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GFRC Sales Event Details

Last published in November 2018

GFRC has three sales each calendar year: St Patrick's Day, Christmas in August, and Black Friday. Each sales operates the in same manner as stated below for the Black Friday sale.

Accessing the Black Friday price list is as simple as clicking on the black banner at the top of each GFRC price list page or the Daily Blog page. Once the countdown clock reaches midnight, then a separate price list will be available for download and shopping. Many of you have participated in the GFRC sales event and are old pros with navigating the special price list and its format. For those who are new GFRC customers, please carefully review the following usage instructions to avoid disappointments.

Accessing the Black Friday Sales List

Click on the Black Friday Sale white lettering on the black banner and wait 20 seconds or so for the price list to load. Please have patience when first downloading the Black Friday Sale price list. The entire list and all coin images are downloaded at one time. Download time is variable based on internet service provider and your access device bandwidth. With local Spectrum ISP, the GFRC download took about 20 seconds due to the number of offered coins.

Once in the Black Friday price list, click on the product tabs to access individual price lists. DO NOT USE THE BACK BUTTON as this will take you outside the sale list and requiring another download. When clicking on an image for high resolution photographs, these will open as a separate session in your browser. Once done viewing the image, then please close that session which places you back in the sale price list.

All GFRC Consignors Notified of Black Friday Sale Participation

To ensure that no consignor has been left out of the sale, I've sent a confirmation email to each consignor indicating that their pricing reductions are loaded. If you have not received a confirmation email on Wednesday, then your pricing reduction have not be loaded. If this is the case, then no problem, there is still time on Thanksgiving morning and early evening to capture last minute reductions and GFRC loading oversights. Please contact me immediately towards loading last minute pricing reductions. There will be no additions to the sale list after 8:00 pm ET as I must move on to other GFRC consignments tasks.

When Does the Black Friday Sale Go Live?

The Black Friday Sale price list link will appear automatically at 12:00 am ET (9:00 pm PT). The link is located at the top of each GFRC website page where the countdown clock is currently marking the time remaining. The sale will continue through Sunday 9:00 pm ET (6:00 pm PT).

How Do I Purchase Lots?

Purchasing lots on the Black Friday sale price list is no different than making a normal GFRC purchase. A customer can click on the shopping cart icon to launch a purchase email. Otherwise, simply send me an email and list the desired lots (denomination, date, mintmark and price). All emails will be processed in the order received to determine sale lot allocations. Phone calls can be employed starting at 8:00 am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Will Lay-A-Ways Be Available for Black Friday Sale Items?

Unfortunately no, the Black Friday Sale is a cash and carry event. Regular GFRC payment terms will apply. Paypal and credit card usage will require a 3% adder to the combined purchased and shipping cost total with no exceptions.

When Will Black Friday Sale Lots Ship?

GFRC has a tight shipping window this year due to the Florida office migration in early December. Orders paid via Paypal, credit cards, and those from well known customers on the "GFRC Quick Ship" program, will see their orders shipped on Monday through Wednesday of next week. For new customers paying via check, those orders will ship up through Friday November 30 and then restart on Tuesday December 4.

GFRC will use the "Quick Ship" program extensively during the Black Friday Sale. "Quick Ship" is a courtesy to vetted GFRC customers who have proven to be reliable with immediately mailed check payments. I will ship coins via "Quick Ship" once a customers confirms mailing check payment via phone or email. The GFRC community is small and trust is an important aspect of our business.