Variety 108ab

 Obverse 8: High Date, Slight Downward Slope

Reverse Hab: Reverse Rotated Left 57 Degrees


Obverse 8                                               Reverse Hab


Comments: During June 2014, an additional 1858 Variety 108a surfaced at a Midwest coin show. Interestingly, this specimen exhibits a rotated reverse left measured at 57 degrees. This is 12 degree more than previously documented for Variety 108a. This new example is listed as Variety 108ab to capture the incremental reverse rotation. It might be assumed that a loose hammer die (obverse) without adequate set screw retention may have rotated during the striking of Variety 108 coinage. More research is required to determine if Varieties 108 and 108a (rotated reverse) can be located with a full range of reverse rotation from normal coin turn die alignment to the presently known 57 degree condition.

This rotated reverse die state was discovered by LSCC member, Jim Poston.

Plate Coin: Rare American Coins Inventory, VG8

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