Variety 104b

 Obverse 1.4: Late Die State, Cracked Obverse, Repunched 39

Reverse D.2: Die Scratch STATE(S) to Rim, Reverse Rotated 18 Degrees Left


Obverse 1.4                                              Reverse D.2


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)



Comments: This Obverse 1 die state is the latest seen by the author. The plate coin was submitted by Dr. Tim Cook and previously published in the March 1986 Gobrecht Journal issue. The primary die crack from 3 digit through the shield and into Star 2 is bold and indicates the die is at or approaching its terminal die state. Most interesting is the step like appearance in the shield on the left and right sides of the die crack.

Once again, Reverse D is rotated left 18 degrees.

Plate Coin: Courtesy of Dr. Tim Cook Collection, VF35


A.H. Foerder Specimen - Purchased October 2011-


At the October 2011 Pittsburg show, an NGC MS66 graded example of the F-104b variety was offered by Heritage Rare Coins at auction. After acquiring the Heritage specimen, A.H. Foerder contacted several individuals with the LSCC to gain their opinions on condition rarity. These contacts eventually lead to a discussion between the author and Mr. Foerder and the transfer of the dime for evaluation and photography.

The Foerder specimen is in a slightly earlier die state than the Dr. Tim Cook plate coin but its high Mint State grade does provide excellent insight into the severity of the obverse die cracks. Instead of writing a long description of the various die cracks, it was decided to use a pictorial display of the primary die crack from Star 2 down through shield and through the 18(3)9 digit, the secondary die crack from Liberty's foot up through the mid body section and finally, the die cracks through Stars 9 through 13. Please see the below images. A sincere thank-you is expressed to Mr. Foerder for sharing his 1839 F-104b variety coin for all Liberty Seated dime variety collectors to enjoy.




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