Variety 117

 Obverse 17: Proof Die, High Level Date, Radial Die Lines

Reverse Q: Proof Die


Obverse 17                                               Reverse Q


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)



Comments: A second proof 1887 die was listed by Breen but not verified by the author until George Huber from Heritage Rare Coins made an astute observation that the Eugene Gardner 1887 NGC PF67 dime lacked the obvious Variety 101 diagnostics. Furthermore, the Gardner specimen exhibited weak gown lines above the shield as listed in Breen-2. Careful study by the author did confirm that the Gardner proof dime was struck from a different obverse die than Variety 101 and those diagnostics matched the Breen description.

On proof Obverse 17, the date punched is measured as DR 0C with die lines behind the 88 digits. One horizontal die line connects the midsections of the two 8s, and a second appears inside the bottom loop of the second 8. Circular die lines (probably unpolished lathe lines) appear in the gown between two legs to the left of the C in AMERICA; also the gown lines above IB in LIBERTY are weaker than Variety 101.

Plate Coin: Courtesy Heritage Auctions and Eugene H. Gardner Collection, NGC PF67 Cameo CAC

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