Variety 106

 Obverse 4.2: Partial Rim Cud, Die Gouge, Die Defect on Liberty's Nose

Reverse F: Late Die State, Medium O, [mm C,C,TR], Weak Legend



Obverse 4.2                                              Reverse F


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                  Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)



Partial Obverse Rim Cud Identified Late 2019

Comments: The Obverse 4 die gouge is readily visible on the above AU58 and EF40 plate coins. A die defect on Liberty's nose appears during this later die state. Obverse 4 is paired with a badly lapped reverse die that I have designated as Reverse F.

The identification of a partial obverse rim cud at 10:00 took place at the 2019 Winter Whitman Baltimore show. David Sunshine is credited with locating the above AU58 graded example that provides detailed insight into the obverse rim cud that is forming. The initial raw EF40 plate coins, published as part of the web-book during 2004, has too much wear for the rim cud to be seen and analyzed.

Reverse F exhibits a Medium O that is centered in both horizontal and vertical planes. The mintmark and design elements are very weak. Until November 2006, no other die pairings with 1842-O Reverse F were known. However, the author recently located an 1841-O Medium O dime that has been struck from this Reverse F die. When employed in 1841, this reverse die exhibits more device element details suggesting a lapping between usage with the 1841 Obverse 2 die and the 1842 Obverse 4 die.

Additional research is required to locate a dime with an early die state of Reverse F. Who knows what dated obverse die will be paired with an early die state specimen?

Plate Coins: Courtesy Dale Miller Collection PCGS AU58 (top), G. Fortin Collection, EF40 (lower top)

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