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Overrated and Underrated Liberty Seated Dimes

Originally published on June 16 2018

Being a slow morning and not having a prepared topic, I went back to the email Inbox to retrieve a few potential ideas for today's numismatic discussion. Some suggested topics required preparation but a underrated and overrated Liberty Seated dimes topic could be discussed without much study. One avid Blog reader requested that each Liberty Seated denomination be reviewed in terms of overpriced dates and those that remain as an attractive value. So let's take a quick walk through the Liberty Seated Dime date and mintmark set for some spontaneous thoughts. Please be aware that I've not done numerical research of populations reports for this discussion. Rather, this is an instantaneous review based on gut feel and years of collecting/research experience.

The Underrated Dates

Some Liberty Seated dime dates are underrated as a date in all grades while others may be only underrated at a certain grade level. I'll try to sort this out during the following quick discussion. The Overrated Dates

Some dates are just readily available and overpriced for their rarity. Leading the pack is the one Liberty Seated dime date (1844) that I hate with a passion. I've lost money every time owning and selling an example during my collecting days.