reader sent an email on Monday morning suggesting a buy-out of his consignment. The time had come to raise some capital on a near term basis. The email exchange was brief with my request for a lot buy-out price quote. The New Hampshire consignor provided a number and I responded with a short sentence:Done, check in the mail tomorrow.

Obviously, not every buy-out transaction is this straightforward. The New Hampshire Collection pieces carry either gem or choice quality rating with CAC approval. The decision to purchase the lot, as they say, was a no-brainer. Following are the individual pieces at reduced offering prices. I would not wait too long for rendering a purchase decision as these will sell at the Chicago ANA at new reduced levels. I'm curious as to who will ultimately purchase the gem 1818 B-2 Capped Bust quarter now that the CAC approval premium has been decreased.

Quality GFRC Type Coin Offerings at Reduced Prices

1818 B-2 PCGS AU50 CAC 25C - Reduced to $2375

1829 JR-6 PCGS AU55 CAC 10C - Reduced to $635                   1869 PCGS PR64 CAC 25C - Reduced to $1025


  1902 PCGS MS64 CAC G$2.5 - Reduced to $595                        1907 PCGS MS64+ CAC G$5 - Reduced to $895



More Vintage Holders From Jim Poston

Following is a Part 3 client gallery from a recent Jim Poston consignment. During the past spring, Jim secured access to a substantial vintage holder collection and has been parsing out those pieces via GFRC. In today's gallery, four more vintage holder pieces are offered, all with CAC approval. I've been toying with the idea of adding a special GFRC price list that exclusively showcases early PCGS and NGC vintage holders. What do you think? The COIN system could easily handle this new sales approach. Let's face it, vintage holders have become another interesting collectible area within our hobby.

Jim Poston Consignment - Part 3 - More Vintage Holders with CAC Approval

 1925 Stone Mtn  PCGS MS65 50C         1945 NGC MS64 CAC Gen 2.1 Fatty 50C                  1946 PCGS MS65 50C         


 1946-S  PCGS MS64 CAC OGH 50c               1880-S PCGS MS65 CAC OGH $1          1880-S PCGS MS65PL CAC Rattler $1



Midwest Collection Price Reductions

An email arrived from the Midwest Collection consignor late last week suggesting a price reduction for his residual offerings. Those reductions are featured next and will be posted to the price list this morning. If interested and still not liking the asking price, then please send along an offer. This consignor would like to sell and appears to be in a dealing mood.

Please note the 1832 JR-3 dime is housed in the original "Col" EHR Green/Eric P. Newman brown label NGC holder and includes the original paper envelope that housed this piece while in the Col. Green collection.

Midwest Collection Price Reductions - Please Consider!

1832 JR-3 NGC AU58 10C - Reduced to $1300                          1898 PCGS MS65 CAC 10C - Reduced to $550


   1824/2 B-1 PCGS VG08 25C - Reduced to $800                     1806 O-115 PCGS EF40 50C - Reduced to $1350



Global Financial News

There is not much to discuss concerning global equity markets. We are in the mid summer trading doldrums. Yes, it is earnings announcement week; and so far, individual company earnings news are far from exciting and not enough to move equity markets.

Spot gold continues to perform well and is currently quoting at $1421/oz. Crude oil is relatively flat at $56.17/bbl. Bitcoin prices remain volatile with a morning quote of $9932/coin. Finally, the 10 Year U.S. Treasury yield is quiet at 2.05%.

There is little of interest within Seeking Alpha headlines, therefore I'm taking a pass for the day.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Yes, I will be in the office the entire day given the rainy conditions. Watch for an Orchard Collection client gallery that will feature a host of new Liberty Seated quarters including a freshly graded 1857-S PCGS AU55 example.

Thank-you for visiting with me this morning. Your daily patronage is appreciated.




July 22, 2019

GFRC's August 2019 Activities - A Most Busy Month!

Greetings and welcome to the Blog as the last full week in July is upon us.

Renee's baby shower event is in the Fortin family history book and southern Maine temperatures have subsided. Life is good! This Blog edition is being written at 5:00 am after heading to bed early on Sunday. It had been a long day with party preparations followed by a productive day in the GFRC office. The 30 Day Price List is starting to look fresh once again with great new offerings. Today's challenge is to keep that momentum going since there are many coins waiting to be loaded.

With the last week of July upon us, my attention shifts to the month of August. August brings one of the busiest GFRC timeframes of 2019 and it's best to start planning and communicating early with clients and GFRC community friends. But before I take us through the August schedule, I'd like to share an magnificent editorial from Seth Godin. Godin takes a bold step and calls out the modern media for what it truly is. Corrosive is a fitting description...


Seth Godin Blog: Where will the media take us next?

Three cheers to Seth Godin for confronting this pressing issue!

Where will the media take us next?

Since the first story was carved on a rock, media pundits have explained that they have simply given people what they want, reporting the best they can on what’s happening.

Cause (the culture, human activity, people’s desires) leads to effect (front page news).

In fact, it’s becoming ever more clear that the attention-seeking, profit-driven media industrial complex drives our culture even more than it reports on it.

Thoughtful people regularly bemoan our loss of civility, the rise of trolling and bullying and most of all, divisive behavior designed to rip people apart instead of moving us productively forward.

And at the very same time, reality TV gets ever better ratings. So much so that the news has become the longest-running, cheapest to produce and most corrosive TV show in history. Increase that exponentially by adding in the peer-to-peer reality show that is social media, and you can see what’s happening.

Imagine two classrooms, each filled with second graders.

In the first classroom, the teacher shines a spotlight on the bullies, the troublemakers and the fighters, going so far as to arrange all the chairs so that the students are watching them and cheering them on all day.

In the second classroom, the teacher establishes standards, acts as a damper on selfish outliers and celebrates the generous and productive kids in the classroom…

How will the classrooms diverge? Which one would you rather have your child enrolled in?

We’re not in elementary school anymore, and the media isn’t our teacher or our nanny. But the attention we pay to the electronic channels we click on consumes more of our day than we ever spent with Miss Binder in second grade. And that attention is corrosive. To us and to those around us.

The producers of reality TV know this. And they seek out more of it. When they can’t find it easily, they search harder. Because that’s their job.

It’s their job to amp up the reality show that is our culture.

But it’s not our job to buy into it. More than anything, profit-driven media needs our active participation in order to pay their bills.

It’s an asymmetrical game, with tons of behavioral research working against each of us–the uncoordinated but disaffected masses. Perhaps we can find the resolve to seek out the others, to connect and to organize in a direction that actually works.

The first step is to stop taking the bait. The second step is to say, “follow me.”

I'm doing my best with writing the Daily Blog and attempting community building as an alternative to a corrosive media that is destroying civility. How I feel for the younger generation who are being consumed and twisted by all the online media clickbait crap.


GFRC August 2019 Schedule - Non-Stop Activities

The GFRC August schedule features three important numismatic events and forthcoming birth of our second grandchild. At Sunday's baby shower, it was announced that Renee and Mike are expecting a little girl and have chosen the name Ivy. With the month of August bringing non-stop activities, now seems like a prudent time to communicate what GFRC customers can expect during the upcoming five weeks or so.

August kicks off with a quick trip to Shanghai for another sales delivery and meeting with local GFRC clients. I'm back to the office on August 7 and will immediately be preparing for the Chicago ANA show.


Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money Show - Booth 1634

The Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money is a week long event and takes place from August 12 thru August 17. GFRC will be located at Booth 1634 in the Premium area. GFRC is pleased to confirm three special table assistants as follows;

Daniel White

Dan is well recognized as GFRC's United States gold expert. If all committed consignments arrive on schedule, GFRC will have two cases of quality United States gold offerings at the ANA show along with six cases of early silver and copper type coins.

Harry (HuiJun) Zhang

Harry has been my long time Shanghai numismatic friend and currently functions as GFRC's China sales agent. Harry and Gerry staff the GFRC booth each year at the Shanghai Yunzhou show. GFRC sponsored Harry for his United States entrance visa during 2019. Now Harry and his son (ZhengXian) will be working as table assistants at the Chicago ANA show.

ZhengXian Zhang

Harry's son is a budding numismatist and plans to attend university education in Canada or the United States. GFRC is pleased to have ZhengXian on staff as a Young Numismatist helping out at Booth 1634. This will be an opportunity for ZhengXian to improve his English skills, United States coinage knowledge, and also learn how Americans conduct numismatic business.

Gerry Fortin Rare Coins - Booth 1634 - Chicago ANA


Christmas in August Sale 2019

The much anticipated annual Christmas in August sale will take place from August 23 through August 25.

This is an opportunity for GFRC and its consignors to discount aging inventory by at least 8% for sale participation. Large discounts correlate well with increased sales during the event.

Discounting inputs are due to GFRC by no later than August 20th ET noon time. Please use a separate email for Christmas in August discounting instructions and also, please write Christmas in August Sale in the subject line. Come August 21, I will update the COIN database with everyone's discounting instructions and debug accordingly on August 22. Every consignor, who participates in the sale, will receive a confirmation email once their coins are loaded.

Matt Yamatin will post the Christmas in August sales banner and countdown clock around August 13 (during the Chicago ANA show) as a reminder to the GFRC community of the upcoming sale.


Central Ohio Numismatic Association (CONA) Show - Dublin, Ohio

Attention will quickly shift from the Christmas in August sale to the CONA coin show held on August 29 through September 1. GFRC will be located at its usual Table 323 within the larger ballroom. My plans is to arrive early on Thursday August 29 afternoon, quickly set up, and then walk the bourse in search of potential inventory. GFRC will be attending the show through Saturday August 31.

As usual, if you're wishing to view certain coins in GFRC inventory, it is best to email in advance to ensure those pieces are packed for the journey.

The CONA show is always a great venue for insourcing consignments. Please contact me in advance if you plan to drop off new consignments to ensure I bring enough double row boxes for the return trip to Maine.

CONA Coin Show - GFRC at Table 323

August 29 - August 31, 2019


Are we tired yet? Come September, I will be able to slow down and work in the office the entire month as no coin shows are scheduled. September brings cooler Maine weather along with the outdoor gravitational pull. There will be winter fire wood to cut and move into the garage among other activities.


New GFRC Eye Candy on the Price List

How about more great offerings on a Monday morning?

We open this segment with a gorgeous 1829 LM-13.1 Capped Bust half dime acquired at the Summer FUN show. This piece was languishing in the inventory boxes until being remembered and photographed. The Newtown Collection consignor sent along a three piece consignment that received GFRC's Quick Turn Around Time (QTAT) processing. As expected, the 1856-S PCGS EF45 CAC Seated dime has two FRoR already. This is a really difficult date when CAC approved. There are only two approved in EF45 and one at AU58. This offering is an important opportunity for the Liberty Seated specialist.

Capped Bust Half Dime Eye Candy

1829 LM-13.1 NGC MS64+ CAC 5C


Newtown Collection - Fresh Quality Consignments

1839 F-101 PCGS MS64 CAC 10C                                                  1856-S PCGS EF45 CAC 10C


1874 Arrows PCGS AU58 50C


Global Financial News

Another financial week arrives with ongoing Iranian tensions and United States earning reports. So far, global markets and commodities are flat. Indeed, we are in a traditionally slow period of the financial year as many traders are on holiday.

Looking at commodities and the long bond rate, crude oil is quoting at $57/bbl while spot gold is trading at $1426/oz. The 10 Year U.S. Treasury bond yield is flat at 2.04%. Bitcoin is priced at $10438/coin.

There is a Seeking Alpha headline that immediately captured my attention and is worth sharing. China kick starts its version of the United States Nasdaq technology stock exchange but with a very low entry bar. The STAR looks awfully risky at this point.

Shares rocketed as much as 520% on China's new Nasdaq-style board that debuted Monday, with the first batch of 25 companies seeing major gains. The Science and Technology Innovation Board, or "STAR Market," is a pet project of President Xi and part of Beijing's effort to revitalize a slowing economy and sharpen its edge in the fight for global tech dominance. Firms going public on the new STAR bourse merely need registration, compared to the regulatory approval needed to list on the Shanghai A-share market.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Whew! This has been a long Blog edition and I'm already feeling mentally tired. Since it is early and temperatures have cooled, I'm off for an overdue health walk following by the usual morning packing and shipping. This is the last full week for the Yamatins at the Fortin homestead. How time flies.....

Yes, I will be in the office the entire day loading Jim Poston's recent consignment to the price list and taking your orders. July has been a decent sales month and just a few more orders will allow me to meet the forecast!

See you tomorrow at the Blog with more ramblings.




July 21, 2019

Murphys Collection Consignment - Carson City Collectors Take Heed!

Greetings and welcome to the Blog on a Sunday.

How hot it is at the Fortin homestead to start the day. Thank goodness for that floor-standing office fan and the cool daylight basement sound room. Being born and raised in Maine, my body is much more comfortable with cold winter weather than the hot humid dog days of July and early August. Case in point was Saturday's nap in the basement to escape the heat. Today's weather forecast is promising with a cooling trend during evening hours followed by clouds and rain to start a new week.

Matt Yamatin did well at Saturday's Yarmouth Clam Festival 5 mile road race. He finished first in the 30-39 year old age group and fourth overall. The race winner was a professional runner who beat the entire field by over 2 minutes. Second and third places went to college runners. Matt reminds us that marathon training is designed for endurance and not short distance speed. I've never considered five miles to be a short distance until Matt brought that perspective.


Updated GFRC For Sale Page Debuts

Another GFRC website upgrade is realized and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. Blog readers are invited to visit the For Sale Page and the newest software automation by Matt Yamatin. Gone is the need to write monthly introduction statements that no one probably read. Instead, some of the best quality and value coins in GFRC inventory are constantly showcased each time a customer downloads the For Sale page.

Product line icon shuffling was also overdue as the GFRC business continues to evolve. Gone are the Liberty Seated Top 100 Variety and Contemporary Counterfeit links. A Google Analytics check revealed few clicks for these links and it's best to remove what does not work for customers. The new Just Buy It Now price list icon appears at the upper right and forms a symmetrical bookend across from the 30 Day New Purchases icon. Based on much feedback, I suspect the Just Buy It Now price list will be quite popular.

There is still work in progress to cement one final upgrade. If one scrolls to be bottom of the For Sale page, there is a Dansco image icon that will become the basis for raw coin offerings from several Dansco collections. One of the coming week's priorities is to start populating that list towards activiting that link. If you click on the link today, it simply returns customers to the For Sale page.


Another AU58 Twin Lakes Collection Consignment Arrives Next Week

There is no question that the AU58 grade level is very popular with collectors. This topic was previously discussed in the Blog. I shared that during 2019 to date, 20% of GFRC sales are at the AU58 grade level. Therefore, when the Twin Lakes Collection consignor comes knocking on my door with another AU58 consignment, I'm there with open arms. Following are the latest consignment contents for your consideration.

Indian 1c: 1886 Variety 2 AU-58

Liberty 5c: 1874 AU-58; 1884 AU-58; 1885 5C AU-58

Buffalo 5c: 1924-D 5C AU-58

Seated 5c: 1872-S Mintmark Below AU-58

Seated 10c: 1839-O AU-58; 1888 F-105 RPD AU-58

Seated 25c: 1846 AU-58; 1859 AU-58; 1860-O AU-58; 1877-S AU-58

Capped Bust 50c: 1807 Small Stars AU-58

Seated 50c: 1854-O AU-58; 1858 AU-58; 1861-S AU-58; 1962 AU-58

Barber 50c: 1904-S AU-58

Morgan 50c: 1892 $1 AU-58; 1899-S $1 AU-58


Murphys Collection Consignment - Important Carson City Dates

Within the Liberty Seated coinage arena, there are niche collecting areas. One of the most popular is Carson City coinage due to the allure of the United States Wild West frontier. The dime, quarter, half dollar, and dollar denominations are equally popular and actively collected by date. Then Carson City die variety collectors arrived on the scene during the active years of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America (C4OA) club. The C4OA club was the brain child of noted Carson City expert Rusty Goe.

Locating quality Carson City inventory for GFRC price list is a constant challenge. I'm absolutely pleased with the latest Murphys Collection consignment. Offer prices are finalized with individual pieces reaching the price list this morning. By the way, none of the Murphy Collection offerings have been submitted to CAC by the owner or GFRC. Please keep this in mind when viewing.

The Murphys Collection highlight is a choice original 1870-CC Liberty Seated dollar with classic crusty gray patina. Yes, one can locate the 1870-CC is lower circulated grades, but at the EF40 level, this date is very scarce. There is one FRoR on this piece and that individual will be contacted today.

Next to consider is a high grade 1878-CC Type 2 Reverse F-104 dime with heavily lapped and shattered reverse. The F-104 die variety is an important entry in the Top 100 Varieties set. How about four 1875-CC Liberty Seated halves to consider ranging in grades from EF45 to MS61? The NGC EF45 has seen an old cleaning and garners a Market Acceptable rating. But it is the rare (R6) WB-1 die variety with large die blob on the obverse shield lines. The NGC MS61 offering is a sweet piece along with the PCGS AU55 and AU53 graded specimens. To round out the consignment, there is a crusty original 1877-CC WB-1 R5 half and a raw 1892-CC Morgan dollar with lovely original toning.

Murphys Collection - Important Carson City Dates

1870-CC NGC EF40 Seated $1

1878-CC F-104 PCGS AU55 10C                                                   1875-CC WB-2 NGC MS61 50C


1875-CC WB-10 PCGS AU55 50C                                                   1875-CC WB-5 PCGS AU53 50C


 1875-CC WB-1 R6 NGC 50C                 1877-CC WB-1 R5 PCGS VF30 50C                     1892-CC Raw VG08 $1     



More Love Tokens to Disposition

I still have an action item to wrap up the sale of a substantial love token collection. These images illustrates a sample of the residual pieces that are left in the consignment. Some highlights include Liberty Seated half dollar cuff links, Morgan and Seated half dollar in nice bezel, an 1807 Draped Bust half with love message inscription (not pictured), some US and British coppers along with more Liberty Seated dime and quarter love tokens. Here is a quick cellphone images of some of the better highlights to consider. Please click on the images to access higher resolution versions.

Please contact me for more information and/or a price quote as the consignor wishes to wrap up this sale.


Wrapping Up The Blog

The time has come for a cold shower to cool off before loading the Murphys Collection pieces to the price list. Yes, I will be in the GFRC office the entire day; especially during Renee's baby shower. There will be too much estrogen flying around....

Thank-you for checking in at the Blog!




July 20, 2019

GFRC Website and Price List Upgrade This Weekend!

Greetings and welcome to the Blog on a Saturday morning.

Unpleasantly hot and humid weather is in store for southern Maine today. Current temperature stands at 74F with a forecasted high in the mid 90s. Factoring in the humidity, it will feel like 102 degrees during afternoon hours. Since the Fortin homestead lacks air conditioning, my strategy is to work in front of the floor-standing office fan and just keep moving forward. One does not create a sweat processing coin images or writing descriptions on a keyboard.

Matt, Chikae and Natsumi are already off to the traditional Yarmouth Clam Festival. Matt is participating in the 36th annual Five Mile Road Race and should do well given his constant marathon training.


GFRC's Improved For Sale List Page

GFRC customers and Blog fans have come to expect website improvements twice per year. Those improvements appear during mid summer and around Christmas. They coincide with Matt Yamatin and family visting our Maine or Florida homes.

Customized software development is best accomplished when the customer and programmer are in close proximity. Ideas can be brainstormed and tested on a visual platform. Early version upgrades are viewed, optimized, and debugged. Upon arriving in Maine, Matt was given a vision for the next round of website improvements and his been quietly developing. Debut of a significant change to the GFRC For Sale page should go live on Sunday. For those who might be curious, please click here to view the new and improved GFRC For Sale page.

A few screen captures and explanations are warranted. First up is the replacement of the For Sale page introduction with a JUST BUY IT NOW Featured Coins display. I've grown tired of constantly updating the introduction and it'd be best to replace it with an automated gallery. This gallery is refreshed each time the For Sale page is loaded or reloaded. Matt's software scans all available price list coins and searches for those with the JUST BUY IT NOW text string in the long description.

GFRC was the early developer and user of the JUST BUY IT NOW descriptor. Then other dealers jumped on the concept and are using as part of their website displays. The time has come for GFRC to make the concept front and center on its own website.

Revised GFRC For Sale Page - JUST BUY IT NOW Featured Gallery

The For Sale page icons have been re-organized with the addition of a Just Buy It Now price list icon at the upper right slot. Many customers have been asking for a separate Just Buy It Now price list and it was time to respond to the feedback. Following is a screen capture of the top portion of the revised For Sale page.

Gone are the Liberty Seated Dime Top 100 Varieties and the Contemporary Counterfeit price lists. The price list icons have been re-positioned to bring all Liberty Seated coinage together followed by Barber and Morgan icons. The Capped Bust price list icons are also clustered together.

Importantly, a new price list will be rolled out in the coming week. This price list will provide access to raw coins residing in multiple Dansco albums from the Dr. Glenn Peterson, Newtown, and recent Palos Verdes consignments. My thought process is this: Market Acceptable and Cleaned type coins in Dansco albums will most likely migrate to other Dansco albums at value pricing. Investing precious time into photographing these coins is currently not feasible. Instead, GFRC will provide an "old time" raw coin price list with GFRC quality rating, brief description and, variety attribution but without images. If a customer is interested in certain listings, the coins will be photographed on demand, and moved to the regular price lists. Sales will be captured in the Sales Archives.

Optimized Positioning of Price List Icons


More Summer FUN New Purchases

Friday was a long busy day in the GFRC office with two important highlights to share.

First was the arrival of the 1891-O PCGS MS66 CAC dime from my favorite wholesaler. What an amazing Liberty Seated dime, and the finest 1891-O strike I've seen. This dime will fit perfectly into my core date and mintmark set. Many readers are probably wondering who is this mystery favorite wholesaler? All I can say is this individual is young and has a bright future in the numismatic industry. It is my pleasure to work closely with this individual.

Second is the sale of my 1869 F-104a Short Flag 1 PCGS MS63 plate coin into the Indiana Collection. Arriving at a fair selling price was challenging, given the date, die variety rarity, and eye appeal. In the end, a fair offer price was extended and the buyer agreed. That is all that matters in our community. Everyone must feel like the transaction was win-win.

Here are more Summer FUN new purchases with most on the price list as of this morning. The 1806 O-121 Draped Bust half warrants special attention, given its above average eye appeal.

Quality Summer FUN New Purchases

  1806 O-121 PCGS VF25 50C                                                          1878 NGC AU58 CAC G$3


1900 NGC MS62 Fatty G$10                                                         1852 NGC AU53 CAC G$20



Wrapping Up The Blog

The 8:00 am publishing time has arrived and it's best to get on with another day in the GFRC office. Today's emphasis shifts to the recent Murphys Collection consignment. You can expect a client gallery by the end of the day.

As previously mentioned, I will be in the office the entire day in front of a floor-standing fan. Every purchase order is sincerely appreciated. Emails orders will be quickly responded to as the GFRC office is nice and tidy and I'm feeling less stressed. I'm one of these people that can't function properly in an unorganized and unkempt workspace.

Enjoy the weekend down time and thank-you for visiting the Blog!




July 19, 2019

New Chicago ANA Consignment Announcements!

Greetings on a Friday morning and welcome to the Blog.

Another fantastic southern Maine day arrives. Current temperature is a cool 59F but will increase to 85 degrees under clear sunny skies. Humidity levels are on the increase but still reasonable throughout the day.

The Fortin homestead is a beehive of activity as a baby shower takes place on Sunday. Renee's due date is late August immediately before the Central Ohio Numismatic Association (CONA) show. The Raymond home is being decorated with the usual baby stuff and games are being prepared. Hiding in the GFRC office on Sunday is the current operational strategy. Sorry but there is little interest for baby talk and associated emotions among a large group of women.


Spot Gold Touches $1450/oz Thursday Afternoon

While working in the GFRC office, I typically check FOX News every few hours for the latest political dissing or world events. Yesterday brought news that a United States warship had shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Homuz. The increasing tensions probably would impact spot gold prices as a thought, but I was so busy with image processing and just moved on. Two hours later, Dan White calls to report that gold is quoting in the high $1440s after touching $1450/oz: no surprise given the geopolitical news.

Spot gold is now in a substantial multi-year breakout with $1500/oz being possible before the Chicago ANA. If the Middle East situation continues to degrade due to Iranian hostage taking or blatant oil tanker attacks, my forecast is for gold prices to run beyond the $1500 level. The following Kitco five year chart illustrates a healthy price trend with a new trading range established at $1415/oz. Rather than a rocket ship pattern, price increases are controlled. Let's not forget that major United States banks are not sitting idle during this period. It is well known that gold prices are quasi-controlled by a handful of major players with U.S Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin probably well aware of the increases. It would take substantial Asian, Middle East and India demand to overcome Western bank control.

GFRC has repriced its bullion senstive $20 double eagles on the website and Collectors Corner. My minimum price for a $20 double eagle currently stands at $1525. Following is the Kitco five year gold technical chart. The breakout is capturing much attention.


Chicago ANA Consignment Window is Closed

I'm pleased to report that three incremental consignments were committed on Thursday resulting in the need to close the Chicago ANA consignment window. Given a forthcoming trip to Shanghia prior to the ANA's World Fair of Money show, there is limited operational bandwidth. To ensure that all commitments are honored, it is best to halt consignments until the middle of August.

Following are three newly committed consignments that will be arriving next week. Let's just say that gold is the operative word!

Alexandria Unites States Gold Type Set - Rhoda Mattox will be shipping Mark's 20 piece gold type set to GFRC this coming weekend. Also in the shipment is a Mercury dime set with 75% holdered and most having Full Band designations. The 1916-D is PCGS G04. The 1921 and 1921-D dates are not available.

As background for new Blog readers, sadly, Mark Mattox passed away three years ago from a massive heart attack. Mark left a note in his bible with instructions to his wife Rhoda for the divestment of his Liberty Seated half dollar and Type Gold coin collections. GFRC was entrusted with the responsibility and current working closely with Rhoda to ensure she recovers the financial benefits of Mark's pride and joy.

Following is an itemized list of the Alexandria gold type pieces.

1853 $1 - Type 1 Liberty Head MS63 PCGS CAC
1855 $1 - Type 2, Small Head AU55 PCGS CAC
1874 $1 - Type 3 Indian Princess MS63 PCGS CAC
1836 Script 8 $2.5 - Classic Head EF45 NGC CAC
1905 $2.5 - Liberty MS64 PCGS CAC
1927 $2.5 - Indian MS63+ PCGS CAC
1874 $3 - Princess AU55 NGC CAC
1836 $5 - Classic Head EF45 PCGS
1847 $5 - Liberty No Motto AU58 PCGS CAC
1905 $5 - Liberty Motto MS64 PCGS CAC
1909-D $5 - Indian MS63 PCGS CAC
1847 $10 - Liberty No Motto AU55 NGC
1901-S $10 - Liberty Motto MS63+ PCGS CAC
1907 $10 - Indian No Motto MS62 PCGS CAC
1915 $10 - Indian Motto MS62 PCGS
1932 $10 - Indian Motto MS62 PCGS CAC
1853 $20 - Liberty No Motto AU53 PCGS CAC
1876-S $20 - Liberty WM TWENTY D AU55 PCGS
1899 $20 - Liberty WM TWENTY DOLLARS MS63 PCGS
1910-S $20 - St Gaudens MS62 PCGS CAC

GOLD CAC Collection from an Anonymous Consignor - I've been in discussions with this individual for several months concerning the sale of his nineteen piece GOLD CAC collection at the Chicago ANA. Thursday brought a firm commitment with shipment taking place early next week. For those who enjoy collecting early holders with GOLD CAC beans, this consignment presents a major opportunity.

Here is an impressive list of the forthcoming GOLD CAC consignment contents.

1857 Flying Eagle 1c PCGS OGH MS60
1860 C/N Indian Head 1c PCGS OGH AU55 - (Total Pop 12, 1860 Pop 1)
1865 Three Cent Nickel PCGS Rattler MS63 - (Total Pop of only 7 total 3CN)
1938-D Buffalo Nickel PCGS Rattler MS65
1854 WA Seated Half Dime PCGS MS63 - (Total Pop 8)
1872 Seated Dime (Proof) NGC Fatty PF62 - (Total Pop 23 Proofs)
1882 Seated Dime PCGS AU55
1892 Barber Dime PCGS Rattler MS64
1945-S Mercury Dime NGC Fatty MS66
1958 Washington Quarter PCGS MS66+
1936 Bay Bridge Comm. Half Dollar PCGS OGH MS62
1946 Iowa Comm. Half Dollar PCGS Rattler MS63
1926-S Oregon Trail Comm. Half Dollar PCGS MS65
1936 York Maine Comm. Half Dollar PCGS OGH MS65
1943 Walking Lib Half Dollar NGC Fatty MS65
1946-D Walking Lib Half Dollar PCGS Rattler MS63
1881-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS65
1874 Indian Princess Gold Dollar PCGS Rattler MS61
1900 Liberty Head $5 Gold Half Eagle PCGS Rattler MS60


Denver Collection Consignment - I've also enjoyed several email and phone call discussions with my good friend in Denver. This individual attended the first LSCC ANA Summer Seminar course several years ago and has been a consistent client. A special need requires some fund raising and results in a small but awesome consignment. All offerings were previously purchased from GFRC. The 1870 NGC MS64 half is a gem piece of eye candy.

Following are the contents of the latest Denver Collection consignment.

1870 P Seated Half NGC MS64 - gem eye candy
1904 S Liberty Head $20 NGC MS64 CAC
1843 P Liberty Quarter Eagle $2.5 PCGS EF45 CAC
1893 P Liberty Head Eagle $10 PCGS MS62 CAC
1906 D Liberty Head Eagle $10 PCGS MS62


GFRC Consignments Arriving to Price List Today!

Let's start this segment with an apology for my slow response time to many customers and clients. The current volume is taxing with limited time to response to emails. I can either spent time loading coins into the COIN system plus processing images, or responding to the many emails that continuously arrive. Obviously, coins need to keep moving through the GFRC system as a priority. Again, my apology for delayed responses and your understanding is appreciated. I will get to everyone's requests.

As mentioned in Thursday's Blog, Gerry Fortin is consigning several important Liberty Seated dimes from his reference collection. The time has come to continually reduce the number of Seated dimes accumulated during the 1990 - 2004 die variety research timeframe. Following are two special offerings to consider.

First is the 1860-S plate coin from Kamal Ahwash's Encyclopedia of United States - Liberty Seated Dimes - 1837-1891. This dime has been in my collection for over 18 years! It was purchased during May 2001 from Jason Carter with full understanding that it was the Ahwash plate coin. There is a tiny dark piece of verdigris between the cap and star 9 that validates the pedigree. Please check the following images.


Important 1860-S Seated Dime Offering - Kam Ahwash Plate Coin

1860-S F-101 NGC MS64 10C


Here is another wonderful Liberty Seated dime to consider. This 1878-CC Type 1 F-101 is a pure joy to view. It is housed in pristine NGC MS64 Fatty holder. Both sides are heavily clashed with rich frosty luster under the colorful toning.

1878-CC Type 1 Reverse - Pure Eye Candy

1878-CC F-101 NGC MS64 Fatty 10C


Latest Woodbridge Collection Consignment

CAC approved Liberty Seated quarter demand is on fire based on the requests for the following Woodbridge Collection consignment. The following pieces are so so well matched with crusty gray surfaces. All but the 1844-O, 1858-S, and 1874 With Arrows have multiple First Right of Refusal requests.

I will be pricing these today and securing Woodbridge's approval before contacting those with initial FRoRs. Please understand if I do respond to every FRoR that arrives. Your emails are being read but just unable to write responses to each.

Crusty Choice Original Seated Quarters - Woodbridge ANA Consignment

1878-CC Briggs 2-B NGC EF40 CAC 25C

     1840-O ND NGC VF25 CAC 25C                1841-O PCGS EF40 CAC 25C              1842-O Lg Date PCGS VF25 CAC 25C


 1844-O ANACS EF40 OWH 25C                      1858-S PCGS VG10 25C                      1874 Arrows NGC EF40 CAC 25C



Global Financial News

This Blog edition probably sets a record for length and content. So let's wrap up this segment quickly.

Global equity markets are upbeat due to more Federal Reserve signals of potential interest rate cute. The markets have baked in a 2019 rate cut into current trading levels so the Federal Reserve has little room to move.

Looking at commodities and interest rates, crude oil is down to $56.20/bbl regardless of Iranian behaviors at the Strait of Homuz. Spot gold current quotes at $1439/oz. Bitcoin is back over the five figure mark with a price of $10326/coin. The 10 Year U.S Treasury bond yield is stable at 2.05%.

Thank-you for checking in at the Blog. Yes, I will be in the office the entire day after taking a quick health walk in a few minutes.

Please stop by on Saturday morning for more numismatic ramblings.