Variety 108a

 Obverse 8: High Date, Slight Downward Slope

Reverse Ha: Reverse Rotated Left 45 Degrees


Obverse 8                                                 Reverse Ha


Comments: During the summer of 2007, Bill Mackrides, now deceased, located an 1858 dime with a reverse rotated left by 45 degrees and minor planchet clip. After correspondence, Bill agreed to send his coin for inspection and inclusion into the web-book. Bill's finding is listed as F-108a based on obverse date punch placement though the F-108 die line at the bottom of shield and scroll is not evident on Bill's specimen.

I took the liberty of posting images of the 1858 rotated reverse dime on the LSCC message board to inform the community of a newly discovered rotated reverse variety. Upon seeing the post, Jason Feldman, a collector of rotated reverse varieties, offered a second example previously purchased from Brian Greer during 2006. His example graded Fine 12 with even brown and gray toning.

Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection, PCGS EF45

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