Variety 105

 Obverse 2: Proof Dies, Early Die State, Pie Shattered Obverse

Reverse E: Proof Die, Normal Reverse Alignment


Obverse 2                                                Reverse E


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)


Comments: During the Liberty Seated Collectors Club "Seated Dime Fest" at the October 2013 Manchester, NH coin show, Eugene H. Gardner displayed his business and proof strike collections. The author took the opportunity to study the 1839 PCGS PF64 dime is Gene's collection and immediately noted the same obverse die characteristic as that of early die state Pie Shattered Obverse business strike die. In particular the date punch position, the repunching on Stars 8 and 10 and finally, the radial lathe lines in the lower gown were a direct match between my early die state Variety 105 business strike and Gene's proof example.

As a result of this direct comparison of PCGS certified Variety 105 proof and business strikes, the origin of the Pie Shattered Obverse die pair is now understood. Several proof specimens were struck using normal coin turn die alignment. After the proof strikes, a small amount of business strikes from the same die pair were coined with normal coin turn die alignment. These initial business strikes are now labeled as Variety 105a. Subsequent to coinage of Variety 105a, the die pair was again employed to strike more coinage resulting in Varieties 105b (Vertical Die Crack) and 105c (Pie Shattered Obverse) die states. What remains unexplained is the lack of progressive die cracked examples between Varieties 105a, 105b and 105c.

It should also be noted that 1839 proofs were struck with two separate die pairs. The die pairs are Obverse 2 with Reverse E and Obverse 3 with Reverse F. See the Varieties 106 and 106a through 106c listings for more information concerning the second proof die pair and its life cycle for both proof and business strikes.

Plate Coin: Courtesy Eugene H. Gardner Collection, PCGS PF64 Eliasberg/Richmond Collections


1839 Proofs Struck with Obverse 2 and Reverse E


PCGS PF64 - Eliasberg/Richmond Collections



PCGS PF62 - Heritage Auctions - Lot 102 - Long Beach Signatgure Sale - May 2008



PCGS PF62 - Heritage Auctions - Lot 113 - Baltimore ANA Signatgure Sale - July 2008


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