Variety 104a

 Obverse 1.3: Cracked Obverse, Repunched 39

Reverse D.2: Die Scratch STATE(S) to Rim, Rotated Left 18 Degrees


Obverse 1.3                                               Reverse D.2


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)


Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)

Comments: Obverse 1.3 die state exhibits considerable die cracking. There is an obvious die crack from rim through Star 2 to Liberty's hand and then down through left side of shield with a final exit point through the 3 digit to rim. Additional die crack is seen starting at rim, through foot and then along Liberty's right leg. A third die crack is noted from top of Liberty's head through Star 8 and cap. Finally, a die crack connects Stars 10 through 13.

Reverse D is in an interim die state with early die polish lines becoming muted. The die scratch from STATE(S) to rim remains as the only diagnostic point. Once again, Reverse D is rotated left 18 degrees. 

Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection, NGC MS61 CAC

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