Variety 105a

 Obverse 3: High Level Date

Reverse Ba: Large O, [mm C,H,TL9], Reverse Rotated Left 45 Degrees



Obverse 3                                                Reverse Ba


Comments:  Reverse B is rotated left by approximately 45 degrees on the above specimen. Dick Osburn was the first to discover and report a rotated reverse for 1850 New Orleans coinage. The discovery piece graded VG-8. Afterwards, several other higher grade examples appeared including the revised plate coin.

We should not be surprised to find an 1850 New Orleans dime with a rotated reverse considering that three of the four 1849-O die pairings produced a rotated reverse situation. From this new evidence, we know that the systematic die alignment problem that plagued the New Orleans mint in 1849 extended into 1850.

Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection, EF40

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