Variety 102

 Obverse 2: 18 Touch Base, Downward Slope, Open 5

Reverse B: Perfect Die


Obverse 2                                                Reverse B


Suggested Proper Die Pairing of Ahwash Plate Photographs - 1850-O Small O


Comments: I have not been able to locate a specimen that matches the Ahwash's A-2 plate coin photographs. Close inspection of the Ahwash photographs reveals that the obverse and reverse pictures are not from the same coin. Reverse B grades about VF20 while Obverse 2 grades slightly better than EF40. The date position of Obverse 2 is identical to that of the 1850-O Obverse 1. I suspect that Ahwash mistakenly re-used the obverse photograph of the 1850-O Small O A-4 coin to represent his 1850 A-2 coin. If the reader closely inspects the 1850 A-2 obverse and the 1850-O Small O A-4 reverse, it is possible to conclude that these pictures are from the same dime. Ahwash may have been trying to illustrate the Fortin Varieties 107 or 109 with his A-2 obverse illustration. In conclusion, I do not believe that Ahwash A-2 exists as illustrated in his encyclopedia, but have listed it here in case an example does appear in the future.

Plate Coin: None Available  

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