Variety 102a

 Obverse 1.2a: Strike Doubled Date and Stars, High Date, Sl. Downward Slope, Die Crack Stars 5 - 7

Reverse B: Large O, Die Spur on (O)F, [mm Rt,H,TL2]


Obverse 1.2a                                             Reverse B


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                    Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)




Comments: While Obverse 1 is paired with Reverse B, strike doubling is once again evident per the discovery dime submitted by Dale Miller in late December 2009. Dale noted that his 1857-O dime exhibited strike doubling but was not paired with a shattered reverse (Reverse A) but rather Reverse B with the die spur on (O)F.

Though the F-102a variety does exhibit minor strike doubling on the date and stars, it does not quality for a Top 100 Varieties set. To be eligible for inclusion, the variety must be F-101 with stronger obverse strike doubling and the shattered reverse.

Plate Coin: Courtesy of Dale Miller Collection, AU50

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