Variety 103

 Obverse 2: Medium Level Date

Reverse C: Medium O, Shattered Reverse #1 (Greer), Reverse of 1841 (D)


Obverse 2                                                  Reverse C


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                    Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)



Comparison of 1842-O Reverse C with 1841-O Reverse D


Comments: 1842-O Reverse C is a left over die from 1841. It was previously labeled as Reverse D during usage in 1841.

1842-O Reverse C has degraded further with numerous die cracks and considerable weakness in the legend. It is likely that Reverse C was polished or lapped considering the reduction in wreath and legend details when compared to the bolder reverse strikes on 1841-O Medium O examples. Many circulated 1842-O examples are seen with the legend being barely visible outside of the wreath leaves. The position of the die crack through STAT(ES) is the primary diagnostic for this variety. Additional diagnostic points are illustrated above.

 Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection, PCGS AU50

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