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Liberty Seated Dimes - Top 25 MPD Dies Sets

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The collecting of Seated coinage with misplaced dates (MPD) is a niche activity among certain Liberty Seated Collector Club members. When considering the various specialty Seated dime variety sets (Top 100, Ultimate, Shattered Dies and Cuds), the Misplaced Date set is one of the easier to accomplish and should be within the reach of both experienced and newer variety collectors. None of the 25 listed varieties are extreme rarities and can be located on eBay, coin shows and major auctions. Now that Stacks Bowers and Heritage are using the Fortin attribution numbers, it is easier than ever to purchase AU or Mint State examples of misplaced date varieties towards completing this set. Please do not feel that a completed set is necessary for inclusion into the open registery. Partial and initial sets are more than welcomed!

Misplaced dates for the Seated Dime denomination have been well explored and documented in Gerry Fortin's online web-book. You are invited to publish your Top 25 MPD varieties in the open registry. If there are any questions on how to get started, simply email Gerry Fortin at for support.

The Top 25 MPD varieties input form can be downloaded at the following link; Microsoft Excel Form.  Please email your completed input forms to Your updates will enter a first in and first out queue and will do best to support Gerry Fortin Rare Coin customers with quick responses. Participants are encourage to provide links to online image posting website like


Liberty Seated Dimes - Top 25 MPD Dies Sets

Excel Submission Form


% Completion

 Set Weighted Grade
Set Rating




The Gerry Fortin Collection




September 21, 2014
The Dale Miller Collection




October 3, 2015
The Matt Olivia Collection




September 8, 2014
The T+N Alberts Collection




June 1, 2016



% Completion: Number of coin entries divided by total entries required to complete a set; for Top 25 MPD Dies Set, then 25 entries are required for a 100% completion.

Set Weighted Grade: The grade of each coin is multiplied by the "rarity factor", then summed and divided by the total of the "rarity factors" for those coin entries in the set.

Set Rating: The grade of each coin is mutiplied by the "rarity factor", then summed and divided by the total of all "rarity factors" for a completed set.

Rarity Factor: The rarity assessment for each Top 25 MPD Variety is grade independent and uses a weight scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being extremely common and 10 being extremely rare. The weight factors are the author's best guess as current difficulty in locating specimens when comparing the Top 25 MPD varieties to each other. The weight factors, in this case, are not related to the Sheldon Rarity scale.


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