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GFRC Adds My Consignments Tab to My Accounts Function

Originally published on August 28 2018

Today's exciting GFRC news is a wonderful new service for consignors. Many consignors have asked for online access to their COIN account reports. While this option is technically feasible, the programming effort to execute updates inside the COIN database and extract personalized PDF reports requires considerable planning and maintenance. Every time that a GFRC consignor receives a COIN account report, yours truly has done a quick verification to ensure accuracy. Automating this function would leave no chances for validation and I'm just not ready yet for autopilot operations of the COIN system.

The next best option is to provide consignors with full transparency of their consigned coins regardless of status. Many consignors frequently check the price lists to determine if their coins have sold. Once a coin disappears, then an email will arrive checking in on status. Price list monitoring, by consignors, and responding to inquiries, by yours truly, is time consuming. So why not add a My Consignments tab within the personalized My Accounts function to consolidate and report all consignments and sales status? That is exactly what Matthew Yamatin accomplished during the past week and made live on Monday.

I made mention of the My Consignments tab in yesterday's Blog and a few consignors took a look. Last evening, the following email arrived from the Denver Collection consignor after reviewing this new service. It appears that Matthew Yamatin has done it again with another ground breaking application that provides unique services from a smaller coin dealer...

Had a chance to check out the new features/functions of the My Consignments Summary and have to tell you how impressive the backside functionality of tracking purchases and consignments, including your photos, dates sold, sale price/final value, etc.
Not only is it one more feature that confirms my choice to consign my treasured numismatic possessions, but provides a level of transparency that is simply unparalleled.
Congrats on another "upgrade" that really goes the distance.

Following is a screen shot of the My Consignments report, in particular for the Iowa Collection account. The Iowa Collection sale of Liberty Seated quarters was a huge success and an excellent example for illustrating the My Consignments reporting. There is a substantial amount of consignor information in this report so let's walk through all the features.

The report opens with a summary table that lists statistics for Sold Consignments and Active Consignments. For Sold Consignments, GFRC reports the number of consigned coins sold, total proceeds, % of sale price returned and average days until sold. For Active Consignments, we report the number of active consigned coins, the total listed retail price and average number of days on the price list.

Immediately following the summary table is a detailed listing of every coin that has been consigned to GFRC with its sale status. There are multiple status codes including Processing (in the photography loop and adding to the price list), Listed (on the price list and waiting for a buyer), HOLD (someone has placed intent to purchase), Shipped and SOLD. Of course, HOLD and SOLD are my favorite status codes!

Under the Processing, Listed, HOLD and Shipped status codes, you will find the number of days the coin has been active within the GFRC system. For coins listed under Processing, this number will start back at zero once a coin is moved to Listed as I always use the listing date to flag entry on the price list. For coins with SOLD status coin, the sale date is featured. All entries have the usual images, pertinent qualifiers and descriptions. Therefore, there will be no more need for certain consignors to email and ask for descriptions for their personal record keeping. All the information is contained in My Consignments table and can be easily copied.

GFRC's My Consignments Screen Snapshot

A sincere thank you goes out to Matthew Yamatin for developing another ground breaking GFRC application. Matthew always delivers much more than the initial concept that was first envisioned and communicated.