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Basic Type Sets - Pre 1965 United States Coinage

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Basic Type Set, Business Strike open registry is an opportunity to showcase the variety of certified and uncertified, circulated and uncirculated, Major US Coin Types. The purpose of the registry is simply for enjoyment and to promote the awareness of how varied different series of US coins can be, as well as how some series are extremely similar. Once complete you collection will show the evolution of designs within a denomination, and the overall evolution of American coinage without getting bogged down in the details of all the varieties, or getting overwhelmed with the cost and quantities of coins needed. Only a single coin from each major pre-1965 design and each denomination is needed for the basic set. In total, there are 53 coins, many are readily available and affordable, and some will be extremely challenging in any grade.

The Open Registry allows you to stay focused with you collection goals, while sharing with your fellow collectors. A good manual to help you with this set would be: A Guide Book of United States Coins Professional Edition, 5th Edition.
Once you have acquired all, or at least most of the coins in this set, you may want to expand into the Advanced Type Set, which takes into account most of all the major (and minor) varieties within each design and series. If you are realty determined, you may even want to start there!

Matt Berry, July 31, 2014

The Basic Type set input form can be downloaded at the following link; Submitting a set is as easy as opening this link, adding your coins and descriptions and submitting to Gerry Fortin via email at Click here for Microsoft Excel Form; you can use the input form as a tracking method for contents of your collection.  Participants are encourage to provide links to online image posting website like

Please email your completed form to and I will do my best to quickly post your set or recent updates!

Basic Type Sets - Pre 1965 United States Coinage

Excel Submission Form


% Completion

 Weighted Grade




The Hamden Collection




February 8, 2015
The John Okerson Collection




September 13, 2014
The Matt Berry Collection




January 25, 2015






% Completion: Number of coin entries divided by total entries requirement to complete a set; for Basic Type Set, then 53 entries are required for a 100% completion.

Set Weighted Grade: The grade of each coin is multiplied by the "rarity factor", then summed and divided by the total of the "rarity factors" for those coin entries in the set.

Set Rating: The grade of each coin is mutiplied by the "rarity factor", then summed and divided by the total of all "rarity factors" for a completed set.

%: The ratio of coins certified by CAC whether green or gold sticker. The calculate is total number of CAC coins divided by number of entered coins in the respective set.

Rarity Factor: The rarity assessment for each denomination and design is estimated with a weight from 1 through 10 with 1 being very common and 10 being extremely rare. The weights were established by Matt Berry.


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