Variety 103

 Obverse 3: Medium Level Date

Reverse C: Die Lines From Rim To AM(ERICA)


Obverse 3                                              Reverse C


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                  Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)



Comments: Until January 2010, no examples of Obverse 3 without the bold rim cud from Star 3 to Star 5 were reported or published. The date positions on Varieties 103a, 105 and 106 are all similar, complicating the task of finding and diagnosing an Obverse 3 example without the characteristic rim cud. Reverse C features an abundance of die lines when paired with Obverse 3 and its rim cud. A large series of parallel die lines originate from the right rim into AM(ERICA). Another significant die line passes through the (S)TATES

During early February 2010, Tim Cook sent along the plate coin for confirmation as the first identification of Variety 103 without the characteristic 10:00 rim cud. The search was over and Tim is congratulated on the acquisition of such an outstanding example as the discovery piece. The obverse is prooflike and quite reflective with date punch position matching that of F-103a. The date digits on Obverse 3 are well punched with the 84 digits touching. The reverse is also prooflike but less reflective than the obverse. The reverse die lines through AM(ERICA) are sharp with one die line extending through AM(E)RICA, then wreath and nearly touching ON(E). The die line through (S)TATES is also visible.

Assessing the rarity of Variety 103 without any rim cuds remains difficult due to similar date placement with Varieties 105 and 106. One must use the reverse as primary diagnostic and look for the characteristic Reverse C die lines behind AMERICA. If those die lines are located, then the specimen is either a Variety 103 or Variety 104 based on date placement. Variety 103 date is positioned DR 0L while Variety 104 measures DR 0C with spacing between the 84 digits.

Plate Coin: Courtesy of Dr. Tim Cook Collection, PCGS MS62

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