Variety 106

 Obverse 3: Proof Die, Star 8 Repunched

Reverse F: Proof Die, Die Spur on O(F), Reverse Rotated 12 Degrees Left


Obverse 3                                                 Reverse F


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)


Comments: Obverse 3 is the second proof obverse die used to strike less 2-3 proof examples. The obverse has several obvious diagnostic points including a date punch position measure of DR -2L, repunching on Star 8 and a die scratch from the bottom of the right breast into the bottom of the pole. Obverse 3 is paired with Reverse F and during the striking of proof specimens, the reverse is rotated by 12 degrees left.

Reverse F is nearly perfect with only a small die spur on the top of O(F) to confirm identification and subsequent tracking during business strike coinage.

During 2015, a circulated example, graded PCGS VF35, of the 1839 F-106 initial die state with reverse rotation 12 degrees left was identified by the author. This example, as illustrated below, is in early die state with no die cracks of metal flow lines. Note the same tiny obverse denticles between the circulated example and the Lovejoy/Kaufman proof example. The discovery begs the question of whether this example is a circulated proof strike or was there a business strike setup on the minting presses with 12 degrees left reverse rotation. The answer to that question is currently unknown and requires more research.


Plate Coin: Courtesy of Heritage Auction Archives, NGC PF66 Lovejoy/Kaufman Collections

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